Apple brings “food nutrition labels” for privacy


That’s how Erik Neuenschwander, Apple’s user privacy manager, referred to Apple’s latest updates regarding apps user tracking.

Yesterday we said that Apple was expected to bruise the IDFA, but it never happened. However, the updates announced do seem to be a step in that direction.

What did Apple announce?

  • Starting with iOS 14, app developers will have to self report their privacy practices. This info will need to be summarized in the App Store, allowing users to see what privacy practices they’ll have to agree to after downloading the app.
  • Apps will have to ask users for consent to track them across apps and websites. So, tracking isn’t a default option. Users gotta enable it, otherwise no tracking can happen.
  • Users will get a notification when an app wants permission to track them. They’ll then have two options: “Allow tracking” or “Ask app not to track.”
  • Apple will introduce notifications informing the user of the kind of data the app is gathering. This is the update Neuenschwander likened to food labels.

Apple already has some of these features. For example, users can already opt-out of tracking. This is basically the company calling more attention to it at the moment of use.

This could be harmful to app developers that rely on advertising revenue, as well as advertisers who will likely have access to fewer data points.


Dasvidaniya Facebook Ads Manager


“You can now create Instagram ads without a presence on Facebook.”

The above basically summarizes the new update launched from Menlo Park.

Up until now, you had to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook account in order to run campaigns on the Gram.

But with this update, businesses can create, manage and track campaigns on Instagram. Goodbye Facebook Ads Manager…

Don’t get too excited though: This is only possible in the USA and Turkey for the moment.

If you live in these regions, this post from Facebook explains how to do it and gives more information regarding the update.


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You have a great product, now what?

You just sit back and wait for people to come flocking to it, right? No, obviously not. You’re a marketer, and you know that’s not the way to go.

The next phase is to show your product to the world, and the first step there is to figure out your positioning. That’s the topic of this comprehensive guide by Bud Hennekes on the ConversionXL blog.

What is positioning? It’s simply “context setting” in such a way that it differentiates you from the competition and makes your product easier to understand. This is usually not a one-and-done action, but rather a continuous process.

When do you need to improve your positioning?

  • You’re not the preferred brand.
  • Your team cannot express your product’s value.
  • You try to appeal to everyone.
  • You think you’re the only source of information about your product.
  • You aren’t actively improving your positioning.

After looking at that list, you can see how just about every product needs work. We’re still refining our positioning for this newsletter too, even though we’ve been around for two years.

How can you improve your positioning?

  • Tell a story that goes beyond features and benefits. A tip here is to not just say who you are, but also who you are not.
  • Learn from your best customers. Ask them a few questions, there are some concrete examples that Bud brought up here.
  • Provide a clear value proposition. It sounds obvious but many miss this. There’s a cool structure for this in the full post as well.
  • Communicate a simple promise.
  • Make sure the whole team is involved in positioning so that everyone is on the same page and can express it.

Each of these steps has some cool examples which are a great read. Positioning is certainly a complex process and so many marketers woosh past it too quickly. Take the time and use this framework from Bud Hennekes to get ahead.


  • SEO: Brodie Clark discovered that the How-To Schema desktop rich result test is back, and it comes with image previews.
  • GOOGLE: It’s a week dedicated to helping small businesses, so check out how Google plans to support you as a small business owner.
  • ADVERTISING: According to GroupM, global ad spend is likely to be down 10%, while digital advertising should drop 2.4% after almost a decade of double-digit growth.
  • GOOGLE: Images also get the fact-checking treatment. You can read the details on where, why and how straight from Google.


I have a short, wide body. It is cold and shiny. My insides are hot as flame. I have two mouths. My tail is long and forked. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Here’s what caught our eye at Apple’s WWDC20


We mentioned it on June 10th and it’s now official: Apple will use its own chips in Macs. This news is more important for developers, so we won’t go into the details again.

What else?

  • iOS 14 is coming to iPhones this year and it includes home screen widgets.
  • CarKey, a way to remotely unlock your car with an iPhone. It’s limited to BMW 5 Series for now.
  • A new smart home standard, in a new alliance with the likes of Google, Amazon Zibgee and other players in the space.
  • macOS Big Sur, which is basically iOS for your Mac.

You can see a nice rundown by The Verge on what happened at WWDC20 right here.

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