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Facebook addressed this question in a post on its website. It might be basic to you pros out there, but it’s still solid info to get straight from the horse’s mouth.

Let’s dig in.

There are two main factors that determine which ads Facebook shows to users:

  • The targeted audiences: These are created based on categories such as age and gender, as well as the behaviour of users on and off Facebook.
  • Auction stage: Facebook decides which ads to show based on the highest total value score. This is determined by the ad quality and the advertiser’s value.

+ How is the advertiser’s value score determined? By multiplying an ad’s bid by the estimated action rate, which is the likelihood that a person will take action on the ad.

How does machine learning determine ads delivery?

Facebook uses machine learning to determine the estimated action rate and the ad quality score used in the auction.

  • Estimated action rate: The machine learning uses previous data points to predict the user’s likelihood of taking action on an ad.
  • Ad quality score: Here Facebook considers the feedback from people viewing or hiding the ad.

How does machine learning improve delivery? The more data gathered on your ad, the better the system becomes at predicting which people are more likely to take action on your ads.

If you crave more info about the inner workings of Facebook’s machine learning, read the full post here.


YouTube CEO’s updates for the community

Amidst the pandemic and protests going on in the US, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki published her latest platform performance update. It addresses a range of issues and updates, such as amplifying black voices and improved protection from hate and harassment.

The first update is a new, multi-year $100M fund dedicated to amplifying the voices of black creators and artists on the platform.

Additionally, they will pump $1M in to support organizations seeking to address injustice.

They are also hosting a livestream fundraising event this week, with all the donations going to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Connecting people with the right information

94% of the videos that users see in the top 10 results now come from high authority channels. This is a good sign for both YouTube and the users who are looking for accurate information about coronavirus.

In fact, new policies are being put in place to prohibit content with harmful medical information.

Public health officials from more than 90 countries have been involved to ensure that locally relevant information is available.

This will be displayed on the YouTube homepage and in panels that appear on videos, as well as in search results on COVID-19. These panels have been shown more than 200B times.

YouTube Creator updates

New policy adjustments in March now allow ads for content from creators and news organizations discussing the coronavirus. Over 2M viewers supported creators by purchasing their first Super Chat, Super Sticker or membership on YouTube.

Read Susan’s official blog post for detailed information.


Introducing AdWorld, the must-attend event for marketers


Since 2015, Affiliate World redefined the standard of affiliate conferences, uniting the entire industry in a new, inclusive and exciting way.

Their next move? Unite the entire online advertising industry…

Introducing AdWorld.

The world’s largest digital advertising event in history. 10k+ attendees, 100+ speakers, 15+ tracks – all under one (virtual… for now) roof.

Some big names will be on the virtual stage, just have a look!

Seriously check it out. Super Early Birds are live now for $29 (Full price $299). Knowing the high caliber events Affiliate World is known for, The Crew will definitely be attending.

We’re sure you want to find out more, go here.


The Uber Eats secret scarcity sauce


Scarcity is one of the most effective tactics in a marketer’s arsenal, but are you using it effectively?

More often than not, marketers use false scarcity. In these cases, this persuasion principle can backfire against your sales.

So how can you use scarcity in the right way? In this case study, Growth.Design explains how Uber Eats ethically leverages real scarcity to boost sales.

Let’s boogie.

  • Making it real: Limited-time free delivery. If you order within a certain time limit (usually within minutes) Uber Eats allows you to share the delivery with another user. This kind of scarcity is real because it is actually based on a limited resource (delivery time).
  • Make the scarcity benefit the customer: Uber Eats customers believe in the sharing economy. Being able to share your food ride with neighbours matches up with that philosophy. In this case scarcity becomes more about branding than selling.
  • Remind the user about the scarcity throughout the whole funnel, including the checkout page.

What else can we steal from Uber Eats?

  • Personalization reduces churn rate: Users tend to follow more or less the same steps on your platform/store, so removing repetition and unnecessary steps will improve their experience when completing purchases or other actions.

For example, Uber Eats saves users’ addresses and food preferences for future orders.

  • Upsell + social proof: Obviously Uber Eats wants to spike that AOV up with upsells, whether it is desserts or sauces. Make sure to add some social proof as well by including “People also ordered” on top of the upsell offers.
  • Serial position effect: People are more likely to recall the first and last points on a list. So, if you have a list of products or bullet points make sure the best ones are placed at the top or bottom.

Moreover, Growth.Design even highlighted some flaws in the Uber Eats funnel that could be improved. Get the whole read here.


Some people say this is the most popular feature to ever grace our devices… Is it?

No, it’s not the “Do Not Disturb” option, although that is probably a close second. What we want to find out is whether you use dark mode or not on your preferred email app.

The reason? We know our emails need improving for dark mode, so we are taking two steps. The first step is figuring out roughly how many people use dark mode instead of default.

If you use dark mode, please vote with a click or a tap here.

If you use default/light mode, then head over here.

Now, if you do use dark mode, we have an extra favour to ask: Could you be so kind as to send us a screenshot of the newsletter and your main pain points with how readable it is in this mode?

We want to look at all things we can do to improve there to ensure this is an easy read both modes!


  • LINKEDIN: Have a look at this new guide published by LinkedIn about how latest events changed the way users consumed content and how to adapt.
  • APPLE: Looks like Apple might be in trouble over the distribution of games with loot boxes, also known as surprise mechanics, in App Store games.
  • SNAPCHAT: The company launched Snap Focus, a course to learn everything about Snapchat Ads. A good starting point if you want to dive into the Snapchat Ads waters.
  • FACEBOOK: Facebook confirmed that the ad system had some bugs with reporting metrics. It should be fixed by now but…. You never know with Facebook.
  • BROWSER: Brave, which enjoys a credible reputation because of its focus on users’ privacy, accidentally redirected users to affiliate links.


I’m a weight on your shoulders and only bring you down. My only weakness is above you. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

BMW’s strategy to push CLTV to the Moon and beyond


Now, BMW definitely has some sharp marketing minds, and this plan might create some super loyal customers that stay with the brand from their childhood years until… well, forever.

What’s the plan? Despite BMW’s large marketing budget, it’s a pretty simple strategy: Sell sports cars to kiddos.

“But a kiddo can’t afford a BMW”, you’re probably thinking… And that’s why they’re producing i8s and M8 GTE kid cars.

Mini versions of the real cars, but with a bunch of cool features including functioning doors, yellow tinted lighting elements, a sports car engine note and a built-in MP3 interface that actually plays music.

The goal is hooking customers before they even become prospects.

These guys definitely play the long game.

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