TikTok + Vimeo = Faster video ads

Time and money. They make the world go round.

TikTok has just announced a partnership with Vimeo centered around these 2 things. But first… The specifics: Vimeo Create, an AI-powered video creation tool, will now be available to advertisers through TikTok’s Ad Manager. The main point of it is to save you:

  • Time: You won’t have to start from scratch because the tool includes hundreds of templates to choose from.
  • Money: It’s software, it’s free and it’s not a bad alternative to buying a professional Adobe license or hiring a movie studio.

Promising initial results: TikTok did a few pre-release tests with Vimeo in which participants were able to double the number of videos created within a specific timeframe. Participants also got 50% higher CTRs on average. In addition, 85 percent of them reported successful campaign results.

Not bad. Not bad at all, actually.


Here’s some inspiration for your ad campaigns


Snapchat may not be the most popular social network, but it sure has one of the largest and most inspiring collections of ad case studies. We felt like we were browsing through Facebook’s Ad Library, but with all the juicy details included.

ROIs. Ad types used. Exact creatives. Small changes that cause big results. It’s all there.

These case studies piqued our interest while we were sifting through our daily backlog of stories to feature. Snapchat’s posts were popping up here and there, and the level of detail and specificity caught our attention.

Other networks have (awesome) directories too: FacebookTwitter and TikTok, among others, also have sections with case studies. On all of them, you can filter by industry, ad type, geography, and other criteria.

The Crew’s take: When entering a new industry, we recommend looking for relevant case studies in these directories to kickstart your ads. Examine geographies, ad types, and other details. You’ll learn a lot and avoid most common industry mistakes.


Are these the Fantastic Four of performance creatives?


Do you want to pull more ROAS from your campaigns? Who doesn’t, right?

Launch better creatives! And if you think you’re already doing your best with your images and video ads, this July 29, you might change your mind.

Motion is hosting a Performance Creative 101 live event, with Nick Shackelford, Savannah Sanchez, Andrew Foxwell, and Nik Sharma.

They’ll discuss performance creatives. With iOS 14.5 and the stronger competition in the feeds, creatives that stand out and convert are essential to thrive.

Here’s what they’ll talk about in the panel:

  • Why you must stop using creatives and shift to “performance creatives”. What they are and the difference with traditional creatives.
  • How to create scroll-stopping and “credit-cards pulling” creatives with a small budget.
  • The importance of testing and relying on data vs. gut feelings to drive decisions.
  • How to aggressively sell with your ads without sacrificing your brand values.

The event is free. And you’ll be able to ask questions and clear out your doubts.

Register here to join Nick Shackelford, Savannah Sanchez, Andrew Foxwell, and Nik Sharma on July 29 at 2pm ET.


We have a gift for you

Want to learn how one of the world’s biggest teeth whitening brands sells so many products?

We’ll send you our deep dive on Snow Oral Care for free. And in exchange, we’d like to learn more about your ad spend.

We want to ask you about this to bring you better offers and better content. If we understand your ad spend level better, we can better curate the right type of case studies, partners, and sponsors for the newsletter.

The survey is quick and painless, only with multiple choice questions (no need to write anything) so you can finish it within 60 seconds.

Complete the survey here and we’ll also give you a gift. Send us a screenshot with the completed survey and we’ll send you our Snow Oral Care deep dive for free.

Snow is a $100M+ teeth whitening brand known for their big celebrity campaigns (Ellen, Floyd Mayweather, and more), that leaves no channel untouched.

Their marketing mix contains Facebook Ads, aggressive funnels, emails, SMS, and plenty of dark patterns. Everything collected and broken down in the full deep dive (preview here).

It’s a must read!

So, help us out by completing this survey and we’ll send you the full deep dive for free.


All the Facebook Ads changes to be aware of this summer


Facebook is so busy releasing updates that it’s hard to keep up with them. And WordStream’s Susie Marino recently listed the most important new changes to Facebook Ads.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Instagram Reels Ads available to all: In June 2021, ads on Instagram Reels became available to all advertisers. These ads can be a good way to reach new audiences.
  • “Optimize text per person” feature in ads: With this option, the Facebook algorithm rotates your headline, copy, or description based on the user that’s seeing your ad.
  • Shop ads: This ad type is still in development, but it creates a personalized experience for the users by sending them directly to curated collections within their Shop. The algorithm uses historical shopping patterns to determine this.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Try-On option available to more brands: AR is gaining traction. And as it does, AR Ads are slowly becoming available to more brands worldwide..
  • Facebook Shops available through WhatsApp and the Marketplace: If you have a WhatsApp business account, you can showcase your entire shop in the conversations you’re having with users.
  • Showcase your reviews in your Instagram Shop: There’s never enough social proof, right? Starting this summer, Instagram users will be able to post photos, videos, comments, and ratings of products. For an edge on your competitors, get started as soon as possible.

That was a useful round-up. And if you aren’t yet taking advantage of one of these features, it may be time to get some work done.


FACEBOOK: Facebook is adding Shopping everywhere. Groups are the most recent addition to the list.

GOOGLE: FLoC turns out to be a FLoP (for now). Google has ended its FLoC trial and will be “hard at work” to improve it based on feedback.

ADVERTISING: The current state of crypto advertising is messy. This post goes into greater depth.

BUSINESS: Travel is making a comeback in all sectors, including apps. Travel apps grew 86 percent year-over-year.

APPLE: Android has a reason to be worried. Apple has closed the market gap in terms of activation estimates in June.

YOUTUBE: Health videos on YouTube will get a label to indicate if they’re from an accredited source.

PRODUCTIVITY: Zoom just spent $15B to acquire Five9, a cloud contact center software.


What is more useful when it’s broken?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Are you a 💩 dog owner?


Israel has a way of finding out: by analyzing your dog’s poop. (Please excuse the pun in the headline)

Pet owners who don’t clean up after their pets will now receive a fine from the city council.

How it will work: By keeping a DNA database of dogs, of course. Each pet owner will be required to submit their dog’s DNA to the city council. Then, each time an official finds poop on the street, they’ll analyze its DNA and match it to the appropriate dog.

A huge win for the city, but an unfortunate situation for whoever will be assigned the role of “dog DNA analyzer”.

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