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Microsoft and Apple are adding new advertising channels


Dana Scully doesn’t believe in aliens, Tim Ferris doesn’t believe in 8-hour work weeks…

… And big tech platforms don’t believe in ad fatigue.

Outlook is getting crowded: Mobile users with the free version of Outlook are seeing more ads in their email inboxes.

The update—which has been rolling out gradually in recent months—shows ads either at the top of the Other tab, or at the top of the inbox.

Search Ads are coming to Maps: According to reports, Apple may begin integrating ads into Maps in early 2023.

The ads will work similar to those in the App Store, meaning you can place ads for specific queries.

So if a user searches for “lunch near me,” for example, your restaurant’s ad can turn up.

Why we care: Big companies are increasing ad placements as a way to increase profits.

This gives you more cost-effective opportunities to display your ads… and maybe gain market share.

Just make sure you start using these channels early, and make your ads are as native as possible… or they may as well be invisible.


Video indexing performance tracker is now live

Good news if you embed videos on your website…

Google finally released their new video indexing report in Google Search Console, which shows you how videos on indexed pages are performing.

How it works: If Google detects videos on your website, it will automatically index them and show the report on the left navigation bar.

What it shows: The report will help you analyze things like:

  • The number of pages in which Google has identified a video.
  • Which videos were indexed.
  • The issues preventing videos from being indexed.

You can also ask the Console to validate fixes and index the video after you’ve made required changes… yep, just like regular page indexing.

Why we care: If videos are part of your strategy, now’s a great time to index them.

Google’s update gives you new opportunities to rank and drive traffic to your website… as long as you enable the crawlers to do their thing.

Speaking of opportunities…


Surprising and expensive mistakes 8 figure brands are making right now


We have spent thousands of hours analyzing the most successful online businesses.

And honestly, one of the most shocking things we learned along the way was…

… Sometimes the biggest brands make the dumbest mistakes.

Like these:

  • Sleeping on UGC and videos. A marketplace generating seven figures every year only uses product and lifestyle images for their Facebook Ads. Talk about a wasted opportunity!
  • Going cheap on design. We found a $24M supplement brand with disorganized landing pages, awkward product pages, and clunky on-site visual branding.

Sometimes, companies grow in spite of their mistakes. But in general, mistakes like these cost companies thousands of dollars.

And while it’s good to learn from your own mistakes, it’s much cheaper to learn from others’.

Joining Stacked Marketer Pro helps you do exactly that.

Want to skip costly mistakes, grow faster, and save precious dollars?

Try Stacked Marketer Pro for 7 days.


Little-known tricks for increasing your email open rates


Sending emails is easy. But sending emails that get opened frequently? If only…

You’ve probably heard the standard tips for increasing open rates already, like using personalization, short subject lines, and so on.

But Andy Crestodina offers a few lesser-known tips that are worth trying.

Let’s open them up…

Write meaningful preheaders: If witty subject lines grab attention, preheaders promise the benefit of reading the email.

Kinda like this newsletter. Our subject line is short, snappy, and intriguing enough to tickle your imagination. But thanks to our informative preheader, you know the content inside is worth looking at.

Use numbers: Numbers make your subject line more prominent in busy inboxes.

And according to research, some numbers cause higher engagement than others. For example, numbers like 10, 5, and 7 get more clicks than numbers like 1, 13, or 40.

Use catchy words: Studies of billions of subject lines show that words like upgrade, alert, celebrate, or golden are irresistible.

Oh, there are about 20 other words in the article you can borrow.

Use “visual” words: Whenever you’re promoting content that has a video, infographic, chart, or any visual representation, make sure to include it in your subject line:

  • Omnichannel marketing explained with infographics.
  • 10 marketing diagrams you can use.

Clean up your email list: List hygiene is essential. The more inactive emails you have on your list, the lower your open rates.

Remember, the number of subscribers means nothing if they don’t open. It can also stain your reputation among email providers, and even mark you as spam!

We’re out of room, but if you’re interested in more actionable tips, take a look at the rest of Andy’s article.

Hopefully, these tips will help you skyrocket your open rates… And subsequently, your sales.


9 Black Friday and Cyber Monday creator campaigns that generated billions of views and a 419% ROAS


The right creators can help you grab a big share of the billions customers spend during the holiday season.

And if you’re planning campaigns, #paid wants to help you create a winning strategy.

#paid studied nine 2021 influencer campaigns with five different marketing goals. Some of the campaigns generated billions of views; others earned a sweet increase in sales!

Want to see why these campaigns worked?


A common website mistake that most marketers make


Above the fold (ATF).

You see it everywhere: copywriting courses, “before and after” marketing Twitter accounts… and even your dreams at night.

Quick public service announcement: The vast majority of engagement on your site happens just at and below the fold.

Which means your Below the fold (BTF) is just as important—if not more important—than your ATF section.

Here’s where marketers go wrong: It’s surprising how many websites have a gorgeous section ATF, but a messy, disorganised BTF.

So keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts:

  • Lead with key, conversion-driving information BTF. Don’t include a “Send a gift!” or “We’re good for the planet” section immediately below the fold. Write great copy focused on value props—copy that gets people to engage.
  • Lead with your most compelling value prop. Because most sites have three or four content sections below the fold, the order of value props can get jumbled up. But don’t let it be random. Begin with your most interesting, compelling value prop. There’s no reason to bury it lower on the page.
  • Include CTAs often. A big mistake marketers make is to include one CTA at the top of the page and another one at the bottom of the page—when in reality, most people engage in between those two sections. Include CTAs early and often.

That’s your landing page quick tip for the day. Enjoy that boost in conversion!


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GOOGLE: Is Chrome’s RSS feed reader headed for desktop? Seems that way. A Google Chrome engineer said edits to the mobile feed reader come first, implying that a desktop reader is in the works. Exciting.

APPLE: Podcasters, take your headphones off for a sec. Apple is rolling out backend changes that could prevent spam, improve crawling, and shorten the approval process. Sounds like podcast distribution is about to become a little easier…

SOCIAL MEDIA: Want to know why Gen Z loves BeReal? Because it offers “deeper, more personalized experiences” compared to apps like Instagram. Something to keep in mind for all your marketing efforts if you’re targeting this demographic.

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What can you hold in your left hand and not in your right?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Cold brew coffee goes pew-pew-pew


Lasers can do more than cut diamonds and perform complex surgeries.

They can also make cold brew coffee.

This new technology cuts down coffee powder size with an ultrashock pulse laser while increasing its contact with the water.

… Aaaaand it reduces the time needed to make the perfect brew from 12 hours to 5 minutes.

According to initial research, the result is perfect.

Sounds like the only thing left to optimize is the name. Shouldn’t it be called “cold pew” instead of “cold brew”?

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