Scaling to $100k+/m with a 30-40% margin: The Octopus Method. TikTok steps on Mark’s nerves with new e-commerce features. Android vulnerability allowed hackers to hijack your phone camera and secretly record videos.



TikTok stepping on Mark’s nerves with these new features

TikTok quietly announced its arrival in the world of Social Commerce, competing directly with the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others.

While TikTok has around 1.5B users globally, it’s still not considered  monetizable for influencers and content creators as platforms like YouTube and IG.

To address this issue, it is now testing new features which allow content creators and influencers to add a clickable “link in bio” as well as social commerce links directly in posts.


Meanwhile, Instagram is facing some backlash from influencers due to its decision to test hiding the ‘likes’ on posts. This was the perfect chance for TikTok to announce something big and gain an edge over Instagram.

If rolled out globally, these features would make it easier for TikTok influencers to increase revenues from their large following and allow any TikToker to turn the platform into a one-stop shop for his or her own online store.

This isn’t the first time that TikTok has taken a page from Instagram’s playbook either. A few months ago, they also did a quiet test with a gridded Instagram-style layout, along with a replication of Instagram’s Discover tab.


New powerful YouTube-lookalike ad format

In other news, Snapchat has rolled out a new video ad format called Extended Play CommercialsThese are the mid-roll ad type which maintains the 6-second non-skippable format but allows advertisers to extend the runtime to up to three minutes.

Similar to YouTube Ads, the users will have the option to skip the ad after 6-seconds or continue watching the full video commercial.

However, the key difference here is that Snapchat’s Extended Play Commercials will appear mid-roll, rather than pre-roll like YouTube.

“Extended Play Commercials are a great option for online video and TV buyers. Heading into the holidays, this format is a powerful new way to reach our Gen Z and Millennial audience in Snapchat’s premium, brand safe Discover content.”

This feature is currently in closed beta, but you can request access to the beta test by contacting their sales reps or by reaching out via Ads Manager.


🕺 Going to AWA? Get access to the wildest conference parties EVER with Media500

Have you been at the Affiliate World Europe this summer? We have and we think that it wouldn’t have been the same without Media500’s Barcelona Blowout. You know, the kind of parties everybody asks to get invited. It was a crazy night.

And that Media500 party is heading to Bangkok plus much more… They have more than just one event set up for the Affiliate World Asia:

+ Charity: On December 2, Media500 will be taking part in painting a school for the Mercer Charity Centre in Bangkok. A unified charity effort to support Mercy Center orphanages in Bangkok, Thailand.

The founding sponsors Affiliate World Conferences, Vene, Media500, Shawn Stallard, Gotham Offers & Ricky Ahuja have come together and agreed to match every dollar donated up to $10k. So, the more you can donate, the more these sponsors will donate as well, doubling the amount gathered.

The Media500 Team will be waiting for you on December 4-5 during the AWE at Booth B38 with a HUGE surprise for everyone there. A big reveal to come! Want to arrange a meeting with them?

+ Affiliate Business Club: Media500 is sponsoring the Bangkok Affiliate Meetup on December 3 from 2pm to 7pm.

+ Bangkok Bash: On December 3, Media500 will once again be sponsoring the Bangkok Bash held by Gerard Della Porta from MRKTHUB. A crazy party.

+ AdBuyers Meetup: On December 5, Media500 is once again a proud sponsor of the famous AdBuyers Meetup at the Levels Club.

+ The Media500 Bangkok Blowout: On the same day of the AdBuyers Meetup, there will be the Media500 Bangkok Blowout. And this party is NOT the cherry on top. This is the whole cake – pâtissier included 😉

Where and when will it happen? December 5, 22:30 till late at Sing Sing club. The venue will be closed to the public all night for a crazy crazy night…

Just writing about this pumped some adrenaline into our brain and we are already on the party list. So, make sure to visit Media500 at Booth38 during the Affiliate World Asia to know about what is going on! Do you want to book a meeting with them and talk business? Head here!


Scaling to $100k+/m with a 30-40% margin using the Octopus method

Ace Reddy shared a curious looking strategy that he’s named The Octopus method, and it does look very interesting. The stat that really catches the eye is this: He scaled a store to $100k+/m in just 12 weeks with a 30-40% margin!

Let’s jump into it.

Step #1 – Create a customer acquisition system

Choose the best converting front end product and create a compelling offer to attract the audience: Bundles, discounts, or whatever will attract a bigger cold audience to your product.

You shouldn’t worry about getting a positive balance during this customer acquisition phase. According to Ace Reddy: Customers and data > money on the front end.

However, you do need a solid back end system.

Step # 2 – Cold traffic campaign

Discover what Interests you can target, and if you have pre-existing customer data create LLAs as well.

Campaign structure: Conversion campaign optimized for Purchase. Start out with a budget of $20/day – test 4 different Interests in 4 different ad sets, using one ad for each one.

Wait 72 hours. Cut the ads that didn’t get any sales, and those that did convert will be moving into the vertical scaling section.

Step #3: Vertically scaling

At this point, you should have a few sales coming in every day. The first step to scaling your campaigns is to scale them on the same traffic source that you’re generating results with.

To vertically scale, you need to duplicate your best-performing campaigns and increase the budget by 1.2x, 1.5x or up to a max of 2x. Scale these ROI-positive campaigns until you’re break-even.

Step #3: Multiplatform retargeting

You should have an influx of sales coming in by now, so you should use retargeting to bump up sales and start building a brand.

Ace Reddy says that the key to successful retargeting campaigns is the angle. But don’t just re-target on Facebook. Use Google Shopping, Youtube and display ads too. The goal is to be omnipresent for your customers, encouraging them to come back and buy from you.

That’s all folks.

Eventually we got it: It’s called Octopus because of the omnichannel retargeting.


  • E-COMMERCE: Cem Verghese shared an automated KPI calculator which takes all cost factors into account and spits out the correct breakeven ROAS.
  • CHATBOTS: 4 chatbot building tips from Jeff Cubinski aimed at making your chatbot building process more productive.
  • SEO: Google’s BERT update caused a lot of debate when it rolled out sometime ago. However, Bing says it has already been using BERT model since April and that it’s now being applied to every search query.
  • SECURITY: Google admitted to an Android vulnerability which allowed hackers to hijack phones’ camera and secretly capture photos and record footage, even when the phone is locked or the screen is off.
  • FACEBOOK: Does FB really listen to our talks for targeted ad serving? There are many ways they could do that, but here are some reasons that they don’t.


Kings and queens may cling to power, and the jester’s got his call.
But, as you may all discover, the common one outranks them all.

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

When your marketing is so strong you can get Forrest Gump on your podcast

We found an interesting story about how Chris Hardwick managed to get Tom Hanks on his Nerdist podcast. Not only is this funny, but there are some marketing lessons to be learned here.

How did he get the Forrest Gump and Cast Away star on his podcast?

First of all, he needed a catchy angle. So, he did his research and discovered that Tom Hanks loves and collects typewriters.

So, he bought a vintage typewriter, wrote the podcast invitation on said typewriter, and left the letter in the carriage. He then delivered the whole package to Tom Hanks’ address, which Chris found online.

Tom’s answer to this invitation is pretty hilarious:


Obviously, they got Mr Hanks on their podcast.

Such a happy ending. And this looks like a basic marketing lesson too: Find out what your audience loves the most (typewriters) → Find the right angle to make contact (letter written in the typewriter and left there) → Give them a lot of value (the typewriter).

Yet we are wondering if it would be smart to send typewriters on scale… Maybe an ebook would be better?


The ace in a deck of cards.

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