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Privacy > Tracking

Here’s what everyone was wondering after Apple announced App Tracking Transparency (ATT): What percentage of users would enable tracking following the update?

So far, it turns out that it’s only 4%.

Is Google following in Apple’s footsteps? The search company has also announced a privacy update that will require developers to disclose whether their apps collect any personal information from users.

Google’s requirement will go into effect in the second quarter of 2022. This likely isn’t the last you’ll hear on this topic.

The Crew’s take: Privacy > Tracking appears to be the major trend and the likely future of advertising. Between this, FLoC, and everything else in the advertising world, it’s going to be a wild ride. But marketers are savvy – just keep your ear to the ground.


Clubhouse opens its doors to Android users


After announcing that an Android version of the app would be released in the coming months, Clubhouse had shortened that timeline to “somewhere in May.”

As it turns out, “somewhere in May” is today.

Who will get access: For now, the Clubhouse Android app will only be available to a limited number of users in the US. The company plans to quickly expand to other English-speaking countries, and then to the rest of the world.

The new major content format: Following short videos and stories, it appears that live audios are the new major content format. Early this summer, Facebook will launch audio rooms. Spaces are now available to anyone with more than 600 followers on Twitter. And now, Clubhouse. It’s game on.


Exclusive survey offers at Zeydoo are waiting for you!


If you’re tired of working with boring offers and getting low profits, then you’ll want to hear what Zeydoo has for you.

Maybe you’ve already heard that Zeydoo is a CPA-network with only hand-picked profitable offers from direct advertisers in various verticals: Mobile Apps, Dating, Betting, E-commerce, Subscriptions, Extensions, Games, Forex and Binary and much more.

But today is about a very special niche that’s a must-try!

Have you already tried working with survey offers? 

Let’s just explain why they are the best thing for affiliates since sliced bread.

  • Easy conversion flow.
  • High-converting landing pages.
  • Almost worldwide coverage, especially tier 3 geos.
  • High conversion rates.
  • Stable offer without starts and stops, and with unlimited budget.
  • Fixed CPL which makes it easy for optimization and media buying.
  • Accepts almost all kinds of traffic except fraud and proxy.
  • Close cooperation between affiliate and advertiser.
  • No deep vertical knowledge or complicated infrastructure needed, just buy clicks and optimize sources.
  • Ideal for pop under, push, traffic back, sweepstake funnels, or smartlink inventory.
  • Converts well as traffic back solution.
  • Top interest offer in the system.
  • Fast approval and no deductions.

You can’t tell us you’re not at least a bit curious, right?

Then head over to Zeydoo and check out the following offers: #2025, #2058, #2061.

Join Zeydoo today and start getting more revenue with fin survey offers!

Unsure how to run these offers? You can find a case study that unveils the full campaign for this on Zeydoo’s blog.


As you may know, we’ve been running Insights for a few months now. It’s a premium membership where you can get detailed deep dives on awesome brands every month.

But there’s one part of Insights that you can get for free: the Poolside Chat. It includes stuff like:

  • Main stories of all our newsletters since January 2021.
  • A dedicated discussion section.
  • Job postings section.
  • Lots of other free content (interviews, reports, and more).

The best part: It’s incredibly easy to get access to the Poolside Chat. Just take 30 seconds to reply to this email and tell us your favorite part about the Stacked Marketer newsletter.

This does not include the monthly deep dives.


How to recruit A-list influencers


Money Diaries is a series created by Wealthsimple in which they interview interesting people on the unvarnished truth about their financial lives.

And for Money Diaries, Wealthsimple has interviewed an impressive list of celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Margaret Atwood, Gary Numan, Kevin Bacon, Kylie Jenner, Spike Lee, French Montana, Paul Reiser, and more.

So Devon Hennig decided to interview Davy Rothbart to ask them how they reach these big names.

In short, connections. But there’s more to this that marketers can learn.

  • Give them exposure in exchange for their time: Whether you have a podcast, a newsletter, or an audience in general, use that as your currency. These days, an audience can be priceless.
  • It’s not only about their fame. The story they have to tell matters more.
  • Don’t be shy. Try to reach popular names in your industry. Once you are able to interview at least one celebrity, getting more will be easier.

How to conduct interviews

Davy Rothbart usually conducts interviews on the phone and transcribes them into 6,000-ish words posts. He creates a list of 10 questions, but then goes with the flow of the conversation. Also, follow your curiosity: You don’t have to stick to your prepared questions.

And get very specific. People love details, and if you can, even numbers. Although, if you have problems getting people to open up about some topics, let the interviewee know what others have shared.


MICROSOFT: Bing released an API to help you get your content crawled and indexed as quickly as possible.

SNAPCHAT: Youngsters are an optimistic bunch. Snapchat shared data indicating that they are eager to return to school.

FACEBOOK: Time to (re)think Facebook Messenger Ads? Facebook Messenger has become the third non-Google app to reach 5 billion installs on the Play Store,

AMAZON: If you’re a legit Amazon seller, we have good news for you: The e-commerce company began mailing postcards to sellers to verify their addresses.

YOUTUBE: What words do YouTubers use to begin their videos? Here are some direct YouTube stats.

INSTAGRAM: The social network has officially apologized for the major problem they had with Stories.

ADVERTISING: Can new NFTs be the next big thing for advertisers? Yes, according to Ben Zimmerman.


The leaves are on the fruit, the fruits is on the leaves.

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The only search guaranteed to fail is the one you never run


Research is one of the most useful skills that any marketer can have. And not just market research, but for learning everything from the best razors to the temperature in the North Pole.

And in each one of these cases, your best friend is… Google!

Spend enough time on the internet these days and, with enough patience, you can learn pretty much anything you want.

However, to do that learning, you must be able to use Google. And while it appears to be simple, it’s not always that way. Fortunately, we came across this helpful list of tricks and tips to research the internet.

From hotkey shortcuts, to Boolean operators, to key G search operators, this guide is like the thorough guide to scraping the internet. We’re willing to bet you don’t know all (or even the majority of) these tips.

So, whenever you’re looking for something and you don’t find it, this list may help you uncover the treasure.

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