Here’s how to get ready for Valentine’s Day according to Instagram

Valentine’s Day is 20 only days away and Instagram has just given us some cool ideas on how to prepare our shops for it:

  • Create a specialized campaign. You can always promote a product under the angle of “showing love and gratitude” to your romantic partner.
  • Make your products shoppable. Add product tags and use them across your feed, stories and reels.
  • Use collections. They allow you to categorize your inventory into themes, such as “gifts for your sweetheart”.

Reuse it or lose it: Before you create something new, consider how you can re-use old material, according to Instagram. For example, are there any existing Valentine posts that you can boost? Playing around and testing is the name of the game when it comes to success with Instagram (or any type of) ads.


It seems Chrome will not be killing third-party cookies anytime soon


Following the UK competition watchdog, German publishers are now going after Google for its plan to replace tracking cookies.

The complaint: According to the publishers, Google’s proposed “Privacy Sandbox” violates EU competition law. This is an old (but still valid) argument first submitted by UK digital marketing firms.

Google’s response so far: Back in June, Google announced it would delay phasing out tracking cookies until the second half of 2023. If complaints like these keep piling up, that date will most likely be extended.

The Crew’s take: Tracking cookies are definitely on their way out. It isn’t a question of “if”, it is a question of “when”. These complaints may give marketers a little bit of time, but we still need a replacement at the end of the day.

The good news is that we’re seeing more and more first-party and privacy-based ad technologies as time goes on, so we’ll (hopefully) have solutions to pick from by 2023.


Find top-tier marketers to work with you, quickly and effortlessly


You know what would make hiring easier? A platform of carefully vetted professionals, based on their experience, client feedback, work samples, and more.

A platform that gives you access to the top 5% of the industry.

A platform called MarketerHire.

With MarketerHire, you just have to describe your project and they will match you with a high-performing individual in under a week. That’s whether you want someone on-demand with an hourly rate, part-time, or full-time!

With that kind of flexibility, MarketerHire is used by all kinds of companies, and in many different ways:

  • Scaling a marketing team as the company grows.
  • Extending the bandwidth of existing internal team to avoid long timelines.
  • Fast-tracking certain marketing projects with extra help.
  • Filling in vacancies due to parental leave or other employee life events.
  • Testing and expanding into new channels with a channel expert.
  • Bringing on top strategists to brainstorm go-to market strategies and high-level marketing plans.

eBay, Forbes, Netflix, Whole30, HelloFresh, and thousands more use MarketerHire already.

So, the next time you need a marketer, check out MarketerHire.


Three tactics to backlink your way to page 1


Buying backlinks. Reaching out to the publishers that are linking to your competitors and try to steal the link. Identifying broken backlinks and reaching out to the site owner to replace them with your own.

Do these tactics work?

Yes, sometimes. But according to Debbie Chew, they’re not the best.

Instead, you can try one of the three tactics she listed in this post, listed from lowest to highest investment.


1) Stats compilation: Here you compile stats for the category you’re in.

Why is this good for backlinks?

  • It’s a useful piece of content for writers and journalists so they will link to it spontaneously.
  • There’s usually search volume for these kinds of posts and the competition is not too high at the moment.
  • Easy to make: If you have the resources, it’s easy to compile the stats.

The downside: These keywords will become more and more competitive.

2) Create a report uncovering data and findings that appeal to an audience.

You can use your proprietary data, surveys with large sample sizes, or a combo of already existing data sets. The success of these reports usually depends on the story you can tell with the data.

Why is this good for backlinks?

  • Journalists link to these reports because people want to read the data.
  • Snowball effect: Once a few journalists link to it, visibility skyrockets and more and more writers will link to your piece.

3) Create a free tool: Mortgage calculators. Salary calculators. A backlink checker. These are all examples.

Why is this good for backlinks?

  • Your target audience will find these tools indispensable. Plus, they can be a starting step to turn them into paying users from a premium version of the free tool.
  • If your tool is truly helpful and you can find cases to show to writers, they’ll link to it. After all, they’re serving their audience better.

The downside? Creating the tool might require a big investment.

Building backlinks isn’t easy, but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing this strategy.


Discover the latest consumer trends to help you succeed, with this free comprehensive report


Find inspiration for your next marketing campaign. Get a better understanding of your target consumers. Gain fresh perspective for new product development in 2022.

The free 2022 UK Consumer Trends Reports by Attest can help you with all this and more. You’ll also get a full rundown on:

  • Messaging consumers want to hear from brands.
  • Top issues consumers want brands to take a stand on in 2022.
  • Social platforms consumers use to interact with brands (aka the rise of TikTok).
  • What people are shopping and saving up for.

Get the 2022 UK Consumer Trends Reports here.


6 quick ways to write scroll stopping headlines


Headlines. We don’t think we need to spend time explaining why headlines matter. Instead, let’s use that time to share some key principles to write headlines that attract your reader’s attention like opposite magnet poles:

Curiosity: This always works. Curiosity is powerful. And you should inject curiosity in each one of your headlines.

Do you make these mistakes in a job interview?

Contrast: This is none other than a way to get curiosity. Contrast triggers people and sucks them into your copy.

How to lose weight by eating at McDonald’s.

Proof: Proof is powerful. It makes claims believable. The world is filled with claims. And you need readers’ trust to just get them to read the rest of your copy.

What doctors do when they feel rotten.

Call out your market – or call out their problem:

Invest without fear.

Promise: Get clear with the benefit that your product provides. And try to tie it to some of the eight life forces.

How to get a refund on non-refundable airline tickets

Scroll stopper: Sometimes, you can write short punch headlines with the only goal of catching attention. And then expand in the subheadline.

Stop writing headlines
Screw Facebook Ads!


AFFILIATE MARKETING: The early year gold-rush in affiliate marketing is the nutra vertical. CPMs are lower, conversion rates go higher (plenty of New Year resolutions out there!). To sweeten things even more, NutriProfits prepared a contest with $12k up for grabs. Join their contest for free.*

FACEBOOK: Managing tasks on Android is now possible with Facebook Business. Were we the only ones waiting for this?

APPLE: You’re not doing enough, Apple. That is the message Dutch regulators are sending to the company in response to their recent App Store changes.

SEO: Here’s how Google deals with 301 vs. 302 redirects, according to Google’s John Mueller.

BUSINESS: It appears that soccer (or, football depending on where you are from) teams are at the forefront of crypto innovation.

GOOGLE: They’re getting sued (again). A DC attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Google for misusing location data.

*This is a sponsored post.


First, I threw away the outside and cooked the inside. Then I ate the outside and threw away the inside. What did I eat?

You can find the solution here.


You could win this business that makes $561/month almost on autopilot.


Here’s an easy-to-manage business you can snag if you win our US$25,000 business giveaway.

MultiplicationTable is a content website listed on Flippa that makes money with AdSense by sharing PDFs and worksheets of blank and printable multiplication table charts for kids.

The website has solid domain and page authority (DA 28, PA 38) and steady organic traffic.

Last year, it made an average of $561/ month, with the only expense being a $5 hosting fee that is paid monthly.

If you win our giveaway, you can use the prize to get this business and still have some money left to hire ancillary services.

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Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Wordle is taking the world (and Google) by storm


When Google makes an Easter Egg about your game, you know it’s successful.

That’s exactly what happened with Wordle, a word game that everyone loves to brag about.

If you search for “wordle,” on Google, you’ll see the Easter Egg in Google’s logo, which highlights the core of Wordle’s gameplay.

At the same time, Wordle memes, jokes, and (apparently) tattoos are exploding on Twitter.

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