Report shared by Depesh Mandalia reveals the best target audience right now: Can you guess it? UK pushes Search giant in the corner: Share your algorithm or else. Run these campaigns that are converting the best during this outbreak.



What do people really want? And how can businesses take advantage?

To help businesses pivot during this outbreak, Facebook surveyed consumers in the UK and USA to get a sense of what’s happening and what businesses should be doing at times like these.

Here are some takeaways:

What people want from brands right now:

  • They want brands to help people.
  • They want brands to inform them of what they are doing to help people.
  • They don’t want brands to exploit the situation.
  • Only 8% said that they want discounts and offers.

More key points:

  • There’s a potential lag between the economy going down and personal finance. Most people in the survey said they have not yet been affected by the crisis.
  • The 18-34 age group has been least impacted on the economic side, but the most impacted on the social side.
  • The 18-34 age group has spent 9% more on clothes over the last two weeks.
  • This age group also said they want to be entertained more, which is a clear chance for brands.
  • Facebook and Instagram Lives have more than doubled and brands are starting to go live and do collaborations with influencers to entertain users..

Thanks to Depesh Mandalia for sharing this information with us.


Opening the Stacked Marketer’s toolbox


Yo fellow marketers, The Crew came across a bunch of interesting tools to add to your armoury. Keeping things shorts and jumping straight into them:

  • How to say no: 31 templates to help you say no to a bunch of different requests: time-wasting meetings, video-calls, picking your brain, whatever. Just copy/paste them and protect your productivity.
  • eBoost Ad Spy: Visit your competitors’ website and this Chrome extension will find the Facebook Ad Library of that brand. Do double-check any extension we or anyone recommends doesn’t overstep its boundaries though… We can’t check every day so up to you to stay up to date. Otherwise, cheers to 007-level spying!
  • PriceWay: This helps you track your competitors’ prices on autopilot. Import the product you want to control and get notificación when prices change.
  • Campaign/budget planning: This is a Google Sheets template shared by Nick Shackelford that helps you easily plan your budget and campaigns.


💥 COVID-19 boom: Join the affiliate marketers that have been making more since the pandemic started


Everybody is talking about the businesses hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic but nobody is talking about those who are booming… Like Allmed Medical Products, which turned founder Cui Jinhai into a billionaire. Google him!

Wanna hear a similar story in the affiliate marketing industry? Truth is, there’s nothing quite as impressive but there’s something still pretty darn good! This network can make you Cui Jinhai Jr, figuratively, of course.

Which network? We’re glad you asked.

AdCenter, a CPA affiliate network specialized in streaming (video on demand) offers, sweeps and VPNs.

Some stats to back it up?

  • Since the pandemic started, AdCenter has kept paying stable commissions to its affiliates. Put it the other way, AdCenter’s affiliates keep making cheddar.
  • AdCenter’s exclusive movie, book and download product offers are converting as strong as ever.
  • According to our survey, digital entertainment products like these streaming offers are benefiting from more demand during this pandemic. It won’t last forever so now is the time!

And AdCenter is the affiliate network to work with, so just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and get approved as an AdCenter affiliate.
  2. Start promoting AdCenter’s new, exclusive VOD, sweeps and VPN offers.
  3. Refer a friend to take advantage of their lifetime 10% referral bonus.


Reveal your search algo or…

Google is in troubled waters thanks to a UK bench, which has given the company a very difficult choice to make.

  • Either let a working SEO see confidential algorithm documents.
  • Or, withdraw those documents as evidence of their ranking impartiality in a long pending case tied to search bias in Shopping Search.

If they don’t decide, the only other option for Google is to settle the case and pay the dues. If Google does opt for this final solution, it would strengthen the perception of Google admitting to wrongdoing.

The best bet for Google right now is to simply withdraw the evidence and hope it can sail through the stormy scenario safely.

How did the whole situation start? The whole thing started way back in 2006 when Foundem claimed that it was a victim of the anti-competitive practices of deliberately ranking its own products in Search results. A fully-fledged lawsuit was filed in 2012.

What happened with Foundem? Foundem is a vertical-search engine for finding the best prices online. It was initially only available for a limited group of users, but within two days of being opened up to the wider public, Foundem was buried in the search results.

It dropped from the first page of SERPs to hundreds of pages lower. Suspicion increased when it was found that Foundem’s rankings only dropped in Google, while it still maintained its ranking in all other search engines.

That’s what made Foundem believe that this was a deliberate attempt to stifle Google Shopping’s competition.

Foundem wants to bring in Philipp Kloeckner to interpret the details of Google’s algorithm.

However, Google’s defence claims that giving information on its algorithm to a SEO would compromise the integrity of its ranking process.

The Ultimatum: This is where things get interesting. If Google stands its ground and refuses to withdraw the documents or share them, Kloeckner will be allowed access to view the documents on his own.

Google has been offered a reasonable amount of time to make a choice. We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out for Google.


  • GOOGLE: According to this Search Engine Journal post, close variants have been causing a lot of click fraud. Here’s why you should worry and what you can do.
  • FACEBOOK: Facebook is testing a large “F” button in the middle of the lower bar.
  • AMAZON: New targeting options for Sponsored Display Ads: Product discovery targeting and Product targeting inventory.
  • SEO: Updates to Featured Snippets on Google. Some may not appear in the top position and have more images than the previous versions.


I am not alive, but I grow; I don’t have lungs, but I need air; I don’t have a mouth, but water kills me.

What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Mosquito’s… guess who’s coming for you

It’s none other than Verily, Google’s parent company Alphabet.

They have taken up the task of stamping out these disease-carrying creatures as part of their ambitious public health projects.

The company succeeded in eradicating mosquitoes from three test sites in California’s Central Valley.

“Mosquito-suppression is even more important during the pandemic, so that outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever don’t further overwhelm hospitals.”

What’s the plan? The company has released loads of lab-bred Aedes aegypti male mosquitoes infected with a common bacterium called Wolbachia.


When these male mosquitoes mate with females in the wild, the offspring never hatch.

Now that you know the recipe, maybe you can try following along at home.

Just kidding, do not try this at home!

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