September 21, 2018


The DOs and DONTs of influencer marketing

Do you remember the Affiliate World Europe conference in Barcelona this year? We do, and what we also remember from it is Van Oakes talking about influencer marketing. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

1. Don’t give up on influencer marketing

It’s going to be here for a long time, and Van even tells how he makes an ad campaign with an influencer.

First, when running an ad… if possible, run the ad through the ad account of the influencer. If you can’t, run it through your own page and give the influencer the post ID to share engagement on the same post.

Second, he asks for an advertising package. This first includes a shared post done by the influencer himself saying something like “I really like what this company is doing”.

Only after comes the promotion for the product in form of a 9:16 video (if it’s a digital product just let him show the website). After that, Facebook post, Instagram post and swipe-ups. All this in a span of 3 weeks.

3rd step – remarketing. Even if you target people that watched 50% of the video, the numbers are still high and you can find your group in them. Best part? You don’t need the influencer anymore, you already got what you needed. Branding, and a following.

In other words, what you want to do is get the influencer’s relevant audience into your custom audiences so you can then retarget them and create lookalikes from them!

2. Influencers vs. Facebook vs. other channels

Van himself uses mostly Facebook, but he advises to use a mix of more channels. A Facebook ad with a popular face gets the engagement going, and that means money. His team does use Google, Instagram and all the other platforms too.

3. Finding Influencers

There are many platforms where you can find “the one”, but if you want to get the big guys who know what they’re doing, just DM them. Van even DM’s their friends, although we aren’t sure if that approach is always good.

And don’t be scared of contacting more influencers and launching a bigger campaign. Van explains that he lately is working with 2 influencers at the same time. Different faces, different followers, same ads.

4. Future insight

As already said above, influencer marketing will be here for a long time, if not forever. Facebook gets higher and higher CPMs and they will probably still limit some organic reach… But you can battle that with influencers that generate organic reach.


Come on, you probably knew this announcement was coming…

Our 4th guest at the Bangkok dinner is one of the most memorable marketers.

That’s because he has the world’s best moustache. He built an 8 figure empire using influencer marketing and his work was featured on The Discovery Channel.

It is indeed none other than Van Oakes, a master of influencer marketing, as shown at Affiliate World Europe 2018. Just check the interview above!

He joins Paul Jeyapal, Andrew Payne and Depesh Mandalia with one more mystery guest left to announce next week.

We want to give Van a thank you for accepting our invitation!

Are you wondering what this dinner is about? Well, we’ve put together a cool giveaway for marketers who plan to be in Bangkok around Affiliate World Asia 2018.
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What happens when you mix Brexit and GDPR?

You get the first serious GDPR notice.

AggregateIQ, a Canadian analytics firm was accused of processing people’s data “for purposes which they would not have expected”.

This notice was issued by UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The short story is that although the data has been gathered before the GDPR came into effect, the company still has the data now. And most likely, users did not consent and can’t opt out as GDPR asks sooo… You have this notice.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this story though. It seems there are complicated setups and lawsuits when it comes to how money was spent on the campaigns.

Oh, and of course, AggregateIQ is linked to Cambridge Analytica. The BBC article quotes Chris Wylie, a former CA contractor, as saying that Aggregate was referred to as “our Canadian office” by CA.

This whole thing is a pretty big mess that we cannot make sense off so we’ll stick to the marketing side of things – make sure people gave you their approval for seeing your ads and that they can easily opt out.

How FB Dating works

Step 1: Move to Colombia.

For now at least, because the feature is being tested in one country only, and that’s Colombia.

Here are the cliffs of this new FB features.

  • It’s opt-in, even if you’re single. You won’t get matches suggested without you opting in.
  • It’s within the existing Facebook app, at least for now.
  • It suggests friends-of-friends, not strangers.
  • You create a new profile, not the same one. So you can market yourself better, obviously!
  • No infinite “swiping right” – for now. Let’s see if they try to monetize this!
  • Chat is separate too, so your dating messages won’t be part of your regular profile.
  • Age and location info will be from your Facebook profile, so you can’t fake it… They say.
  • Matches are also suggested through Events and Groups – the idea is to avoid random matches based strictly on looks.

So, in other words, it wants to be the anti-Tinder.

We still have a feeling dating can be the first time Facebook charges the user for certain features. Tinder showed people are willing to pay for this, and ads in a dating app would probably be too much even for Facebook’s standards.

This also should help increase engagement in the Facebook app itself, which has been losing ground lately.

Are you in Colombia? Did we miss anything about this? Let us know!


Native resharing feature for Instagram

After years of resistance, Instagram is now testing a way to reshare posts from other accounts to your own feed.

The idea is to bring new life to the main feed at a time when it is becoming rapidly eclipsed by 24-hours-lifetime Stories.

The feature is known as “seamless sharing,” and introduces a new “share to feed” option into the “…” menu.

Last year Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said We debate the re-share thing a lot. Because obviously, people love the idea of re-sharing content that they find. But really that decision is about keeping your feed focused on the people you know rather than the people you know finding other stuff for you to see.

It seems possible that Instagram might limit the ability to reshare posts to businesses, which would be less likely to post misinformation and other unwanted content into the feed.

We could not find out when resharing will actually launch. It’s still early in its development and as with all such experiments, it could be killed before it’s ever released.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

When you need a real-life undo button…

Making a spelling mistake in your ads is always a bad thing and will hurt your sales, right?

Well, no. It depends on your product and on the additional views your ads get because people share it all over since it’s “so stupid”.
If your product is something that needs to be reliable, like an airplane, it can have negative effects like this tweet about Cathay Pacific’s typo shows.

“I’m not sure why this is not funny to me. I fly Cathay and to me, this just shows a breakdown in quality!”

However, the initial tweet from Cathay Pacific went semi-viral. It got retweeted almost 6000 times with most people making fun of it without being too serious, like “No f’s were given that day”.

Was it staged? We don’t know. But not noticing a mistake like that and then tweeting about it yourself looks a bit like it.

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