Scam-preneur Com Mirza arrested in Dubai after stealing nearly £4M. FB Q3 Report destroys earning expectations: Revenue up by 29%, 2.4B users. This holiday season to reel in $143.8B: 22 golden days between CyberMonday & Christmas.


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A strong Q3’19 for FB… and not just financially

“We had a good quarter and our community and business continue to grow. We are focused on making progress on major social issues and building new experiences that improve people’s lives around the world.”


That’s how Zuck announced FB’s Q3 earnings report. Let’s get into the specifics and the game of numbers. Before we get into the details, remember the figures are still less than half of what Google made this Q3.

  • Total Revenue: $17.65B (29% Y-Y growth).
  • Advertising Revenue: $17.38B (28% Y-Y growth).
  • Mobile Ad Revenue: 94% of the Q3 earnings.
  • Earnings per share: $2.12 (20% Y-Y growth).
  • Daily Active Users: 1.62B (9% Y-Y growth).
  • Monthly Active Users: 2.45B (8% Y-Y growth).

Apart from this, around 2.2B people now use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger every day with around 2.8B using at least one of these ‘Family’ of services each month.

As Zuck went online on his own platform, he shares that it was quite a busy Q3 for them on a lot of fronts. FB Dating, Threads for IG, FB News, Horizon for VR, hand-tracking tech for Oculus and Oculus Link were launched.

Additionally, they are also working on building out the private social platform across WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Not just that, multiple exciting initiatives around commerce and payments such as Marketplace, Instagram Shopping, payments in WhatsApp, Libra are moving forward.

In terms of policies and social issues, FB has formally agreed to an FTC settlement to make structural changes and build a rigorous privacy program to set a new standard for the industry.

FB currently has a workforce of more than 35k people working on safety and security, spending billions per year. That’s more than the entire revenue of FB at the time of their IPO earlier this decade.

Oh, and Zuck also brought the speculations to an end, as far as political ads are concerned.

“I don’t think it’s right for private companies to censor politicians or the news. Google, YouTube and most internet platforms run these same ads, most cable networks run these same ads, and of course national broadcasters are required by law to run them by FCC regulations.”

Facebook is scheduled to host a conference call to discuss the results at 2pm PT / 5pm ET today. You can catch the live webcast here.


When you gotta change your IG bio from “Based in Dubai” to “Behind the bars”

Do you remember Com Mirza? It was April 16 when we first talked about him. A long time ago, so let’s do a quick recap.

Com Mirza presents himself as an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, philanthropist and all those cool things. However, there’s a huge difference between his Instagram bio and what he really does in real life: Duping wannabes.

Com and his elder brother, who proclaims himself as the “Steve Jobs of the Muslim world”, set up a mentoring program that allowed them to take nearly £4M from people around the globe, mainly targeting a Muslim audience.

Well they set up 3 programs:

  • A mentor program.
  • An International Success Group: An investment programme that allowed members to participate in a real estate project in Dubai.
  • Habibi Coin, a crypto coin once billed as the “bitcoin of the Middle East”.

A lot of stuff going on, right?

They involved both the average Joe but also high profile people, such as an American who put $500k into Com’s non-existing projects.

The investigation on this “$500M entrepreneur” started in April 2019 by Gulf News publication. However, that didn’t stop him from “guruing” people on the Gram, flexing next to lambos and sharing videos on how to “Achieve Your Dreams”.

Well, of course, not by walking this path.

In fact, the Bur Dubai Police has now taken him into custody following a complaint of a UAE resident who lost over $150k in his dodgy programs. Now the man is under investigation for all the crimes he has committed.

A happy ending story! However, people who trusted Com Mirza will hardly see their funds back. So, not so happy for them.

New people, same old story: This is not the first time we talk about someone being under investigation for tricking people.

And it seems there are 2 things that will never cease to exist: People who want a quick shortcut to change their lives. And bad-intentioned people who continue to take advantage of such people by selling them courses, mentoring, etc. Not everybody is a fake guru, but the majority of people are.

So, keep your eyes open, and always be picky! There are no shortcuts in our world.


  • TWITTER: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, made headlines when he announced that they won’t allow political ads on their platform. The reason? Political message reach should be earned, not bought.
  • FACEBOOK: Facebook family apps had a blackout yesterday. However, the issue seems to be fixed. So, if you were wondering, it wasn’t just you.
  • E-COMMERCE: This survey from Adobe predicts online holiday shopping to reach $143.8B this year, a 14% increase over last year. And that’s just for 22 days between Cyber Monday and Christmas.
  • BOT MARKETING: Messenger introduces the App Link Support for URL buttons. It allows you to include a button that will directly open the target native app.
  • SEO: Surprise, surprise! A 3.7-star rating for your business locations on Google delivers the highest conversion boost for your business. 64k third-party managed listings analyzed.


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And… the Oscar for the best Halloween campaign goes to…(You?)

We want to hear from you: What are your favourite Halloween marketing campaigns?

We looked around for some inspiration and the ones that stood out for us is this Burger King campaign where they dressed up their place as the ghost of McD’s, covering itself in billowing white sheets and trolling its rival with a sign that read: “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.”


If you remember, Coke did something similar in 2013 where they marketed a can of Coke dressed up in a costume mocking their rival Pepsi.

Mars pulled off their ‘utterly disgusting’ Zombie Skittles campaign where they launched 5 tasty Halloween themed flavors, such as Boogeyman Blackberry and Mummified Melon. The catch was that it included a ‘rotten’ Zombie flavour and the consumers will only know they are eating it once they experience the terrifyingly awful taste.

What about this “watch party” from Universal studios? It definitely gets you in the mood for a horror night.

UNICEF banked on nostalgia for Halloween, rejuvenating an old theme and making it powerful for the new generation.

The ideas out there, waiting to be implemented are countless, but the question remains:

How will you scare the hell out of your target audience today? And yet make have a memorable experience and spiking up those sales?

We would love to hear from you all!



The Dead End.

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