PayPal gets into the $200T Chinese market: Here’s what it means for your store. Complete visual cheat sheet for YouTube Ads by Jim Banks unveiled. Google AdSense policy changes: You can monetize restricted content.



PayPal opens up a $200T market

PayPal just joined the online payments battle in the most populated country in the world.

In fact, PayPal acquired 70% of the local payment company GoPay. The deal is expected to be closed this Q4, and it will make PayPal the first foreign online payment platform in China.

The payment volume that goes through China is staggering. We’re talking $200 Trillion in 2018, and PayPal just made it easier for every merchant in the world to access this huge market.

What does it mean? It will now be easier to accept payments from China without further integrations such as Alipay.

It won’t be easy for PayPal, of course. They will be competing with payment gateways that are already well established in China, although the potential for both PayPal and merchants alike is huge. Hopefully, we’ll all have an easier life when selling in the Chinese market!


Jim Banks’ complete visual cheat sheet for YouTube Ads

We talk a lot about FB Ads here, right? But let’s not forget another “social” giant, namely YouTube.

When FB drives marketers crazy, it’s not a bad idea to explore other ad platforms.

Jim Banks shared his visual cheat sheet, which structures the main elements of a YouTube campaign:

  • Ad formats.
  • Targeting options.
  • Audience interests.
  • Audience intent and habits.
  • Demographics.

We’ll save the ink and just let his cheatsheet do the talking:


Yeah, we know it can be pretty small on a phone. Click on the image or here to download the original.

If you don’t know already, Jim Banks is a well known marketer. We’ve even had a sit down with him previously, where he shared some of his 20 years experience into Google Ads and YouTube Ads.


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AdSense has brought some policy changes you should know about

It goes without saying that these changes are more relevant to those who monetize using AdSense, but even if you’re purely on the ad buying side you should still take note.

Short story is that monetizing restricted content is no longer a policy violation and won’t risk getting your account banned. Instead, you will just be less likely to get ads on it. This is simply because advertisers are unlikely to want to show their ads alongside this content.

Keep in mind, there is still content covered by the Publisher Policy that is absolutely not allowed and trying to monetize those will result in losing your account.

Want to see which categories are restricted and which are completely out of bounds? Head over to Google’s official change log here.

PS: That’s another cool update. You can follow future changes there as well. Thumbs up for transparency, in this case!


How to get organic traffic without ranking your website

“It’s hard to be top 3 on Google these days…”

Yeah, we understand your disappointment. We all know that this isn’t easy, but we did find some nifty tips on how to get organic traffic without having to face the fierce competition out there.

Today, you will use some tactics shared by Ryan Stewart on the Moz blog.

Ryan shares 6 situations in which you can get creative with your organic reach instead of doing your typical SEO work:

  • When keywords are actually too competitive
  • When you can hijack “brand alternative” keywords
  • When you want to rank for “best something” type queries
  • When you need to spread your local footprint
  • When you want to boost your e-commerce store (Hint: it involves leveraging Amazon’s marketplace)
  • When the SERPs call for videos

For each of these situations, which pretty much covers any online business out there, Ryan brought forward clear examples, short case studies and templates (we know everyone loves a good template).

The Crew’s pick:

The very first tip from Ryan is to offer to sponsor a post on a more reputable website than your own. Then, you can include a call to action for your product in this post.

We like this one due to the several benefits it brings:

  • The obvious benefit of bringing in search traffic that you couldn’t get on your own.
  • A boost of traffic when the post goes live and frequent readers visit your website, just like a paid campaign.
  • You can pixel those visitors and reuse for a paid campaign. Yep, we definitely think of media buying even when focusing on organic traffic.
  • Brand awareness.

We’ll let you discover the other 7+ tactics. The advice from Ryan can apply to almost any online business, so we’re sure you’d like to give it a more in-depth read!


  • TIKTOK: Seems like the app is here to stay. ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, reported a better than expected revenue for the first half of 2019.
  • FACEBOOK: A promise unfulfilled, who would have guessed? FB promised to share data on disinformation posts with researchers around the world, but it’s back peddling under the pretext of privacy.
  • SEGMENTATION: Marketers say targeting and segmentation is important. We agree, so we thought we’d share this nice segmentation guide from the Conversion XL blog.
  • INSTAGRAM: New feature rolling out that allows users to set reminders for product launches. Another e-commerce feature for FB’s hot platform.
  • DROPSHIPPING: Branded e-commerce, perceived value and how to increase your product margins. Check out what Alex Fedotoff has to say about it!
  • FACEBOOK: To PPE or not to PPE? Especially when doing early testing, it’s something marketers recommend. Depesh Mandalia shares his latest discoveries on the topic.


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Waiting for my rocket to come…


It can get lonely on Mars. But there is good news coming from Earth.

SpaceX just unveiled a new rocket called Starship, which can carry up to 100 people to the Red Planet.

Oh, and he wants more than one of them launched every day.

In other words, Elon plans to colonize Mars with the help of this rocket, and he wants to do it quickly.

The 164 feet tall Starship is also reusable, which will significantly cut the costs of space travel.

If you’ve been following SpaceX over the past few years, you’ll know all about their goal to create more affordable and reusable rockets. If the tests work, this is a huge step forward for them, and we’re pretty excited too!

Little does SpaceX know, someone is waiting for them on Mars already.



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