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New revenue reports prove which ad channels are working


Growth, growth everywhere.

A number of tech companies released their quarterly earnings, and they all share one thing in common…

Online advertising is soaring:

Why we care: Follow the money and you can see what’s working. Marketers are spending more than ever on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, which means search ads are getting results despite privacy regulations.

Keep in mind, however, these platforms are also getting more competitive—and expensive.

Where there are winners, there are losers… The loser being YouTube, which failed to match growth estimations, and came in short at 14% versus the 25% projection. The popular video platform will have to find new ways to grow.

If your YouTube Ads aren’t working as well as you’d like, the solution might be closer than you think…


Are we getting YouTube Shorts ads?

TikTok’s not the only one crushing goals and smashing records…

YouTube announced that Shorts—which is basically their version of TikTok—is hitting 30 billion views per day.

To put that into perspective: That’s the equivalent of every person on the planet watching ~4 YouTube Shorts per day.

Why we care: With YouTube Ads revenue tanking, guess which format has yet to introduce ads? With these numbers, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing Shorts ads.

Rumors are that Google is already testing the waters.

Let’s just hope they won’t interrupt 20-second videos too often.


You don’t have to chase down Google Ads receipts anymore. This financial companion auto-generates them for you.


Not sure if you’ve heard, but Juni is the only fintech platform that actually integrates with Google Ads.

That’s right, no more chasing those notoriously hard-to-find invoices across several accounts—or trying to match receipts to ad campaigns.

Instead, Juni automates receipt generation and pulls monthly invoices from Google Ads for you, along with insights into your ad spend. A seamless experience with no scattered transaction data or complicated bookkeeping.

You can now monitor ad spend, manage Google Ads invoices, receipts and your bookkeeping, plus track your entire business and ROAS from one dashboard.

And that’s not all.

Juni streamlines your campaigns and improves that bottom line in a few other ways:

  • They’re offering 2% cashback to new users on all Juni card spend for the first 30 days.
  • Handling multiple currencies is a breeze. Create up to 3 USD accounts and 100 virtual USD Mastercard cards to skip heavy FX fees.
  • Cards and accounts are available in EUR and GBP as well.

Get Juni.


14 ideas to help you plan those Mother’s Day campaigns


Still trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day?

No, not for your mom… We mean for your brand.

Don’t stress. Lauren Hall at Privy pulled together an inspiring list of campaign ideas, examples, and templates you can draw inspiration from.

Here are our favorites:

Give customers the option to opt-out. Mother’s Day can be hard for some people, and not everybody relates to the holiday.

Letting customers opt out of your holiday messaging is a thoughtful touch that can build great brand rapport—and pay dividends later.

Start building hype with gentle reminders. EF Collection sent an email campaign with the subject line, “Mother’s Day is 1 Month Away.”

While Mother’s Day is obviously closer than that, you still have time to warm your audience to the holiday and get them excited about your offers.

Boost your average order value (AOV) with product bundles. Alepel put together five Mother’s Day bundles and created a specific page on their website dedicated to Mother’s Day gifts ideas.

Use buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers to create strong purchase incentives. DONNI, a clothing brand, created a “buy a set for mom & get one on us” campaign.

Everybody loves doing something thoughtful for mom… And it’s always nice to get something for yourself, too.

Partner with like minded-brands. Save this tip for the next holiday. Partnering with relevant brands is a great way to get in front of new audiences and grow your list.

Hey, Mother’s Day is close. So read the whole post for more ideas you can try while there’s still time!


Monday, Twilio and Airbnb used this tool to get 2x more meetings booked


“When a lead books through Chili Piper it converts at a higher rate, about 4x of what we saw before… The change we are seeing is what we call the Chili Piper effect” —Neil Rongstad, VP of Growth Marketing at ChowNow.

Chili Piper helps companies turn more leads into paying customers by automating their inbound process. And they have so many testimonials that it’s hard to not trust them.

Who else wants more B2B customers?


The future of social media looks like TikTok


We recently spent a few months putting together a Deep Dive on TikTok: How it works and how you can take advantage of the platform for your marketing.

One key insight we found?

Big tech CEOs agree: The future of social media looks like TikTok.

In a recent call with investors, Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, said that people are flocking to Spotlight, Snapchat’s TikTok rival, to get their content.

During Meta’s Q4 earnings call, Zuckerberg also acknowledged the trend, saying that “people have a lot of choices for how they want to spend their time, and apps like TikTok are growing very quickly.”

In other words, TikTok isn’t a standalone phenomenon.

Other big tech CEOs are taking notice, and the TikTok-style format will continue growing in popularity on all the platforms you market on.

What this means: People don’t simply have a craving for TikTok—they’ve acquired a taste for short-form, randomized, bite-sized content.

Which means that the type of marketing that works on TikTok will, increasingly, be the type of marketing that works everywhere.

Become an Insights member now to read our TikTok Deep Dive and learn what’s working today.


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LINKEDIN: Announcements and career-life analogies aren’t the only things happening at LinkedIn. The “Facebook for business” platform reported a 34% YoY revenue growth and record numbers of user engagement.

E-COMMERCE: Did one-click checkout companies over-promise and under-deliver? Fast shut down a few weeks ago, and now Bolt is getting sued by their most well-known customer.

AMAZON: Busted! A study proves that you’re not crazy and that tech companies use smart speakers to gather data for ad targeting. Or at least Amazon does. Cover your ears, Alexa, you’re breaking the law.

BUSINESS: If you’ve been wringing your hands, try clapping them instead. Visa reports that consumer spending is rebounding after a fearful start to the year. Let’s hope they’re right!

COPYWRITING: Clickthrough rates (CTRs) aren’t worth much if your landing pages don’t convert. Meta published a guide on what makes landing pages—sorry, “destination pages”—convert. And you know who else published a guide to crafting amazing landing page copy? Yep, we did.

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How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

These people type at the rate of your favorite AI writing tool


Imagine having the ability to type 300 words a minute.

That’s like writing a longform SEO article in ~10 minutes… an AI writing level.

Impossible, right?

Well, yes and no. There are people out there who are capable of putting up those numbers.

But they ain’t content writers. They’re stenographers.

This entertaining video shows you how they write faster than people can talk—and how you can master similar skills.

If we take notes faster, does that mean meetings will get shorter?

Bonus: Somewhere in the comments you can find mentions of apps that turn your keyboard into a stenographer’s dream tool. Not the worst way to try out these skills…

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