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Finally… Facebook adds B2B targeting and Instagram schedules posts


Sip your coffee, sit back, and relax.

Because you’re going to like these two new updates from Meta…

Hello, B2B targeting: Facebook just added new targeting options based on job titles and other criteria to help you reach:

  • IT-decision makers.
  • Business decision makers.
  • Business decision-makers in engineering, HR, strategy, and marketing based on the job titles.
  • New active businesses created in the last 6, 12, or 24 months.

Ah, schedules: No need to go to Creator Studio to schedule your posts anymore… You can finally schedule posts and Reels right inside Instagram.

Why we care: If you’re running B2B ads, new targeting options can help you reach the right people and get more out of Facebook.

And what social media manager hasn’t been waiting for the ability to schedule posts in Instagram?


Users can more easily control what ads they see, and more

Three things to know about TikTok…

Power to the users: The platform just added the “About this ad” button to help users understand why they’re seeing a particular ad in their feed.

It also reveals the advertiser and gives users options for controlling the kinds of ads they see—or don’t see—in the future.

Now tracking orders: TikTok is also testing the Order center, a new profile button that lets users track their in-app shopping activity.

The button appears next to the Edit profile button and opens an e-commerce dashboard that shows payment details, wish lists, order status, and more.

… Meanwhile, in Asia, a recent study shows TikTok is edging closer to YouTube when it comes to market share.

YouTube currently earns 54% of all online video consumption, but TikTok added a whooping 14% year-on-year and is now sitting on 37% of the entire market.

Why we care: TikTok continues to build on its e-commerce features and grow across the world, making it one of the most powerful social media marketing channels out there.

It’s also taking steps to be transparent with users, which puts more pressure on marketers to be relevant and add value.

One way to do both is to know human psychology really well…


Fraudsters use brain hacks to control people’s behavior all the time. Here’s what marketers can learn from them…


When you don’t like what’s on television, what do you do?

Easy: You reach out for the remote, point it at the TV, push a button, and there you go—your favorite soap opera.

What if you could change prospects’ behavior with the push of a psychological button?

Con artists do it all the time… except they get people to make decisions against their best interests.

Imagine knowing their brain hacks, but using human psychology to help improve customers’ lives…

Well, inside the System 1 Manipulation report, you’ll find 52 cognitive biases that fraudsters use to hack the human brain.

You’ll also learn how you can leverage these psychological principles to create high-converting funnels and ads for your own marketing.

Take a peek inside the System 1 Manipulation report now.


How to increase the visibility of your SaaS content in less than 10 minutes a day


The best way to increase awareness of your SaaS brand and personality?

Creating quality content.

But churning out quality content no one sees is like playing drums alone in your basement: It’s fun, but it doesn’t sell tickets.

Casey Hill has an effective method that can help you triple the number of eyes on your SaaS content in less time than it takes to cook pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Let’s break it down…

First, make sure the content is non-promotional. Instead of being salesy, it should provide value.

Ask yourself, “Can someone implement stuff from this without having to buy something from us?” If so, then it can be safely promoted across channels.

Post it on LinkedIn, then on Reddit. There’s a myriad of SaaS-related subreddits with big, active communities. Look for the ones that are relevant to your content and start posting!

Now make a Twitter thread. Break down your entire post into 5-10 tweets for your Twitter community to see. Post from your company and your personal profile for more reach.

Don’t slack on Slack groups. Share the content in SaaS Slack communities that you’re a member of.

One channel Casey uses regularly is the Growth Strategies/B2B/Email channel in DemandCurve’s Slack.

Post it in Facebook groups, too. Unlike pages, Facebook groups have good reach and are generally active.

Communities like SaaS Marketers, SaaS founders, and similar have a nice core of people that would be genuinely interested in valuable and actionable content.

And if you have a mailing list, you can also create an email blast and send the content to your subscribers.

After all, these people willingly signed up. Make sure they see your stuff!

… And you’re done! Your quality content is now distributed across a variety of channels, ready to be seen by lots of people the way it deserves.


This virtual social media manager is standing by, ready to help you grow your brand for free for 15 days


What if you had a social media manager that could help you create posts, schedule them, track analytics, optimize creatives, provide your reports… and launch ads?

Using Loomly is like having that social media manager. It does everything we just mentioned and more.

18,000+ brands already use Loomly to grow their social presence. Why not you?

Test drive it for free for 15 days.


Why reciprocity matters in marketing—and how you can use it to increase conversions


It’s 11 a.m. in the morning, skies are blue, you’re on the way to work.

A well-dressed man walks up to you on the street and hands you a pamphlet about something. He’s passionate and articulate.

You’re not really into his pitch, so you start to walk away.

As you do, the man asks you for money for the project he’s been talking about.

What do you say? Well, you’re probably going to say no.

But the man’s already done something that increases the chance you will shell out some cash:

He’s handed you a pamphlet.

That action, simple as it is, triggers a bias in humans called reciprocity.

What’s reciprocity, then? It’s a well-documented principle that when we receive a positive action, as in kind words, a physical item, or even body language like a handshake, we want to respond in kind.

How to use it in marketing: Find creative ways to deliver something positive to your customers before they make a purchase.

It doesn’t even have to be monetary. It could be free shipping, or a piece of copy, or a product image that makes customers feel good.

Whatever you do, give something to your customers before they make a purchase.

You’re more likely to inspire them to do something for you in return.

By the way… This is one of dozens of human biases and psychological principles we wrote about in our latest Stacked Marketer Pro report.

So if you’d like to learn how to use these powerful techniques in your own marketing…

Check out a preview of the report here. And yes, by offering you a free preview of this amazing content, we’re hoping you’ll reciprocate. See? Practicing what we preach!


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GOOGLE: Running Local Service Ads? Google will start sending you a weekly recap of your ad performance, plus the leads you were charged for, and how much you’ve spent on ads. Nice.

INSTAGRAM: Can’t say we’re surprised. Instagram is closing their affiliate program on August 31 and will focus on partner programs through their Creator Marketplace in the future.

E-COMMERCE:  After the end of the pandemic-driven e-commerce boom, Shopify is experiencing a decrease in new subscribers. But zoom out to 2019, and the trajectory does not look that negative.

ANALYTICS: Google Analytics API update… There are new dimensions for Search Ads 360, including creative format. However, you still can’t see reports linking data from Display & Video 360 with Search Ads 360. Bummer.

FACEBOOK: The regulatory battle between Meta and the European Union is getting fiercer. And it seems Meta is considering pulling their apps from the continent completely… at least for a short time. That could be tough for European businesses…

ADVERTISING: News sells, but according to the New York Times (NYT), games and cooking products sell way more. Subscribers will start seeing ads in Wordle and other NYT products. Could be new ad channels to try…

*This is a sponsored post.


Which word is the odd one out: Seventy, Brawl, Clover, Proper, Carrot, Swing, Change, Travel, Sacred, Stone?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Who else could use a cheese spa?


If you were living in the Alps between the 16th and 20th centuries…

And you were filthy rich, or felt unwell… or both…

… You could take a day to bask in Molkenkur, a whey byproduct of mountain cheese makers.

Bathing in this yellowish-greenish liquid was believed to have “restorative” properties in the form of “laxative purges, leeches, and more,” and was a popular activity among Alpine residents.

And if you’re in the neighborhood, you can visit one of these cheese spas, because a few of them still operate today.

Nothing like sitting in warm cheese at the end of a long week…

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