Revealing the secret to FB’s $67B ad machine – All set to overtake Google Search by next year. Dissecting a $730k/ month FB funnel – 2.8 ROAS. Easy effective way to generate backlinks from major publishers like Forbes, Fox News, TechCrunch.


Smoother flows in lesser time

Here’s another quick and cool bot hack that helps you build consistent flows and saves you time.

It’s a tool called “Text Expander”, and Rutger uses it to create snippets that populate in buttons, nodes and quick replies with a keyboard shortcut.

Basically, there are some common sentences that you can re-use in many of your sequences or bots. For example, phrases such as “Tap Yes or No below”, “Send us a message”, “Talk to a human etc”.

With this tool, you can pre-create snippets of such sentences so you don’t have to type them out over and over again. Time in the bank and an organized and consistent set of processes, what’s not to love?

A short, simple and effective tip!


Generating ethical backlinks from major publishers

Schieler Mew shared a technique that’s helping him to generate ethical, white hat backlinks from huge publishers like Forbes, Fox News, TechCrunch, Time Magazine and other local blogs and news sites.

Don’t expect some magical secret here though, because that’s not what it is about. It’s a simple strategy that works for him and might work for you too.

Here’s what he does:

  • Visit your favorite publishing website and look for journalist/author names.
  • Use or Google search operators to find emails listed for these authors.
  • Use this email content to get in touch with them.
  • Rinse and repeat.

How is this ethical and effective?

Schieler says this email follows all of Google’s rules, and even if it was submitted to them it wouldn’t be seen as breaking their ToS or intending to manipulate SERPs.

In his email, he isn’t even asking for a link, but 9 out of 10 times he gets one anyway.

Do you think this could work for you? Are you going to try it out?

Oh wait, we just received an email! *wink wink*.


New Video functionalities released

Pinterest has announced new features for businesses to help them boost their organic video content.

Here are the highlights of the announcement:

  • An improved uploading tool. You can now upload videos directly to Pinterest using this uploading tool.
  • A dedicated tab for videos. This new video tab for Pages enables you to feature all your videos in a single place.
  • Lifetime analytics. These analytics help you to track lifetime video views and performance over time.
  • Pin scheduling. You will also be able to schedule your video content in advance with this tool.

The new video features have been rolled out to all English-speaking countries, France and Germany, with a global rollout expected to follow soon.

As per Pinterest, videos have a longer lifespan and tend to resurface over time. They have seen a 31% increase in searches for “inspirational videos” since last year.

Diving deeper into the data, searches for terms like “hair dye videos” have increased by 276% and makeup tutorial videos are up by a whopping 2063%.

Even if you’re not operating in the above niches, you should be aware that Pinterest has been upping their e-commerce game over the last year with automated tools for e-commerce and tool sets for expanded buying and selling capabilities.

Combine that with these new video capabilities, and Pinterest is truly becoming one of the most powerful social media platforms for e-commerce.


Fast track to green with Spicyoffers’ truly SmartLink!

Picture this: You prepare a campaign all day, you work on the angle and creatives for your preferred traffic source. You set up the campaign and it goes live in the evening. You go to sleep. You wake up the next morning seeing all green in your tracker! Just like that…

That’s what Spicyoffers has to offer you through their SmartLink. This is not just an offer rotator. It will automatically optimize your campaigns by choosing offers according to several factors thanks to a single but intelligent URL.

There are 2 key parts of this technology:

  • An in-house Data Management Platform. This collects, analyzes and organizes data by creating segments used for efficient targeting.
  • A proprietary performance-based technology. The offer selection process is entirely automated thanks to SmartFlex. It redirects the visitor to the best performing and relevant offers according to the actual context of the visitor, meaning all known technical data like geo, device type, carrier and more. All this at scale!

Spicyoffers’ SmartLink is multilingual and multi-geo. You can exclude specific offers from the link if you’d like to. It also manages the capping per offer, per customer and takes into account all offer restrictions, of course.

Spicyoffers affiliates saw 25% more revenue when using the SmartLinkcompared to using static links and manual optimization. That’s an edge you must take!

Get started today!


A look inside Facebook. Complete funnel to $730k revenue with 2.6 ROAS

Let’s take a look into Facebook’s health status at the moment and figure out how they made all those benjis… Then, we dissect a lucrative FB funnel that generated $730k from a $280k ad spend.

How Facebook made it rain

7M advertisers. $67B in ad revenue. All this despite the almost endless stream of data breaches and scandals.

Ladies and gents, this is FB. And The WTAFF Crew discovered a report from Polar that explains how FB became a $67B machine. (Link works only for members. Click here to join).

The report is quite long, but we’ve summed up the main takeaways here.

Let’s start with some numbers:

  • 80M active businesses on the social network.
  • “Only” 10% of all the businesses buy ads: 7M.
  • Facebook owned 24.5% of all U.S. digital video ad spending in 2018.
  • Facebook attracts the 71% of the global social ad spend. YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat etc are just fighting for the scraps.
  • The average user scrolls the height of the Empire State Building each day on the Newsfeed.
  • In terms of average CPMs, FB and IG are in the top 3 platforms, with $9.60 and $6.70 respectively.

What made Facebook the king of social advertising?

According to the report, it’s not just about the powerful targeting that FB possesses. In fact, the most valued asset of FB are the creatives and 11 different creative ad formats it offers.

Yes, think of all the ad formats that FB offers and compare them to a simple banner ad. People are totally blind to banners.

In fact, you’re more likely to become a Navy Seal or climb Everest than clicking on a banner.

FB solved that banner blindness with an arsenal of different creatives, and that’s helped them grow into the force we see today…

However, it’s not all blooming!

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal surfaced, the engagements on FB have dropped and costs have started to rise.

People in the West are losing trust in the social network.

There are more numbers and statements in the report that look interesting. So, if you make your bread and butter on FB, we suggest to give it a look!

$730K/month funnel

After taking a look at how FB is doing, it’s time to dive into some case studies.

This one looks at an entire FB ad funnel for a pain relief product shared by Ryan Steenburgh. It generated $730k for Ryan in June alone, so it should be an interesting read. Let’s have a look at it.

Initial info:

  • AOV: $89-$95
  • Ad spend: $281k
  • ROAS: 2.6
  • Revenue: $730k

The overall campaigns set up was:

  • Top of the funnel: Brand Awareness, Video Views and Conversion campaigns.
  • Middle of the funnel: Conversions campaigns.
  • Bottom of the funnel: Conversions campaigns.

Brand awareness and Video Views campaign

Ryan says it helped him to have a video with a piece of news related to a celebrity. Preferably, a celebrity your audience already knows and admires.

The example he shared is: “Dr. Phil once said XYZ – Tell him we have the answer!”

However, remember to be careful when you include celebrities in your ads. You know, the ban-hammer is always looming over your head.

The targeting used here is wide open, and all the last 30 days engagers and video viewer are excluded. Just one ad set targeting the broad audience.

Top of the funnel conversion campaign

Here the structure changes.

8-12 ad sets targeting: 1% LALs, 5% LALs, 10% LALs, (all kinds of LALs you have). Also, Interests audiences and wide open audiences.

The creative used are: Single Image, Carousel, Collection, Video.

The different types of copy used are:

  • [Biggest Benefit + Mechanism]
  • [Biggest Benefit + Comparison Of Competition]

Middle of the funnel campaign

By now, people are already familiar with the brand. They know it can help them, but they just haven’t made a purchase yet.

Ryan used different ad sets to target the following audiences separately: All Page engagements, any post or ad engagement, Video Views, IG Page engagements, IG any post or ad engagement.

The creatives used are:

  • Single Image: Just a picture of the product in use with a small piece of text around it promoting some sort of special offer or discount if the customer orders today.
  • Single Video: Typically, a customer using the product and talking about how great it is and how they went from “hell to heaven”.
  • Carousel: Same as single image, but with more variations of the same type of images.
  • Collection: Same video as above, and the same images as single images and carousel.

The copy used is pretty basic.

Bottom of the funnel

The structure is this:

Ad set 1: All website visits excluding content views.
Ad set 2: Content views excluding Add to Cart.
Ad set 3: Add to carts excluding Initiate checkouts.
Ad set 4: Initiate checkouts excluding purchases.

However, only do this segmentation if you’re doing high volumes.

Here you can be more aggressive with the copy.

That’s it folks!

We’ve seen many case studies lately that delve into the whole FB funnel, taking us from the awareness stage all the way through to conversion.

Needless to say, we’re loving them! Converting that cold traffic on the first touch point is becoming harder and harder. And setting up a funnel is probably the way to go.

Will you adapt?


Create hundreds of ad variations with this new tool

If you are proficient search marketer, you might have guessed what this is about.

Yup, Microsoft is rolling out Ad customizers on its platform.

For the uninitiated, Ad customizers allow you to create multiple variations of a single ad. Basically, they help to reduce setup time and are said to improve ad quality.

“Ad customizers are parameters within the ad copy which get replaced by dynamic text when the ad is displayed for the user. The text values are provided in the feed file and they are selected based on the targeting defined in the feed.”

You can use these customizers to set up your ads to dynamically change based on a number of targeting options such as location, audience lists, device, search queries, time of day, and others.

How does this work?

For example, you can change your ad text depending on the users’ location by creating a feed with ‘Target Location’ attribute.

You can then assign a different ad copy to each target location, allowing you to serve variations of ad copies depending on where the searcher is located.

How to set it up?

  • Start by constructing a customizer feed and upload it to your account via the Feed Management Tool under Shared Library.
  • Next, create Expanded Text Ads with reference to the ad customizer parameters in the ad copy.

Check out detailed instructions here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Let’s find that ring

Any Lord of the Rings aficionados out there? Good news for you!

Amazon has announced a cool projecta massively multiplayer online Lord of the Rings game. So nice, eh?

The game will be free too, so you can go and relive all those emotions that vamp you when you watch the movie in first person!

After all, us marketers are very similar to Gollum. Nooo, we are not saying you’re ugly.

But think about this: a whole life dedicated to finding the ring, “My precious”!

For you? A whole life dedicated to digging through campaigns to find your precious – That killer campaign that makes your bank account grow as big as a Mumakil.

Go find your precious, whether it’s in this new game or on your ads dashboard!

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