Google updates ads policy, continues challenging Amazon



More like locked words…

Because that’s pretty much Google’s new policy: The search giant says keywords won’t trigger ads until they’ve been reviewed and approved.

… Which means users won’t see your ads until Google gives the green light.

Better plan ahead: It can take up to one business day for Google to review ads, so plan accordingly.

Why the extra set of eyes: The new update is one of Google’s many attempts to improve the quality of ads served and the overall user experience.

According to reports, Google’s new VP of Search is committed to taking on Amazon—and a big part of that is turning “searchers into buyers.”

… And it’s working: Research by Morgan Stanley in 2021 found that consumers used Google to search for products more often than Amazon or eBay.

Why we care: Google updates are increasingly catering to everyday shoppers, so staying on top of them could significantly improve your ads and search performance.

And if you combine Google Ads with the new merchant-friendly features—like free product listings—you could position your business in front of a huge number of consumers.

And while we’re “staying on top” of things…


Is this app the next TikTok?

The last thing many marketers want is another shiny app to chase.

But BeReal’s meteoric rise is so significant it’s worth paying attention to.

How it works: BeReal is a photo-sharing app that randomly notifies users to capture an unedited photo of the “moment,” no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

After sharing a photo, users can see what their friends shared and discover new users in a separate feed.

Numbers worth a thousand words: BeReal has 10.7M global installs to date. It acquired 3.6 million new users in April alone—a 157% increase from March.

This week, it was among the top 20 free apps on iOS, and a recent funding round quadrupled their valuation to over $600 million.

Why we care: While the platform is currently ad-free, investment money is pouring in, and it wouldn’t surprise us if there are monetization plans cooking behind the scenes.

In the meantime, it’s worth following the app’s growth.

If nothing else, it seems like a potential playground for influencer campaigns.


5 ways top DTC brands can use first-party data to reverse the effects of iOS14.5 and 5x net profits


Ever wish you could climb into a time machine and go back to the days of laser-precise targeting and fat returns on ad spend (ROAS)?

Well, Black Crow AI has helped over 150 DTC brands unlock the power of their first party data to reclaim their targeting power and get the most out of their marketing budget.

And in this white paper they break down five profit boosting use cases for first party data that top DTC brands are using right now to make their marketing more cost-effective and higher-performing.

Download it for free to learn how to:

  • Target your most likely purchasers
  • Upgrade your prospecting and retargeting audiences with effective lookalike campaigns
  • How to create a unique, cost-effective balance between your marketing mix

Find out how you can get back to the ROAS you had before iOS14. Download the white paper now.


These 3 advanced email flows could boost your store conversions


Abandoned cart. Welcome sequence. Discount flows.

Most stores run basic email flows like these.

But if you want to pull even more sales from your list, Connor Dimond recommends setting up three advanced flows.

Let’s check ‘em out:

Pre-VIP flow: Maybe you’re already running an email flow to reward customers with VIP status… to recognize customers who purchased four times, for example.

If you want to take your reward program to the next level, set up a pre-VIP flow to nudge customers who are “on the fence.”

For example, you might send an email to customers who bought three times and tell them they’re just one purchase away from enjoying the benefits of your VIP program.

Expected next order flow: Based on purchase data, you can define an expected date for the next purchase. For example, “30 days after the first order.”

Use this data to create a flow that prompts customers to buy.

Site abandonment: Engage with customers that are active on your website, and send one email 12 hours after they abandon your site. Send the second one 22 hours later.

Here are the filters that Connor suggests for this setup:

  • Checkout started 0 times since starting this flow.
  • Placed order 0 times since starting this flow.
  • Viewed product zero times since starting this flow.
  • Added to cart 0 times since starting this flow.
  • Has not been in this flow in the last 30 days. Or, if you prefer, you can set it to 45 days, or only send it once.

Email flows are a great way to win new sales and engage your subscribers. Connor’s list could help you achieve both.


Discover what types of media are gaining traction and plan a winning strategy


Planning a media campaign, but don’t know which channel to use… or what kind of content is most effective at engaging audiences?

Every quarter, Attest analyzes media consumption across the USA and creates a report that shows you exactly which platforms are growing or stagnating, what media are getting the most eyeballs, and more.

Read Attest’s US Media Consumption Tracker now for free.


How to reduce friction with your landing page copy


A couple months back, we analyzed 3,000+ landing pages to answer the following question:

“What do high-converting pages have in common?”

Today, we’re looking at a particular insight from that Deep DiveReducing friction with your landing page copy.

Here’s what top landing pages do to reduce friction—and increase conversions—with their copy:

  • Tell people they can achieve their goal in less time than they think. If your product is surprisingly fast at getting results, make it obvious. In your header copy, include the phrase “in X days” or “in X minutes per day”. If it’s less than what your typical reader expects, they’ll be intrigued.
  • Tell people exactly how and where they’ll see results. If you send your product via email, for example, including the phrase “in your inbox” helps eliminate questions that readers may have.
  • Don’t ask for personal information right away. Often, brands find that conversion rate increases when they don’t ask for personal information in the first step of their process. The further along someone gets in your pipeline, the more likely they are to enter their email when you ask for it.

There are hundreds more insights in our full Deep Dive on landing page copywriting. If you want to get a better look, check out the preview here.


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SEO: Google’s May 2022 Core Update is already shaking up the rankings. Some users are seeing spikes in traffic, while others are complaining about drops and lost snippets. This article walks you through the results so far.

GOOGLE: Need an image of a Persian cat strumming a guitar… Or something weirder? No problem. Text-to-image artificial intelligence is getting more powerful, and Google’s Imagen AI tool may be the next big thing. Seriously, some of the results are impressive.

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You have 6 eggs.You break 2, cook 2 and you eat 2 eggs. How many do you have left?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Tastiest duct tape ever


Don’t you hate it when your burrito is so full, it falls apart?

A group of chemical and biomolecular engineering students created a tape that’s “edible, safe, and has tensile strength to hold a fat burrito.”

Their invention tucks all your ingredients safely into tortilla or burrito wrap so you can avoid the mess and leave no beans behind.

Apparently the tape adds a little extra bite, too.

How has no one thought of this before?

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