November 8, 2018


Zuck turns down UK-CA summoning

The past Halloween, Mark received a very good treat, or was it a trick?  The U.K. and Canadian Parliaments asked him to testify in front of a multi-country hearing in London. We’ve mentioned it on 1st November. 
The hearing would look at Facebook’s attempts to fight fake news and disinformation on its platform… The usual stuff.
Looks scary? Probably. In fact, Facebook replied that Mark wouldn’t be present at the party.
The reason?

“We continue to fully recognize the seriousness of these issues and remain committed to working with to provide any additional information you require […] It is not possible for Mr Zuckerberg to be available to all Parliaments.”

But it it’s not over. In fact, three more countries knocked at his door: Australia, Argentina, and Ireland.

Five parliaments are now asking Mark to do the right thing by the 170 million users in the countries they represent.

As we said before, we’d like to see Mark testify – free content for us!

Facebook Account Optimization and Organization Techniques

We are in the middle of Q4. The best has yet to come. Or is the most challenging?

That’s why we’re bringing you this optimization strategy to make sure you won’t lose all the hard work you did so far. You know… Due to overthinking, disorganization, and pulling random levers to see what works.

Now, it’s important to understand where and when to begin optimizing, and which variables are bringing the best results.

Facebook has been more volatile lately, just a bit. For many advertisers, it’s difficult to pinpoint what’s causing the mixed results. And, If you’ve never defined your optimization/organization system, is very hard to know.

Fortunately, John Loomer has a smooth optimization plan to push the limits in this Q4.

He starts with some ground rules. For example

What are the pitches I’m making and where?
Who am I showing ads to?
How much am I spending and do I want to spend more?

And to turn these rules into practice he develops a list of DAILY-WEEKLY-MONTHLY optimization metrics.

Of course, the metrics to analyze and the actions to make, change based on different temporal arches.
And John explains what you have to look and what you have to do in his article. Thus, if you want to start optimizing for the late year Gold Rush, turn this optimization strategy into action.

Inside news from a Facebook rep

David Schoss just shared some news straight from his Facebook rep and we thought you will want to know what is going on Facebook and Instagram. Sure you do!

First of all, your video ads showed as suggested videos will have new campaign objectives: reach and conversion. Usually suggested videos work well because they don’t interrupt the user experience. And having them with purchase objective could mean a nicer ROI.

Then, if you are sharing your pixel and offline data with other businesses, you will have to communicate the business relationship you have with them.

Running app install offers? You have to know that Mobile Apps Install campaigns have a new placement: in-stream video views. This should lead to lower CPI.

Plus news about Instagram and how to promote brands through stories. Not as actionable off the bat like the rest.


Still promoting mobile apps? You need to check this!

If you run campaigns and analyze your results you probably used dayparting to break down your results, find the best hours of the day and also the worst hours to cut them.

But did you ever use the same approach for a seasonal breakdown? Maybe some of you out there did, but to most of you these numbers could be quite surprising.

In their holiday trends report marketing intelligence firm Singular took a closer look at app installs. They analyzed $1.1 bill in ad spend and more than 400 mill app installs.

The insights? What’s the difference between the 8th of October and the 19th of November? In terms of ad impressions almost none. In terms of app installs more than 120 percent! This means shifting your ad spend closer towards Thanksgiving can increase your ROI significantly!

Game installs are highest in December when many want to try out their new devices. But costs per install peak in September, meaning that game installs closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas can achieve better results with the same budget.

Promoting productivity apps? Make use of people’s New Year’s resolutions and focus your budget on the winter months.

Seasonal trends drive consumer behaviour, make sure you’re informed when each vertical has its peak and maximize your conversions and profitability through that.

Schedule your email notifications

Getting too many emails that distract you from getting things done?

We know that not all emails are as valuable as this newsletter *wink wink* 

This is why you should check out this free email managing tool.

Adiós brings your emails into your inbox just 3 times a day. This is how it works:

  • Emails only get delivered into your Gmail inbox at the times you specify (e.g. 7am, 1pm and 5pm).
  • Choose email exceptions, which will always be delivered immediately (like [email protected], we heard they have nice content but are a bit cocky)
  • Need to access an email quickly? No problem – just click ‘Deliver emails now’ in Adiós.

But guys, when does your newsletter go out? I want to make sure I don’t miss it if I use this tool.

Why, thanks for asking! We should be in your inbox at 1 pm CET from Monday to Friday. 

What? We’re not there? If you wanna fix that, move this email to your Inbox in Gmail, or add us to VIPs if you’re using Apple mail.

Google helps you better understand where your ads appear on the search results pages.

What changed?

There are two metrics around the absolute top position on the page (i.e. what everyone typically thinks of as position one) and two around all ad impressions that display above the organic results:

Impression (Absolute Top) %: shows the percent of your ad impressions that are shown as the very first ad above the organic search results.

Impression (Top) %: The percent of your ad impressions that are shown anywhere above the organic search results.

Search (Absolute Top) IS: The impressions you’ve received in the absolute top location above the organic results divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive in the top location.

Search (Top) IS: The impressions you’ve received in the top locations above the organic search results compared to the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive in the top location.

And the guys at Search Engine Land, even tell you how to use these new metrics:

-The two Impression % metrics show when and where ad impressions display above the organic results.
– The two IS (impression share) metrics show the share of impressions that were eligible for top-of-page impressions, above the organic results.

If you’re using average position to bid to a location on the page, Google suggests using the new impression share metrics to achieve those goals.


Affiliate Summit takes on board WHAT THE AFF as a media partner.

We’ll keep this short and sweet …

At Affiliate Summit West, taking place January 6 – 8 in Vegas, more than 6,000 digital marketers will get together to meet advertisers and affiliates alike.

They have just announced Neil Patel, CEO of Neil Patel Digital as the first keynote speaker – The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influence on the web and Forbes says he is one of the top marketers.

This year, they are dedicated to making it bigger and better by bringing you new features to make sure attendees get the most out of their experience.

Check out these exciting features and benefits you will get by attending this event;

  • Influence – co-located with ASW19, will bring together top brands and top influencers under one roof
  • Speed networking – structured 1:1 meetings where you complete a short survey on who you want to meet and then get to meet your top matches.
  • Tech talks – short and sharp sessions filled with tactical content to put into action
  • The marketplace – showcasing up and coming, and leading advertisers
  • The Affiliate Summit fashion show – to take place on the exhibition floor
  • An exclusive invite to the Affiliate Ball with a special performance by T-PAIN, and to other networking parties

And even better, all affiliates and influencers come for free! 

Buy your pass now and save over $100 before prices go up November 16!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Do you want some Zuccc super-power?

No, it’s not the power of turning down parliament callings! It won’t even increase your ROI. And it isn’t about receiving Facebook dividends. Pfft.

So what is the power?

Facebook Messenger will soon allow you to delete sent messages up to 10 minutes after you’ve originally sent them.

This new functionality buzzed around since April when Facebook admitted that it had been quietly deleting messages sent by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Soon you can do it too. And you will have a 10 minutes window to delete your mistakes before they become everlasting.

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