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Man’s best friend: dogs, cats, and $124 billion a year? The report you need to unleash your e-commerce pet marketing strategies

Americans love their fur-babies. 

Fun fact: The average American dog owner will spend from $14,480 to $15,780 on their furry best friend over its lifetime. 

That’s a lot of donut beds, dog vitamins, calming beds, CBD for dogs… and marketing revenue up for grabs. 

What you can expect from this report: 

Deep analysis of a typical real-life sales funnel for pet products – from product page to post-purchase email.

What’s working, what’s not, and the easy wins you could replicate in your marketing strategy.

A laser focus on the actual pet-related ads that are working now on paid social, influencer marketing posts, email marketing… 

And detailed examples – packed with tactics and lessons – of why they’re working.

Bonus: If you’re looking around for pet product ideas, we’ll share some gems in the top 3 trending categories. Plus a list of pet-related holidays to skyrocket your marketing cuteness factor. 

The Takeaway:

Americans just can’t say no to their pets. Spending on pets (per household) annually is higher than what we spend on alcohol, residential land-line phone bills, and men’s clothing. So if you want actionable information on what marketing strategies are working in the pet industry right now along with swipeable examples to inspire you, get your puppy eyes on this deep dive report now.

Get A Marketer’s Dive Into The Pet Industry

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The boom started during lockdowns time, but the industry is still growing
More data to prove the growth
Dog owners spend between $19k and $55k to in a lifetime
How pet businesses market their products
We broke down some pet industry funnels
A pet industry-related swipe file

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Stacked Marketer Pro reports contain practical information you can apply immediately. This is not like studying a marketing course, and then figuring out how to apply its content  in real life. 

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How Stacked Marketer Pro can benefit you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stacked Marketer is our daily newsletter where we provide you with digital marketing news and case studies.

Our goal is to keep you up to date with the latest platform changes and marketing trends.

Stacked Marketer Pro is deeper.

Our Pro Reports are the results of our research, brands analysis, founders’ interviews, surveys, and more. And everything is put into digestible, actionable insights that help you grow your business and evolve as a marketer. 

If you’re just starting out, you don’t have product-market fit, Stacked Marketer Pro is NOT for you.

But if… 

  • You regularly test new growth channels and strategies
  • You have product-market fit.
  • You need to stay ahead of competitors.
  • You want to get better ROI with unsaturated growth strategies.

Then Stacked Marketer Pro is for you.

Aside from the CIA’s secret files, almost any piece of information is accessible online today with enough time and investment of money. So, yes, you can find this information the same way we do: Create a team, set up a reserach workflow, and spend 200 to 300 hours of work every month. Then get conclusions and actionable tips from the research.

You can do it on your own. But we think we have a better solution :) 

It’s a monthly membership and you can cancel once a month – so it’s not a long term contract. Once you cancel, you still keep access until the end of the billing cycle but you won’t be billed again the next month.

Yes, you can get a corporate account where you manage access to people on your team. You can also switch accounts between team members if someone leaves or someone new joins, all from one dashboard and with just one invoice. 
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Of course! Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll try to help and answer all further questions.

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