Steal the strategy CNN, Business Insider & Daily Mail use to make 7-figures with affiliate marketing. Alex Fedotov: From $0 to $240k in ad spend with 1.4x ROAS. University of British Columbia’s scientific approach to increase AOV.



Angles testing framework that made $126k with just $28k ad spend

What’s the right way to test out different angles? Maybe you’re looking for a new model, and if you are you’ll probably be happy to get three angles you can test right away, yeah?

Then let’s take a look at this post shared by Anwar Jabirov on the testing method that helped him achieve a 4x ROAS.

This is the set up:

  • 1 CBO campaign with a $100 budget. This isn’t stated, but we’d guess $100/day.
  • 3 ad sets targeting the same only broad interest. Anwar recommends 10M+ audience.
  • Each ad set will have 1 angle and contain one Dynamic Creative.
  • At ad level, you should add 3 copy, 3 videos and 3 CTAs.

The three angles Anwar uses are:

  • Have: The copy and creatives show the benefits of having the product.
  • Feel: Here you tell the prospect how it feels to own the product.
  • Average day: How their average day will change after buying the product.

Testing phase:

  • Run the campaign for 3 days.
  • Gather at least 3-5k impressions.
  • Look at conversions and engagement to determine the performances.
  • Keep the ads that have a Unique Outbound CTR of 3% or higher.

Next step: Create a new CBO campaign with a $250 budget. Take the best 3 ads from the previous phase (keep the post IDs) and move to test LLAs.

That’s it! It looks like a nice and easy framework to test creatives, and if you want to add more angles to this strategy it’s easy to do so.

Remember that we previously features Anwar’s audience testing model too. You can find it here if you’re interested.


How to get your customers to shell out more Benjis according to science


Everybody’s talking about raising AOVs in order to fight high CPMs, and we came across a scientific study that shows us the best way to do it.

Shall we move to it?

The study has been shared by the University of British Columbia with the aim of raising consumers’ awareness. But, well…. We’re gonna use it in a way more suited to us marketers.

“Imagine booking a plane ticket — comparing a ticket that is $200 when it involves a two-hour layover with a ticket to fly direct for $250. Put another way, a regular ticket is $200, but upgrading to a direct flight costs $50 more. Which option is more appealing?”

The answer boils down to dollars and cents: Consumers perceive $250 as expensive because the number is higher than the base price of $200, whereas $50 as an add-on price seems inexpensive.

In other words, when consumers see an add-on for $50, it’s a lower price than the total, and they tend to focus on that smaller number. Mathematically, it’s the same price. But we perceive the add-on as less expensive.

Not everybody is susceptible to the add-on pricing effect though. Careful consumers will compare prices fairly, whether they are expressed as add-ons or included in the overall price.

Final catch: Shoppers are up to one-third more likely to shell out for the premium option when the extra cost is expressed as an add-on, as opposed to a higher overall price

Keen to test this in real life?


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The largest media companies are using this to print money…

Have you heard of the term ”Parasite SEO”? As the term suggests, it’s when content from one brand is posted on a healthier brand’s subdomain for mutual benefits.

It’s also called subdomain leasing.

How does it work?

Third parties such as (but not limited to) affiliates and coupon sites rent a subfolder or subdomain from reputable publishers in order to leverage the trust that search engines extend to these publishers’ content.

Third-party content operators build a partnership with large publishers because of their search engine credibility. This gives them an advantage over their competitors in the search results, which results in more visitors and more revenue, which is then split with the main site owner.

This trend began around 5 years ago when coupon sites with almost no content started partnering with authoritative publishers to create a coupon site clone on a subdomain or subfolder of the host’s site.

Some of the more well known examples of this are CNN, Business Insider or Daily Mail. You can see all the specific examples in this article here.

The majority of these coupon sites are owned and operated by Global Savings Group, which is estimated to make $9.7M annually from the Daily Mail partnership alone.

Pseudonymous Twitter account first published about this practice back in 2018. They also compiled a Google sheet with over 220 coupon-related subdomains and subfolders, along with their operators and traffic estimates.

What’s Google’s take on this?

Google says it’s not against their guidelines. However, with this practice on the rise, Google’s systems have also improved to better differentiate between such content and the main site.

“Overall, we’d recommend against letting others use subdomains or subfolders with content presented as if it is part of the main site, without close supervision or the involvement of the primary site.

Our guidance is if you want the best success with Search, provide value-added content from your own efforts that reflect your own brand.”

In the 2nd half of 2019, SEOs are noticing a substantial dip in traffic amongst some of these coupon sites. Although not all coupon subdomains are experiencing this traffic decline, and it’s not clear whether it’s a result of any actions taken by Google or other search engines.

Closing in

Well, renting subdomain space to totally unrelated third-parties might have consequences on their organic visibility, which will also impact the revenue.

How can marketers leverage this trend? Obviously, replicating what Global Saving Group has done with Business Insider, CNN and other large sites is nigh on impossible for a small affiliate.

However, you can adapt this tactic and put it to work on a smaller, niche-level scale. The post even suggests a few examples, naming the websites you can target in different niches and the revenue potential. This isn’t small change either – We’re talking about 6-7 figure revenues.


  • SNAPCHAT: Snapchat isn’t showing any weak signals in its growth, and the DAU are actually showing stronger growth than Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram among Android users.
  • FACEBOOK: Alex Fedotoff reveals how he went from $0 to $240k in ad spend in just 30 days with 1.4x ROAS while selling a digital product in the Keto niche.
  • SEO: There are countless SEO tools out there, but what are the absolute must-have free tools for SEOs? 60 top SEO pros share their favorite free SEO tools.
  • INSTAGRAM: Instagram is once again copying a competitors’ trending feature. This time it’s a feature from TikTok which allows users to record segments of videos into a single video Story. IG plans to call it “Clips”.
  • GOOGLE: If you are managing multiple ad accounts in your MCC, tracking experiments and their results across all of them can be a painful process. Use this script to automate the whole process and get a hawkeye view of all experiments under one single place.


I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.Opulence for scuba divers

“May the force be with you, United Nations”

Star Wars made history. And no, we’re not talking about cinematographic history.

We are talking about real history. If you didn’t already know, Jedi master Yoda played a part in the founding of the United Nations, along with other major leaders of the planet.

We know what you’re thinking – The weekend hasn’t even started and we’re already high or drunk.

Nope, we’re brighter than ever.

We took this information from a history book printed by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.


Do you see him? It’s master Yoda! Sitting next to King Faisal as he signs the UN charter. No offense to King Faisal, but we’re sure master Yoda has been a great mentor for him.

Have we all been living a giant lie?

Probably, but it turns out this is just a gigantic, epic fail!

The pic was mistakenly put into the history textbooks, and the Saudi government is currently scrambling around trying to withdraw the books.

Well, somebody’s probably about to lose their job, but it’s still a funny story!


Candle or Pencil.

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