Mozilla and Meta team up to solve the attribution problem


It’s an unlikely combination of companies, but hey, we won’t complain if it works.

More details: Mozilla and Meta have joined forces on a new proposal to hopefully solve the conversion measurement problem. The proposal has been named Interoperable Private Attribution (IPA).

How does it work? In a nutshell, IPA is a proposal that uses a bunch of complicated algorithms like (Multi-Party Computation (MPC), user aggregation, and more) to preserve attribution while not allowing advertisers to track individual users. In addition, IPA also has cross-device and cross-browser options to provide more robust attribution capabilities.

What’s next? Mozilla and Meta proposed IPA to the Private Advertising Technology Community Group (that’s a mouthful!), or PATCG for short. Let’s see the PATCG response.


Google Ads gets ad extension improvements

Google has just rolled out improvements to its search ad extensions. If you thought “Are they adding automation again?”, here’s your answer:

Automate. Automate everything! Yup, Google is trying to automate things once again. This time with automated extensions. With this update, you can tell Google to create sitelinks for you automatically and use them along with the ones you manually create.

Additionally, you’ll be able to add sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets on ad group, campaign and account level. This should hopefully reduce repetition.


If you knew this a week ago, you could’ve had a free day to spend with your partner


7 steps.

That’s all it takes to learn how to hire a solid assistant that frees up your time from your daily tasks.

Maybe you already know that an entrepreneur that doesn’t delegate will become the bottleneck of their own company.

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Enter John Jonas.

Not only will he show you how to hire a skilled and hard-working virtual assistant in just 7 steps, but he’ll also show you how and where to hire assistants for incredibly affordable costs.

John Jonas has helped thousands of business owners to recruit and train reliable virtual assistants. He worked with small businesses, as well as big organizations like Google and Uber.

He also created One VA Away, a battlefield-tested method to help you hire reliable virtual assistants in as quickly as 7 days.

So, for the next Valentine’s Day, you can be better prepared. What a relief it’ll be to know that you can have all the time in the world to spend with that special someone.

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Who will be the next queen of the advertising industry?


We found this Stratechery’s post quite interesting in painting the current and possible future picture of our industry.

Only 2 years ago, the advertising industry was a calm, blue sea. Google and Facebook were the only two giants dominating the market. There were other players, but they were so small that they didn’t cause any big waves.

While Facebook and Google were ruling their own empires, in the deep bottom of the ocean, a new creature was created in China, while Amazon was swallowing enormous amounts of first-party consumer data.

This prepared their ship for the storm in sight: Apple’s ATT.

Apple’s ATT crashed a direct response advertising model that helped DTC companies generate millions of dollars and helped Facebook make billions.

Facebook’s disadvantage became Google’s advantage: Facebook openly admitted that Google benefitted over Facebook thanks to ATT. Search ads can access far more third-party data for measurement and optimization purposes than app-based ad platforms like Facebook. Because Google runs on the web, while Facebook runs on its app.

On the other side, Google is watching the rise of Amazon Advertising, which faces no data restrictions. All of Amazon’s data collection, ad targeting, and conversion happen on the same platform. Hence, Amazon can collect as much data as they want.

One more threat: In 2016, Apple launched Search Ads on its App Store. Now the question is if Apple might attack Facebook’s market share in the apps marketing business. Apple considers App Store’s data (conversions, installs, and other events.) as first party data, so they can use it as an advantage over Facebook.

Then, to make things worse for Facebook, TikTok started attracting young audiences while dancing on Facebook’s public image disaster.

What’s in sight?

As the Stratechery post says, “real power in technology comes from rooting the digital in something physical: for Amazon that is its fulfillment center, logistics, and data centers. For Apple it is the iPhone, and for Google is Android and its mutually beneficial relationship with Apple.”

Facebook has none, and their goal should be to build a company that is truly independent. And that’s what we think Mark Zuckerberg’s plan is with Meta.


Get 20 million ideas for a single keyword with this free tool


For free!

Yep… You can use Semrush’s Keyword Research Tool for free.

You can also use it to monitor the intent of the keywords you’re targeting. Or expose the informational, commercial, or transactional intent of a competitor’s top pages.

Or build out new keyword lists with intent instantly. Or breakdown a competitor’s keyword profile by intent. So many options, and all focused on intent.

Check it out for free.


The robots are coming to take your content and copywriting job… Or are they?


AI-generated content has been one of the main trends of 2021 in the marketing world. And a question that was sorted recently in our Insights community is… What’s the deal?

Well, we’re just beginning with AI-generated content, and for the next few years, it won’t be able to replace humans.

AI-generated content will still need your input and it still needs to be heavily edited.

But it has some advantages:

  • By giving you ideas, it can help writers get rid of the blank-page block.
  • Speed up your writing process by providing content that you just have to edit to fit with your brand voice, style, and audience.
  • Help with editing and proofreading.

If you’re a one-person army business, AI-generated content can remove some work off your shoulders.

And as came up from the Insights’s discussion, here are some tools:

  • Copy.ai: This can help you write copy, give suggestions for social media posts, and so on.
  • Jarvis: This provides several copywriting templates (like AIDA and Problem-Agitate-Solve) and content templates. It can help you write posts, ads, and emails.
  • Wordtune: It helps you repurpose content by rephrasing, adjusting to a more formal or casual tone, shortening or expanding, or simply just re-writing.

The trend just started and many marketers are already taking advantage of it, so we’ll definitely see improvements in the next years.


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GOOGLE: If your conversions were delayed on 9th February, it was Google’s fault. They are also actively working on recovering any conversions missed by this issue.

INSTAGRAM: They’re trying out live shopping again. Instagram will host a few live shopping streams this Valentine’s Day. It takes place today, 14th Feb 2022 at 2pm PT/5pm ET.

ANALYTICS: All users are getting Display & Video 360 integration for Google Analytics 4 properties, according to Charles Farina.

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When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Saudi Arabia to offer the “full Squid Games experience”


Hold on…the full experience?!

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh is hosting a “full experience” Squid Games event. A three meters (that’s about 9 feet 10) tall animatron doll is included, as well as a tug-of-war three meters above the ground.

What will happen to the losing players? Here is where the term “full experience” gets an important twist for the better, as you would expect.

While this is exciting, we believe those who claimed that this is the first country to provide a “full experience” forgot about one name: MrBeast.

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