Steal this idea from Russell Brunson to create the ultimate ecomm offer. Insider push traffic secrets from the Head of Customer Success at RichPush. These forced restrictions from FTC could hurt FB more than $5B fine.


How to create converting ecomm offers consistently

What’s the secret behind creating great e-commerce offers and how can you keep the ideas rolling out on a consistent basis?

We already discussed the psychology behind this last week after Shawn Tay shared it, but now there’s even more for us to sink our teeth into.

Today, he’s shared an extended version of the strategy that goes into great detail, with the entire thing complemented by a bunch of examples from several different niches. Ultimately, this should help you simplify the process and understand the strategy even better.

Previously, Shawn talked about selling an idea/concept/outcomes, rather than simply selling a product. His example? Clickfunnels (CF).

Clickfunnels is largely similar to any other landing page builder out there. However, if you visit the CF site, you’ll notice that it doesn’t actually mention the term “landing page” at all.

Why is this?

Because CF isn’t trying to sell a landing page builder. Instead, it’s trying to sell “the idea of a sales funnel that allows new entrepreneurs to attract a lot of new customers and live the lambo dream.”

Check out his detailed post for:

  • A recap of his previous post along with some great examples to illustrate each point.
  • How you can apply these strategies to create great offers in several different e-commerce niches.

It’s a long read, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and head to the post here.

Enjoy the read!


Search results not rendering?

Recently notice some of your search results not rendering properly? You’re not alone.

Many users complained of this issue on Google Support forums and on Twitter.

Google has now confirmed that it’s a bug that is causing the search results to only partially render before the screen goes blank.

“We’re aware that for some people, our search results page might not be fully rendering. We’re actively working to resolve this bug.”

Thankfully, this issue isn’t a widespread one and only a handful of people have been affected by this bug in the last couple of days.

If you’re one of the unfortunate few experiencing this and you were wondering what’s going on, there’s your answer!


DSA updates for longer titles and description

The Microsoft Advertising team has certainly been busy lately, and you might have noticed several new updates being rolled out over the last 10 days.

They have now updated their Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to allow for longer titles and an additional description field.

This update allows you to:

  • Take advantage of longer dynamically generated ad titles.
  • Use an additional description field, for a maximum of two descriptions total.
  • Specify up to 90 characters each for the two descriptions.

It’s recommended that you use this additional description field to make ads more specific and include attention-grabbing information.

However, keep in mind that the second description might not show up on all devices, so make sure your key ad communication is in the first description field.

Also, this update is only available in countries where DSA campaigns are already supported, which are US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany.


🤫 Insider push traffic secrets from Eugene, Head of Customer Success at RichPush

Alright, ladies and gents – we’ve asked RichPush if they could let us pick the brain of someone on their team who really knows what works on push traffic on their platform. That’s why today we have with us Eugene who will be answering a few very common questions. Let’s get into it!

Eugene, thanks for helping us out with this. The first question we have is what verticals are best for push traffic on RichPush?

It varies by country. Our top 5 is Nutra, Sweepstakes, Betting, Dating, Finance. You can ask your managers what the top verticals are in some country. That’s only part of the story though.

I remember everybody was launching casino campaigns in Germany. Literally, every ad a German user could see would be something in that vertical, but then one advertiser came in with nutra offers and dominated the market and ran with incredible ROI for a very long time with 6 figure ad spend.

OK, so the lesson is to ask or research but don’t be afraid to try new verticals. What about creatives? If everyone saw ads for the same vertical in your example.

Creatives are more important than most advertisers tend to think. CTR is as important as CPC in our bidding, so keeping your creatives fresh is always key. It could be done by launching campaigns with 5+ creatives, monitoring and refreshing them, limiting by impression cap per user (1 impression per 7 days for new campaigns), even emojis can boost CTR by 5-20% (which is a lot!).

Also, note that text and icon are the most important things when it comes to mobile traffic (which is 89.84% on our platform). For desktop traffic, however, the large image is key but totally optional for mobile.

Can you give us a couple of examples of good creatives that you know did well and the advertisers wouldn’t mind you showing them?

It’s different and strongly depends on an offer and country. It’s important to know what verticals are working with push traffic. While keeping creatives fresh could be frustrating for some advertisers, we’ve created a department that generates packs of creatives, using all the best practices we know, and it’s all for free.

What’s the one feature that helps improve campaign ROI on RichPush in your experience?

Top advertisers tend to use all the features are available at the platform to increase their ROI. That said, micro bidding is the top one in my opinion.

It allows you to put a different bid for different parameters like:

  • OS.
  • Sources.
  • Device.
  • Hour of the day even.

When you start to analyze your campaigns you will notice the difference in CPAs within any segment: newer Androids tend to convert better, some sources give you a lot of conversions but are more expensive than you’d like, some sources have a low CPA, and would like to benefit from it. Micro bidding can help you properly bid for each of these segments!

If you could give us one example of one common technique for other sources that is just not the same for push traffic, what would it be?

Whitelists and blacklists. At first sight, you tend to think they are quite equal in their use. But whitelists are not working as you would expect on push. The main reason is simple: our userbase is refreshed by 10-14% every week and by almost 50% every month!

Using a whitelist means you miss out on a lot of new users!

Last question: Does everyone at RichPush get an account manager? How can advertisers get up to date information like this?

Customer success is something we really care about at RichPush. As I’ve mentioned before we provide full circle support for our advertisers. We can manage campaigns and help advertisers reach their CPA goals and even generate creatives to their offers. And yes, every advertiser gets an account manager automatically in a second after the first payment.

One more thing! RichPush is celebrating 1-year and they’ve put together a bonus for everyone who signs up now. From 24th till 31th of July all new users could get a 10% bonus on their $250+ first deposit. Follow the link here to get it!

That’s not all! For WTAFF readers, during this week only, the bonus is 15%! To get the bonus, deposit $250+ and write to your account manager the promo code WTAFF15JULY.

Last but not least, if you don’t apply for the bonus, the minimum deposit is not $100 instead of $250. There has never been a better time to start running push ads with RichPush!


Best ways to run CBO campaigns. Govt imposes new restrictions on FB. Insights from FB Auction live

How is CBO working for advertisers out there and what can we learn from them? FB Auction live video: what you need to know. FTC clarifies what FB can and can’t do with your data.

CBO recommendations

Everybody has calmed down a bit since the mandatory CBO date was postponed until 2020.

However, February 2020 is closer than it seems… So let’s have a look at these CBO tips shared by Josh Burke on the Facebook Ads Expert Academy group.

This is what’s working for him right now with CBO:

  • The best results are from 10% Lookalikes audiences. Probably because the larger the audience, the better the algorithm optimizes.
  • Interest audiences are working at their best when they have at least 3M users.
  • Auto-bid is giving better performance than manual bid.
  • Use 3-5 ads per ad set.
  • The best ad format has been Collection Ads with user-generated content.

That’s all folks! Short, sweet and straight to the point!

What’s your take on CBO? Just hoping for another postponement?

Insights from Facebook Live

Yesterday, there was an interesting live video posted in the FB Auction Live group. This is a group managed by FB internals, and every quarter they do a Live video to answer all your questions.

The live video is over an hour-long, but fortunately, Depesh Mandalia was on hand to share some takeaways from the live.

Here are a bunch of them:

  • The FB algorithm is super intelligent. However, it can’t predict your business. So always test everything. What works for others might not work for you.
  • Success with FB is all about bringing maximum value to the users. This means that if the users enjoy your ads, FB will give you access to the best traffic. So, the take here: spend more time on creatives and less time trying to hack the platform.
  • *Drum rolls*… CBO is a good thing! It is a learning/optimization system which speculates on success, but it doesn’t know your business limits. Thus, going six figures into the red letting CBO optimize could work for some businesses, but not for others.
  • The FB advertising platform is like a Ferrari. But every single driver, no matter what their level of driving ability, has access to it. You could use it to drive to the grocery store and come back home once a week, or you can push it to its absolute max every day.

So, when trying to understand this platform, it all comes down to knowing what you want from it and if you’re ready to “drive this Ferrari”. Oh… you prefer Lambos?

Well, these are the main takeaways we took from Depesh’s summary. However, you can watch the whole video here, or join the FB Auction Live group here.

The FTC isn’t satisfied with $5B – New restrictions for FB

Everybody knows that the $5B fine imposed on Facebook was just a bit of a tickle to the impressive overall revenue.

However, it seems that the FTC isn’t done with FB yet…

In fact, the Govt has imposed some restrictions on what FB can and cannot do.

Let’s have a look at them:

  • Facebook must exercise greater oversight over third-party apps, including terminating app developers that fail to certify that they are in compliance with Facebook’s platform policies.
  • Facebook is prohibited from using telephone numbers obtained to enable a security feature (e.g., two-factor authentication) for advertising.
  • Facebook must provide clear and conspicuous notice of its use of facial recognition technology.
  • Facebook must encrypt user passwords and regularly scan to detect whether any passwords are stored in plaintext.
  • Facebook is prohibited from asking for email passwords to other services when consumers sign up for its services.

Well, these all look like fair restrictions. There’s nothing that will hurt FB ad revenues or anything that is difficult to implement for such a giant company.


Pinterest calling performance marketers

As per Digiday’s sources, Pinterest is beta-testing a new, yet-to-be-named tool that allows buyers to share their conversion data with the platform, have the company analyze it and report where Pinterest and other channels overlap.

Pinterest typically has a longer lead conversion cycle when compared to other social platforms, and this tool will help media buyers play around with that.

The platform is also testing a shopping speciality and an integration which will allow product catalogues to automatically generate pins.

Pinterest has had a reputation of being a top-of-the-funnel ad platform meant only for brand-awareness.

These tools, along with several other features, are part of its plan to make Pinterest a more performance-oriented ad platform to attract more media buyers.

Check out the entire report here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

A logic bomb to never lose your job at Siemens

David Tinley is a 62 years old programmer from Pennsylvania. And, in our opinion, a sly old fox.


Well, David spent years tricking a US unit of Siemens in order to get hired by the company over and over again.

How? The company hired David to create custom, automated spreadsheets used to manage orders for electrical equipment. But this guy had the smart idea to plant “logical bombs” within these spreadsheets, causing glitches in the system after a certain period of time.

These glitches forced the company to hire him over and over again through the years. When the program failed, the firm had to hire David back to fix the issues.

But one day, the inevitable happened: David was on vacation and Siemens had to put an quick order through the system, which had just encountered one of these glitches. These circumstances forced David to share the password protecting the system, revealing the logic bombs in the process!


The company took David Tinley to court, and he now faces a possible 10 years in jail and a fine.

What can we say? David is definitely a beast in planning logic bombs, but when it comes to planning vacations… Can we say “dumb”?

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