September 25, 2018


Success on Reddit and Pinterest!

Just like anyone else, we like being right – can’t lie about that. But in all seriousness, it’s great to see people have success with some of the recommendations we made over the past months.

Nikhil Dhar shared, in the Facebook Ads Experts Academy group, his cool results running ads on Reddit and Pinterest.

And it’s not just a one-time lucky event; he’s been running the ads for the past 30 days!

OK, one thing to make clear though – this doesn’t mean that he threw away Facebook, and neither should you.

Sometimes the ROI might not be as high either but it’s still more than enough.

One input from Nikhil in the comments – Pinterest is very consistent for him, but Reddit is not as consistent with traffic quality.

That said, Reddit is probably the least mature platform out of them too.

Go ask Nikhil your questions about Pinterest and Reddit in comparison to Facebook Ads!


Snap it then buy it!

In a partnership, Amazon and Snapchat will challenge Instagram and Pinterest. Users can use Snapchat’s camera to scan products or barcodes and get presented with the product on Amazon.

After scanning the product Snapchat brings up a card showing that item and similar ones along with their title, price, thumbnail image, average review score and Prime availability.

Snapchat is trying to keep up with the competition in the social commerce space. After Instagram launching Shopping tags in Stories and Pinterest adding Shop the Look pins Snapchat is trying to fight back with its new feature, named Eagle.

We’re curious if Eagle can bring Snapchat back on track after burning $353 million in the last quarter while daily active users dropped from 191 million to 188 million as well.

Go ask Nikhil your questions about Pinterest and Reddit in comparison to Facebook Ads!


Ad-Breaks expanded… Oh, the horror for users!

Facebook Ad Breaks, the social network’s pre-roll and mid-roll video ads, or how we call them – the ads every user truly hatesare launching in 21 new countries.

After launching in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand last month, now countries from Europe, South America and Asia are added to the list.

To qualify for Ad Breaks videos must have a minimum duration of 3 minutes and Pages participating in the Ad Breaks program need to have at least 10,000 followers and have received at least 30,000 one-minute views on videos.

Ad Breaks now also has the ability to automatically detect the best moments to insert the ad, for example between scenes or where it doesn’t interrupt speech. Publishers still can place the Ad Breaks manually if they choose to do so.
If you ask us, the best moment to insert the ad is one second after the video ends! Let’s see if Facebook ends up agreeing with us here. We’re not counting on it…

Spying on Sam Ovens, the so-called “King of Consulting”

If you work with funnels and Facebook Ads, you just have to read this whole thing.

We’d be surprised if you didn’t get any ads from Sam Ovens on Facebook yet but in case you don’t know – he’s the owner of, and he teaches people how to become consultants.

Well, that’s the boring description that wouldn’t get him where he is now. He’s been attracting plenty of attention and has been around the infamous Tai Lopez in some videos too.
Whether you love him or hate him, his funnel is probably one of the most popular money printing machines out there right now, and the nice people at Connectio have gone through all his funnel and broke out the main things this taught them.

The funnel is actually not too complex, as you can see above. The valuable ingredients are his story, the angles he uses around it and, to some extent, the quality of his advice. Plus, all the standard marketing tricks like scarcity, fear, transformational experiences, etc.

If you want to read this in full and make notes, it will probably take you at least one hour – but it’s worth it!

Oh, and if you are looking to see more of his ads, maybe today’s sponsor can help you out!

Instagram founders leaving Facebook… And Instagram

All good things come to an end, some people say.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of IG, announced that they will be leaving the company in the following weeks.

Unlike the WhatsApp creators, they are leaving on much better terms and it seems it’s more about not being as excited about the product, rather than heavily disagreeing with The Zuck…

In their own words, they will take some time off and explore their curiosity and creativity again.

Having been at the helm of such a successful product for so many years, it’s understandable to want something else.

We’re quite curious what direction they will go in – if there’s anyone who could come up with a new social media platform to rival FB, it’s probably them.

They did it one time but they sold it to Facebook, maybe they can do it again!


Unveiling what affiliates REALLY do on Facebook

Whether you are not very creative or just want to stay on top of what’s going on, it’s useful to see what the competition is doing… Especially on Facebook, where seeing what others do is way harder than on other traffic types.

Think of it like playing poker and seeing what cards the other players have.

Enter MagicAdz – the tool that can show you what affiliates are really running on Facebook.

You can see details like:

  • Affiliate ads only – exclude all branding ads you might not care about
  • Download the real landing page, not the one affiliates show *wink wink*
  • Ads from 49 countries
  • Very powerful search that includes:
    • Searching by ads, user comments and redirect path
    • Landing page search includes specific HTML code

You can see it in action in this 1-minute videoCareful! There are some NSFW ads in there, even though it’s FB – true story!

It’s really an ultimate tool for Facebook Ads competitive intelligence and the team there has just opened it to others after they tested it intensively in a closed beta.

And this is where we have some good news. You get a 14 day trial for $1 to explore everything the tool has to offer.

Afterwards, it usually costs $299/month.

However, as a WHAT THE AFF reader, you can get it for $249/month – the discount is valid as long as you keep your subscription active.

You just have to use the code WTAFFMAGIC when signing up!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

“We, too, also hate ads”, Apple Inc.

Apple has been very vocal against ads, targeting, cookies that track users across multiple websites and all that stuff.

Still, this is a surprise to us – after buying Shazam, Apple said the app will be ad-free for everyone.

So how does Apple make money from Shazam if they keep it ad-free?

Well, first off, they can improve their tech. Shazam is the standard for recognizing music, so that can probably help improve Siri too.

Next, when it recognizes a song, Apple can now tell the user to go get the song on iTunes – cha-ching!

Last but not least, not lagging behind Google and their Pixel phone, that can identify songs too, without the need for an app. Shazam’s features can probably be integrated into a future version of iOS.

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