Shopify is bringing its fast checkout to Facebook and Google


Shopify wants to speed up checkout on the entire web, not just their platform.

The company will make their accelerated “Shop Pay” checkout available to all merchants on Facebook and Google, even if they don’t have a Shopify store.

What’s the fuss about Shop Pay: According to Shopify, it’s 70 percent faster than a typical checkout and can get you 1.72x higher conversion rate. “Fill carts, not forms” is the official tagline.

Availability: The people who are first to get it are merchants from the US and on Facebook. Merchants on Google will get Shopify Pay in late 2021.


Google releases Search Console Insights

It’s like Google Search Console and Google Analytics had a baby.

The search company just published a blog post announcing an “Insights” section for Search Console.

Here are some questions that Search Console Insights can help you with:

  • How are new content pieces currently performing?
  • What pieces of content perform the best?
  • How do people discover my content across the web?
  • What keywords people enter on Google before visiting my content?
  • Which article(s) refers users to my content?

…and so on.

Why should you care: These are actionable insights. Google wants to make it clear and simple to see if users like specific pieces of content or if some articles you recently wrote are trending.

You can then use those insights to create more content of the same type.


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The Crew + YOU helping kids fight cancer


From 14th June 2021 until 30th July 2021, every new active reader for our newsletter means another $1 added to a donation we will make to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Through their cancer research and clinical trials, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps discover lifesaving treatments for thousands of children all over the world.

We’re adding in some bonuses at big milestones:

  • At 1k new active readers we add $500 to the total donation.
  • At 5k new active readers we add $2,500 to the total donation.

What’s an active reader? Someone who reads at least 5 of our first 10 newsletters.

How can you make us spend all our money (well, up to $8,000 this time)? Share your referral link with fellow marketers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slack teams, and other communities you’re in.

Grab your referral link below or click the social app icon where you want to share it.

More details about this initiative and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital here.


How to increase online course engagement with SMS and email sequences


Bernardo Feitosa is the CEO of Grace Space Hypnosis, a business in the self-improvement niche.

They recently launched a course. But there was a problem:

Only 15% of buyers started the course. And among these, only 3% finished the course.

In the following 30 days, he tried to crack the engagement. Now, 88% of buyers have started the course, and they’re now at a 50% completion rate.

Here’s how they did it:

1) Commitment form: Before people could enroll in the course, they had to promise that they would complete the challenge. Weird, but sometimes making things harder for people, makes them want more.

2) Relentless sequence: This SMS and email sequence was sent with the sole purpose of making people sign the commitment form. Users couldn’t see any single piece of content before promising to commit.

3) The “Is everything OK?” email: This email was the one with the highest response rate of the sequence. You can check it out here. You’ll be surprised by how simple and straight to the point, the copy is.

4) Daily SMS reminder: Since the course is a daily challenge, they sent daily messages to students to remind them about taking action on the course. However, they sent these daily texts only to people that opted-in for daily reminders.

These improvements not only increased the completion rate. Their upsell rate even doubled. Get out there and start engaging with your course buyers, so they’re going to buy more!


FROM THE CREW: Last week, Apple said they’ll block your ability to track open rates for Apple Mail. Is this the death of email marketing? How can you adapt?

One of the best people in the world who can answer this question is Chase Dimond, an e-commerce email marketing specialist we feature regularly in our newsletter. Join us next Wednesday (June 23th) on Twitter Spaces where we’ll discuss this topic.

ADVERTISING: Here are some fresh iOS 14.5 numbers. A sneak peek: Over 50 percent of users globally have installed it.

TIKTOK: In-app shopping is gradually becoming available to TikTok users.

FACEBOOK: Mark Zuckerberg hosted the first test of Facebook Live Audio rooms. We can’t help but notice how similar these rooms look to Clubhouse.

AMAZON: Poor Google. Amazon is in the latest group of companies to block FloC.

BUSINESS: It appears that people are eager to get outside. According to Yelp, restaurant diners are returning in record numbers.

SEO: Google has made it official! The June 2021 core update rollout is complete as of June 12, 2021.

BUSINESS: Marketers will be the next builders; Gartner predicts that by 2024, most IT products will be built with no code or low-code tools.


A man stays awake night after night without getting a wink of sleep, but he doesn’t get tired.

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Robots are replacing singers in China


Meet Luo Tianyi. A rising superstar in China, with over 150M people tuning in for its livestream.

No, it’s not a typo, we said “its”; Luo is not a real person. Luo is the first Mandarin-speaking, computer-generated, voice-synthesized pop star. Or, shortly said, vocaloid.

And it looks like people in China are going crazy for them. Luo has 5M followers on Weibo. Officially, she’s 15, female, with grey hair and green eyes. Her concerts sell out in minutes.

And if you thought this is already strange, we’ve got some news… Things are about to get even weirder. The people behind Luo and similar vocaloids plan to fuse her with AI, so she can think independently and talk with fans. We’re just waiting for the day that Luo ‘announces’ a tour with Ed Sheeran or Ariana Grande. Or their AI versions…

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