Safari signed the death of cookie-tracking: Third-party cookies completely blocked. Did Amazon ask Indian affiliates to stop sending traffic? Savannah Sanchez & Depesh Mandalia’s business wisdom to fight back corona-crisis.



Safari beats Chrome for Privacy


Apple has announced that it will completely block 3rd-party cookies, a significant milestone that surpasses Chrome’s efforts.

It’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention will block all third party cookies and allow access to cross-site cookies only for services and features that a user has opted in to. These could include payment preferences, subscriptions and commenting widgets.

This way, users will still be able to use payment methods like PayPal while blocking all other third party cookies from advertising sites, which the user might not want tracking them from site to site.

So, if a user is signed to FB or PayPal, the services associated with those first party sites will be able to perform as normal. However, any third party sites that the user has not opted into will be blocked.

In these cases, a pop-up will be generated asking users to sign in and complete whatever task they are trying to do.

Apple mentioned the three key benefits of this feature:

  • It disables cross-site request forgery attacks against websites through third-party requests.
  • It removes the ability to use an auxiliary third-party domain to identify users.
  • It simplifies things for developers. If you need cookie access as a third-party, use the Storage Access API.

Google doesn’t have any plans to fully block all third-party cookies until 2022, as its earnings depend on third-party cookies to facilitate behavioral advertising.


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This might be the wisdom you need in these uncertain times

Dear marketer, how are you fighting back against the outbreak?

If you’re looking for advice, we found three posts from three popular marketers that you might find useful.

Let’s start with this tweet from Savannah Sanchez:

  • Audit your existing ads and content and make sure there’s no messaging related to being in groups or photos of groups.
  • This is the perfect time to work on those things that you’ve continuously postponed: Tweak your email sequences, get new UGC’s, audit your website etc.
  • Make expectations around shipping clear and communicate to your customers that they’ll get their products, despite the delays.
  • Conversions might take longer now, with clients having more spare time to browse around and research before making a purchase.
  • Focus on brand awareness rather than performances.

This last point goes hand in hand with Cory Dobbin’s thread. It’s essentially about doubling down on your TOF campaigns.

People are spending more time on social media, and CPMs are decreasing as the competition pauses more and more campaigns.

These companies may survive financially by saving their ad budgets, but their target audience will soon forget about them due to the halted communication. This is your chance to build brand awareness and, when people start shopping again, you’ll be at the forefront of their minds. Others will be forgotten.

The last pieces of wisdom come from Depesh Mandalia. This is more along the lines of what you should do, based on what your business is about.

Let’s look at some points:

  • E-commerce: Pivot to products that are high-in-demand now and that couriers are still shipping.
  • Digital products: This is a chance to thrive. Most online courses still have the potential to do very well if your messaging is on point.
  • Agencies/freelance: Losing clients? You’ve got skills you can put to use in industries like affiliate marketing or e-commerce, or you could join an agency that is still doing well.
  • Affiliate marketing: You are at the mercy of your offers. However, for those of you building lists, now is the time to expand it by taking advantage of the low CPMs to increase sign-ups.

You’ll find more detail in the posts we named, so check them out!

Some of this info might seem obvious, and you’ve probably already had similar thoughts. But in such times it is heartening that other people have the same opinions…


  • PODCASTS: Google announces a complete redesign of its Podcasts, including an iOS release along with an Explore tab to recommend other podcasts based on the listener’s interests.
  • AMAZON: It seems that Amazon asked its affiliates to stop sending traffic. But apparently, this only happened in India. However, it’s not from an official source, so do your research if you’re involved.
  • YOUTUBE: New updates for YouTube content creators, with improved Analytics for Live stream, expansion of smart replies and much more.
  • GOOGLE: Google Discover has now become an integral part of our SEO strategies. Here’s how you optimize for the searchless search and make the most if it.


I have two hands, but I can not scratch myself. What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

A blurred background would not do the trick here

As we sit idly by, locked down at home with the hours of our life fading into obscurity (sorry for being dramatic) many of us are turning to our smartphones to avoid a complete mental breakdown…. (sorry again).

It turns out that, in times such as these, even celebrities are getting bored at home (except Tony Stark). Anyway, many have started to use up this spare time by recording live videos, Q&As and generally entertaining their fans on social media.

Some of them have even started to interact by taking video calls from fans. This might be the chance you’ve been waiting for to have a chat with your favorite celebrity.

And Justin Bieber is among these ones. Unfortunately though, the events took a weird note.

He accepted a video call from one of his followers, only to discover that the woman on the other side of the call was naked…


When the chat began, the topless woman seemed to be casually lying on her back… But, when she noticed that Justin had accepted her call, she rolled away to hide from the camera.

It gets funnier though. While the majority of other followers had realized the undressed state of the woman, Justin hadn’t and was asking why the woman was hiding from him!

What a missed chance to have a chat with your favorite celebrity.

But after all, who doesn’t like to walk around naked inside the walls of our own homes?

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