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Discover the ads, funnels, and tactics that 6+ figure DTC brands use to acquire customers and retain them

Looking for growth tactics on Google or Twitter can result in a critical waste of time.

And you’ll be left in the doubt about their effectiveness until you take your money and test them.

That’s not the most efficient way to grow a company.

Instead, you can get acquisition and retention strategies that have proven to be successful for DTC brands dominating their respective niches.

Decrease doubts. Increase revenue

We analyze brands, market reports, founder interviews, and industry studies to bring you fresh actionable insights every month.

You’ll discover upsell funnels. Post-purchase email campaigns. New Facebook Ads angles. Underground acquisition channels. TikTok campaigns that brought hundreds of thousands of sales. How to craft landing pages that convert… And more.

You don’t have to guess what’s your winning next step. Because you’ll have the intelligence to see your next winning move with clarity.

“ My team is grateful for the work that you’ve done.”
Josh Snow

“It feels like I have a growth marketing assistant”

I feel like I’m stealing from the Stacked Marketer crew. Seriously. I bought a lifetime membership the week that they launched, and I’m still getting value out of it years later. It feels like I have a growth marketing assistant that goes out, and tells me what’s working in marketing every month. And that’s priceless to me.
Charles Ngo

Start today. Get results tomorrow.

When you join Stacked Marketer Pro, you’ll instantly access 20+ marketing reports as results of 4000 hours of work and research. Each one of these reports contains at least one insight that you can apply today and start getting results tomorrow. Whatever is your industry. And you’ll get a new report every month.

Insights you can access right now

✔️ The whole upsell funnel of Goli, a $24 Millions DTC giant: Prices, order-bumps hierarchy, copy and post-purchases emails. We buy the products of the brands we analyze, so you can zoom in on their back end as well.

✔️ Are you a $10M brand and want to break through the $100M mark? Discover Goli’s celebrities’ strategy to do that.

✔️ How to crack into the TikTok algorithm and  boost your Amazon store revenue by 21%

✔️ An easy-to-replicate TikTok video (you can do it with your smartphone) that generated 52’000 sales in two weeks for a skincare brand. All organic! No ads.

✔️ 10X with TikTok? How a shaving powder brand grew their revenue from $22,400 to $89,800 in one month. And then up to $248,600 using simple TikTok videos. 

✔️ Can you grow a SaaS company on TikTok? Yes! Indeed you’ll find the case study of a Chrome Extension that acquired 150’000+ users on TikTok with a $2000 spend. You’ll also see how Klarna, Tacticq, and other SaaS companies leveraged TikTok to grow.

✔️ An alternative approach for getting coverage from local press used by a store generating $10k per month. This strategy can unleash nationwide coverage. Any business can apply this, wherever they are located. And it requires zero ad spend.

✔️ Tired of a crowded Facebook Ads platform? Find out how Athletic Greens, a DTC brand in the health niche, makes podcast ads work.

✔️ An almost scientific approach used by Hush Blanket, a store that makes $2M/month selling blankets, to find high-intent keywords for their Google Ads. This allows them to spend 5 figures per month on Google.

✔️ Peels generates $6M selling $29 phone cases. And you can discover the branding elements they use to make their generic product feel unique.

✔️ The framework for building high-conversion, single-page websites that AThletic Greens use to generate $100M.  And how to upsell, or create a subscription model when you have one only product to sell.

✔️ The easy-to-steal format that Athletic Greens used to create profitable user-generated content (UGC) ads.

✔️ The simple SEO strategy Pete & Pedro uses to drive nearly $50k worth of organic clicks per month. 

✔️ 5-minute homemade, high-converting, Facebook Ads? When analyzing Pete & Pedro, a $6M men’s grooming brand, we found out that their longest-running Facebook Ads could be shot, set up, and run by just about anybody.

Try Stacked Marketer Pro for 7 days 

You can try Stacked Marketer Pro for just $7. And you’ll have 7 days to see if we are a good fit for each other.

You can cancel the subscription at any moment during the trial. If you decide to stay, the subscription renews at $99/month billed every 30 days. Cancel anytime.

“stuff I can immediately apply””

“The deep dives really is what stands out to me. This idea of really in-depth case studies is what I love. Seeing this kind of stuff I can immediately apply”
Max Bernstein

Our Pro Reports


Creative lead-gen strategies. Aggressive funnel. Tackling all major channels to high growth.


Ellen and Jennifer Lopez partnerships. Facebook Ads that would get you banned. And more!

Athletic Greens

Materclass for one-product, subscription-based brand. If you sell a single product, this framework is for you.

TikTok for Marketers

Everything you need to know about getting started with TikTok Ads. Why, pros and cons, how, and more.


Tacky and high-friction purchasing process, with other basic mistakes are trumped by a charismatic founder.

E-Commerce Founders Interviews

181 interviews to discover the top 15 customer acquisition channels that consistently work for e-commerce.


A content-fueled e-commerce business like we have not seen out there before. Media e-commerce?


Standing out in the crowded phone-case space with UGC and branding, but with basic mistakes.

Pete & Pedro

A DTC brand that doesn't rely just on Facebook Ads. YouTube and content are top notch for them.

Landing Page Copywriting Deep Dive

We analysed over 3,000 landing pages to bring you 31 principles and 151 examples to never run out of copywriting ideas for your landing page.


Formerly known as NUGGS, this DTC company treats its brand like a media company.

Rapidly Growing E-Commerce Channels

A big fat list of overlooked acquisition channels that e-commerce stores are leveraging successfully. And how you can do the same.
"I feel like I have a team of researchers giving me great insights that I could never get by myself."
Jamaal Jackson
"I was one of their first subscribers to their monthly Insights publications. [...] these are useful information giving insight into one company’s marketing approach or a coverage of a marketing discipline."
Robert Skrob

How Stacked Marketer Pro can benefit you

Build high-converting funnels easily

Get thorough analysis of what succesfull DTC brands and B2B companies are really doing within their marketing. Watch their entire funnels outlined – from Facebook Ads and influencer campaigns to order bumps and upsell email campaigns.

It's like having a growth assistant

Think of us as your secret weapon in business. We research, study, and find growth strategies every month, while you get about running your business.

Discover what is actually working today, not what "used" to work

Up-to-date growth strategies used by modern companies to grow today.

Growth without obstacles

Why take an unknown path in the wild, when you can replicate the same path to success that proved to be successful for other companies? This saves you from roadblocks, and mistakes that cost you money.

Save up to $4000

When you join Stacked Marketer Pro you get exclusive deals and discounts from the most popular marketing tools and services. The subscription pays for itself!

Fluff-free zone

We understand that some memberships are filled with pointless marketing advice and people trying to impress each other. This is not. All you’ll find here is raw, hard-hitting, real-life marketing insights.

"You are keeping me ahead of the curve. I am very selective about where I spend my time and you are delivering!"
Dana Wilde

“Not some bullsh#!t funnel hacker crap”

“I think Stacked Marketer is one of the few resources I follow anymore. I saw what you guys did with Snow and I thought it was honestly the kind of work we wish we did more often. Which is deep dive in one of these guides which is really blown up and interesting stuff.[...] Not some bullshit funnel hacker crap.”
Chris Guill

“It is exactly the type of material I like to learn from.”

I have been an avid reader since day 1 of the deep dive reports. It is exactly the type of material I like to learn from.
Andrew Payne

Frequently Asked Questions

Stacked Marketer is our daily newsletter where we provide you with digital marketing news and case studies.

Our goal is to keep you up to date with the latest platform changes and marketing trends.

Stacked Marketer Pro is deeper.

Our Pro Reports are the results of our research, brands analysis, founders’ interviews, surveys, and more. And everything is put into digestible, actionable insights that help you grow your business and evolve as a marketer. 

If you’re just starting out, you don’t have product-market fit, Stacked Marketer Pro is NOT for you.

But if… 

  • You regularly test new growth channels and strategies
  • You have product-market fit.
  • You need to stay ahead of competitors.
  • You want to get better ROI with unsaturated growth strategies.

Then Stacked Marketer Pro is for you.

Aside from the CIA’s secret files, almost any piece of information is accessible online today with enough time and investment of money. So, yes, you can find this information the same way we do: Create a team, set up a reserach workflow, and spend 200 to 300 hours of work every month. Then get conclusions and actionable tips from the research.

You can do it on your own. But we think we have a better solution 🙂 

It’s a monthly membership and you can cancel once a month – so it’s not a long term contract. Once you cancel, you still keep access until the end of the billing cycle but you won’t be billed again the next month.

Yes, you can get a corporate account where you manage access to people on your team. You can also switch accounts between team members if someone leaves or someone new joins, all from one dashboard and with just one invoice. 
Contact us for details: [email protected]

Of course! Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll try to help and answer all further questions.

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