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So this is how you stir the pot on social…

article-imageYes, that’s a real tweet from Burger King UK.

Yes, there’s more to the story than that lone tweet. It’s part of Burger King UK’s announcement they are launching a scholarship program to help female Burger King employees pursue culinary careers.

But… Because that tweet was first in the thread by itself, it’s caused the most polarised reaction since the blue-and-black-or-gold-and-white dress (it’s blue and black, by the way).

The Crew asks: What’s your take on this? Masterful or bad taste? Why do you think so?

Send us your thoughts and we’ll feature the most interesting answers in tomorrow’s newsletter!

Burger King UK decided that the reactions were too much and decided to delete the tweet.


Brace for impact… From Google’s Page Experience update


We talk about Core Web Vitals regularly, and you might know those are part of Google’s Page Experience updates.

The consensus seems to be that it’s best to be over prepared than under prepared, and this helps you do just that!

We have a quick tip from Brodie Clark here.

You can go to this website, pick a keyword you are interested in, a desired location and your website URL.

You will then get a comparison for your page speed at keyword level. That means you will be compared with other sites that rank for that keyword. Pretty neat!


Discover the new hottest niches to build a profitable online business


The market is never saturated.

There’s a constant flux of new markets and niches being born. New consumers, new products to promote, and thus, new monetization opportunities.

But it’s hard to stay up to date. Nichewit does it for you.

Nichewit spends hours researching and uncovering profitable niches ripe with opportunity. Then they package all this data in a free weekly email exclusive for their subscribers.

And you can use their information to build a website in a new niche and profit the hell out of it.

Getting their nerd level research is free, and each report includes:

  • An overview of the niche.
  • Why it’s such a great opportunity.
  • Competitive analysis of existing sites in the niche.
  • A keyword research report.
  • Ideas to monetize the site.

They even share SEO and conversion tactics they used to grow their own niche websites. They’ve been building niche websites for over 7 years so there’s plenty of experience you can piggyback on!

Sign up to Nichewit for free.


Innovating and creating products customers will love


At some point in the life of every business, their product will become obsolete, competitors will start eating up market share. And customers will walk away.

And that’s why we innovate.

At the most basic level, product innovation is the process of developing and marketing a new or improved product to solve your customer’s problems.

It doesn’t matter how much success you’ve achieved – innovation is critical to keep surfing the wave.

Your customers’ needs change, their desires evolve, and your products should adapt to these variations.

Although innovation comes with risks. Indeed, while many organizations claim innovation is a priority, their high-level strategy and day-to-day operations say otherwise.

Chad Sanderson discusses the perks of innovation in this post. And according to his experience, the cost of not innovating comes at a hefty price.

Here are his key takeaways to create a culture of innovation and create products your customers will love:

1) Avoid catastrophic failure: Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to get right. Because, if the innovation process goes wrong, the life of your business will be put at risk. That is why you should define the worst-case scenario your changes can cause. Then, make a plan to avoid that.

2) Have a clear goal with innovation in mind: Be clear on what goals you want to achieve. Innovating just for the sake of it is harmful as not innovating at all.

3) Innovation starts and ends with your customers: What Chad Sanderson suggests is to start by asking your customers if they want or not your proposed initiative.

4) Create a culture of experimentation: Creating an innovative product once is a worthy achievement. But having a process that allows you to repeat innovation is what puts you a thousand miles ahead of your competitors.

This starts by building an organization that values and incentives your team to take innovation seriously. Create a culture where your employees feel comfortable sharing and experiment with new ideas.


SEO: Was there a Google algo update on the weekend? Rankings were certainly more volatile than usual.

PINTEREST: Ever wondered how AI-moderation works on social media platforms? Pinterest explains how they do it here.

SEO: John Mueller explains the keys to a successful site migration.

CLUBHOUSE: Another week, another update for the popular audio drop-in app. No, no Android app just yet…


What is as light as a feather, but you can’t hold it for long?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Chrome still sits at the top


Brian Dean put together some cool stats about Chrome… you know, the world’s most popular RAM guzzler (and web browser).

Did you know Chrome had 64.6% market share globally in 2020, but only 46.93% in the US?

And only 35.86% on mobile, making it the second most popular in this category, behind Safari with 57.19% – you can thank Apple for that.

There are an estimated 2.65B people who use Chrome in the world. That’s almost the same as Facebook’s monthly active users.

So… with those being the overall stats, what’s your browser of choice? Are you part of the crowd, or an outlier?

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