YouTube adds frequency capping, you can use first-party data for TV ads, and more


Maybe you wouldn’t get sick of watching your ads over and over, but your customers might…

So YouTube is rolling out their new Target frequency feature globally for YouTube campaigns.

The new feature lets advertisers show ads to users up to four times per week. YouTube promises their systems will optimize for maximum unique reach at your desired frequency.

If you got it, use it: Also, if you’re running connected TV (CTV) ads, you can now target first-party lists in Display & Video 360 campaigns.

Basically that means you can show ads to people on your list when they’re watching content on their devices. Pretty cool.

Related to that, Google is also rolling out “audience expansion for CTV,” which is similar to lookalike audiences, but for CTV ads… yet another way to help you reach more people who match your first-party data.

Head’s up, tech-savvy people: Google Ads API just got another 25 recommendation types, which can help your holiday ads stay within budget limits and target broad match keywords, among other things.

… And lastly, is Google really targeting AI-generated content? Danny Sullivan says “no,” Google is targeting content written for the algorithm rather than for humans.

As long as you’re using AI content to help you meet search intent, you should be fine.


Disney+ is hot on Netflix’s tail and ready to launch its own ad-supported subscription

Not only is the streaming service from the House of Mouse bigger than Netflix after just three years…

It’s already building its ad business, too.

When? The Disney+ ad-supported plan will launch starting December 8 2022, and it’s priced at $7.99/month.

What this means for advertisers: To be frank, it doesn’t mean much yet. Disney has 100 advertisers ready to go, which is not a huge number. Consider this more of a soft rollout for advertisers.

We also don’t know how many users will opt into this plan, so there are many questions about scalability, targeting, and performance.

No time to chill: You can be sure that in the next 12–24 months, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services will ramp up their ad networks development.

And no, we don’t think this will suddenly steal tons of demand from Meta, Google, Amazon, and the other big digital channels, in case you’re wondering.


Reach prospects that will get the most value from your offer

Know why prospects aren’t converting at a high rate—or why customers aren’t staying with your company for long?

It could be that you’re targeting the wrong businesses.

If you operate a B2B company, there’s one way to make sure that your marketing and sales efforts are tailored for companies that are actually a good fit:

Ideal customer profiles (ICPs).

An ideal customer profile is a buyer persona, but for businesses. It outlines the qualities that would make a company a perfect fit for the solutions you provide.

ICPs help you prioritize revenue and customer lifetime value.

Want to create your ICP and start targeting the best customers you can get?

HubSpot has the ultimate ICP guide and worksheetHubSpot has the ultimate ICP worksheet and checklist to help you optimize multiple areas of your business, from demand gen to lifecycle marketing and beyond.

Download the Ideal Customer Profile worksheet – it’s completely free.


How to be more productive without burning out


It’s hard to maintain atten–just a sec, got an email–anyway… Where were we?

Yeah, focus is hard when you’re doing marketing. How do you keep writing copy when you spot an awesome article in your Twitter feed?

Don’t worry, Ali Abdaal’s got some suggestions that may help.

Ali shared 15 actionable tips that help him stay on top of his game.

Let’s take a look…

Select a daily highlight. This is your north star metric, that single most important task you must do that day. Define that task every morning, and then do it.

This approach will help you finish a ton of work and make considerable progress in your projects.

Make a to-don’t list. Determine the things you absolutely shouldn’t do during your working hours, and stick to that plan.

For instance, Ali doesn’t check emails in the morning, nor social media during working hours.

That might be difficult if you’re a social media manager, but there’s a solution for that as well: just save all interesting non-work-related posts for later. Simple!

Batch similar tasks together. When you’re wearing a lot of marketing hats, you’re jumping from one task to another. It’s easy to lose flow and focus.

Ali recommends doing tasks that fall into a similar category. If you’re writing a blog post, try to do more writing tasks instead of jumping over to analytics, for example.

Set goals. If you need to launch a big ad campaign by the end of the week, for example, prepare a different part of it each day.

Or, if you have to write a big article, slice it up to sections and write one each day.

Care about yourself. The essence of productivity is having your mind and body ready to dive into deep work.

Don’t forget about the things that make you whole: your social life, hobbies, exercise, relaxation, etc. There’s no better burnout medicine.

Not productive yet? Ali has 10 more tips for you in his original thread. Check them out!


Want to shrink your cost per acquisition—and expand profits, too? Try this…


A 40% reduction in CPA. 177% increase in profits.

That’s what ezpz achieved after implementing Black Crow AI’s models into their advertising.

Black Crow’s machine learning models use your first-party data to build highly targeted marketing audiences you can use across all channels – much better than relying on native platform algorithms.

ezpz went from sinking to tripled profitability… you can, too.

Read the case study.


How to create a custom URL shortener for more effective SMS marketing


If you’re sending text messages to generate revenue—and you might want to, because it’s a powerful channel—you know that URL shorteners are one of the easiest ways to get easy, bite-size links to potential customers.

But there’s a problem: Most wireless carriers block messages with URL-shortened links from popular tools.

Plus, classic URL shorteners can look spammy and reduce click-through rates.

How to get around it: Create your own!

Just do the following…

  1. Come up with an abbreviation for your brand. Find an abbreviated domain that matches your brand name and purchase it.
  2. Connect your shortened domain with a custom url shortening service. A simple Google search shows there are lots to choose from. They’ll make it easy to create shortened URLs with your new domain.

… And you’re done. Now you can send custom shortened links to your users—in SMS or any other type of marketing—without triggering common spam filters set up by wireless carriers.

Ta-da! That was easy.

Want more tactics like this? Read our report on SMS marketing in Stacked Marketer Pro. It’ll take you from “SMS is overwhelming” to “Hey, I’m getting good at this.”

And hopefully, you’ll be on your way to generating more revenue, too.


SMS MARKETING: Gary Vaynerchuk has a site called WineText. And according to him, his SMS list of 9,000 customers consistently outperforms Wine Library’s email list of 400,000 by 9x. You can learn how to do that too. Go from SMS noob to pro in one sitting.*

AMAZON: A long-awaited feature by sellers has just been released. You can finally see your portfolios and their performance in one dashboard, side by side. The only question is… did it arrive too late?

TWITTER: In another episode of “what Elon’s doing at Twitter today,” a Twitter product executive revealed that there will be three types of accounts: official, paid and unlabeled. Sorry fans, but the official type is not for purchase.

APPLE: After preventing app developers from fingerprinting users to protect privacy, the Apple Store is now… gathering detailed behavior data from users. And it appears to be more than they consented to share! Sniff sniff… we smell a double standard.

META: In an official statement, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed Meta is reducing its team by 11,000 employees, about 13% of the workforce… and he’s hinting at additional steps to make the company “leaner.” Ouch.

*This is a sponsored post


What connects two people but touches only one?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Mother Nature is funny, actually


The great outdoors can be beautiful, majestic, scary… even hilarious.

Don’t believe us?

Thanks to seasoned photographers, you can cherish the hilarity in this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photo awards top picks, which include:

  • A magellanic penguin giving a gentoo the fin.
  • A duckling using turtle backs as its personal pontoon bridge.
  • A young lion realizing it will take some time to climb a tree like his pop.

… and many, many more.

Ah… isn’t nature so rejuvenating?

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