Should you try to build an audience on Twitter?

So everyone’s been telling you to tweet, build an audience, leverage that audience for sales… 

And odds are, you’ve thought about building an audience on Twitter anyway. Lots of marketers and founders do, and plenty are successful.

But is it the right decision for you? 

On a recent Twitter Space, Sahil Bloom talked about things founders should know before they begin building an audience on Twitter. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I post consistently? … At least once a week, ideally more? 
  • What are the topics I’m confident in talking about?
  • Am I willing to post consistently for months or years before I get a serious audience?

The Crew’s insight

While building an audience on Twitter sounds great, it takes a lot of work—and it’s only worth it if you have ambition and an attainable goal in mind. 

In other words, if you only feel like you should be posting on Twitter, then you may want to reconsider the idea. Twitter isn’t easy.

One final tip

It’s a lot easier to jumpstart your Twitter growth if you have friends or investors with large followings on Twitter. 

When you post something you’re proud of, send it to them and ask for their genuine engagement if they feel it’s a valuable post. 

A lot of founders and influencers on Twitter use this tactic. It definitely helps. 


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