The Fake Guru busters: Evan Luthra, RealVersaceKing & many other ecomm gurus caught. From $0 to $69k: Creatives-testing process to compliment your scaling. Drive more engagement & conversions: Ready-to-use quiz chatbot template.



Quiz Bot template

Looking for a ready-to-use quiz chatbot to help you drive more engagement?

Brah Penyin created this chatbot and kindly shared it with the ManyChat community.

The concept of a quiz bot is pretty simple: The bot asks the user a few questions about the topic of their choice, tells the users when they are right or wrong, and then calculates a score at the end of the quiz.

The users can qualify for discounts based on their results, which can be redeemed by making purchases on your stores.


This quiz bot comes loaded with many other features, such as:

  • A self-reminder for the quiz participant.
  • Leaderboard position feature challenging participants.
  • Participant can choose a quiz Category.
  • Reward participants for completing the Quiz.
  • A quiz timer where participants can choose whether they want to be timed or not.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Background music.
  • Quick Restart Button.
  • Anti-cheating feature.
  • Auto follow-up with participants to ask for Quiz feedback.

You can further customize it to fit your business needs.

Here’s a demo video showing the quiz bot in action.

And finally, here’s the installation template for the quiz bot.

Have fun testing it out!


Text ads getting truncated more often?

Have you noticed your text ad headlines and descriptions are being cut off more often than before recently?

Well, truncated headlines and descriptions isn’t anything new, but with certain ad renderings it’s happening more frequently than before.

Why is this happening?

It’s important to realize that truncation is based on pixel count rather than character count. Wider characters use more pixels, of course.

While Google suggests limiting headline length to 33 characters, it might still shorten your ad text if it frequently uses wider characters like “m” instead of narrower characters like “i”.

Keep in mind that if the Ad Preview tool shows the full headline, it will most likely fully render in real time too.

For ad descriptions, truncations can occur between 84 to 86 characters, but even a description with 91 characters can display in full if it uses a lot of narrow characters.

Google is always experimenting with the way it displays ads in the search results, and we can’t control how Google chooses to display these ads from one search result to another.

It will vary depending on device type, browser and other contextual signals.

The only thing we can do to avoid truncation is to experiment with length and produce simpler ads.

As it happens, Google prefers to show simpler ad treatments with less or no ad extensions at the top of the organic search results.

Check out this post with screenshots to see how truncated ads look and how ad rendering has changed over the last few years.


Google highlighting your content

Google was found to be testing a new feature on SERPs recently. This new feature takes users from the search results page to a third-party site, highlighting the specific part of the content they first saw in the search results.

What does this mean?

Let’s say you search for something on Google and you’re shown the results and text descriptions as normal. Now, if you click on one of these results it will take you to a third party site, highlighting the text you first saw in the results page.

Google previously tested this through the AMP cache, and now it’s being tested on desktop and Chrome browsers.

“Google Search is currently running an origin trial for ~5% of WebAnswers results so it’s kind of random whether you get opted into it or not.

You can enable the feature on the client-side though using: Chrome://flags/#enable-text-fragment-anchor.”

Why is this important?

With this feature, there is a possibility that users might skip down past ads or Call to Actions to jump directly to the relevant content.

You might want to monitor if your site is doing this in Google search, and possibly alter the positioning of your ads and CTAs.


🔗 Fast track to green with Spicyoffers’ truly SmartLink!

Picture this: You prepare a campaign all day, you work on the angle and creatives for your preferred traffic source. You set up the campaign and it goes live in the evening. You go to sleep. You wake up the next morning seeing all green in your tracker! Just like that…

That’s what Spicyoffers has to offer you through their SmartLink. This is not just an offer rotator. It will automatically optimize your campaigns by choosing offers according to several factors thanks to a single but intelligent URL.

There are 2 key parts of this technology:

  • An in-house Data Management Platform. This collects, analyzes and organizes data by creating segments used for efficient targeting.
  • A proprietary performance-based technology. The offer selection process is entirely automated thanks to SmartFlex. It redirects the visitor to the best performing and relevant offers according to the actual context of the visitor, meaning all known technical data like geo, device type, carrier and more. All this at scale!

Spicyoffers’ SmartLink is multilingual and multi-geo. You can exclude specific offers from the link if you’d like to. It also manages the capping per offer, per customer and takes into account all offer restrictions, of course.

Spicyoffers affiliates saw 25% more revenue when using the SmartLinkcompared to using static links and manual optimization. That’s an edge you must take!

Get started today!


The backbone of scaling on FB. More CBO wisdom. Update for mobile app advertisers

Ever heard the saying that content is king? Well, when scaling on Facebook it seems that creative is king. Here’s a strategy to get a steady stream of performing creatives.

CBO tips to have high-ROAS camps. Finally, a time-saving update for mobile app advertisers.

The creatives-testing method to sustain scaling

Cem Verghese shared a case study explaining how he scaled a brand-new product to $69k in just 34 days.

The AOV is $123, 90% of the sales come from prospecting traffic and 89% converted on a 1-day click.

According to him, the backbone of a scaling strategy is creatives, especially if you want to convert cold traffic. Continuous creative testing can really improve ROAS, reduce creative fatigue, help you scale and shorten the sales cycle of an average-AOV product.

Unsurprisingly, this case study focuses on the creatives testing process.

Let’s have a look.

Essentially, Cem creates a campaign just to test new creatives.

He goes for one ad set per creative using the best audience (1% Purchase LLAs for him). The budget is equal to the AOV.

If a creative gets purchases, or at least hits the ATC KPIs, it’s allowed to spend more.

Every creative with a Cost Per Unique AddToCart below the KPI is shut off. The creatives with promising initial stats, however, are duplicated into prospecting campaigns with high-performing audiences and a higher spend.

With this strategy, Cem is able to get a 1.52 ROAS on the testing campaigns. This rises further on the prospecting campaigns, where he’s hitting a 2.6 ROAS on a higher spend.

Ideally, you want to test 8-10 new creatives per week. And, using the CPUATC as a KPI allows you to give every creative the best chance of success.

This testing strategy allowed Cem Verghese to scale his client’s store from $725/day ad spend to $2-2.5k/day.

Got more questions? Head to Cem Verghese’s post here.

Anyway, the idea that creatives are the first key factor when scaling on Facebook is getting more and more traction.

So, maybe that’s the truth?

High-ROI CBO nuggets

One more CBO post to add into our Big Book Of CBO Strategies. We guess at this point it’s almost as big as the Old Testament…

Lotfi Drif shared the post, and there are 3 key points he recommends when building performing campaigns.

Let’s start with number 1: Avoid making changes in the first 3-4 days, as it takes some time for Facebook to optimise everything, especially if you’re doing a CBO.

You’ll see that on day 1, FB gives preference to a certain ad set. On day 2 to another one, etc. So hang fire for a few days, then look at the stats. Additionally, look at the total CPAs rather than the daily numbers.

The second tip is that Facebook runs at its best when you test more angles. So, if you’re running a CBO with 5 ad sets but only testing a single angle, Lotfi suggests duping those 5 ad sets in the same CBO campaign and testing a different angle as well.

Lotfi says that you will see an immediate performance increase, and the more angle variations, the better.

The reason behind this is that the algorithm has more to work with, making it more powerful.

The final tip is to track all your data in a spreadsheet. He suggests tracking as many metrics as possible. For example, Lotfi would track up to 20 different metrics!

Why? Well, according to him after a few weeks you will start to see patterns emerging.

These patterns are everything, and over time you’ll be able to push buttons and predict your expected returns with a very high degree of certainty.

Basically, you’ll be developing your own internal algorithm, but you need the data to feed it first!

That’s all folks. These seem to be adaptable to ad sets campaigns as well, not just CBO. Except for the second one.

Wanna look more? Here’s the post.

Test & preview Playable Ads with this tool

Are you in the business of apps? Or maybe you run mobile app ads on Facebook?

If the answer to either is yes, and you use Playable Ads too, here’s an update for you!

Facebook has launched a Playable Ads Preview tool. It helps ensure your playable ad assets are free of errors by:

  • Checking if your file meets all specifications for Playable Ads.
  • Displaying errors, if there are any.
  • Displaying a preview of the asset, if the file meets all requirements.
  • Validating whether your Click to Action is correctly implemented.

A big time saver for mobile app advertisers.


An alert for goo-roos

Remember, not all heroes wear capes (although maybe these do?)

We officially found our new heroes. Sorry, Bruce Wayne…Well, let’s just say that we found our “Digital Era Heroes”.

We are talking about BallerBusters. No, they don’t have any superpowers. No, they didn’t inherit a fortune and use it to protect Gotham City.

It’s just a simple, humble Instagram Page. So, what makes them so special? Here’s the reason, in their own words:

Protecting the Internet from FlexOffenders.

In other words, they scour the internet searching for fake entrepreneurs who try to show off their lavish (but fake) lifestyle.

Then, they BUST them! Publicly revealing the proof that these people are cheats!

We’ve been waiting for such heroes for years. Finally, our saviours have arrived!

The last victim? His username his @RealVersaceKing. The username says it all…

After the bust, they shifted thier profile to private, but you can still find the scam on the @BallerBusters Instagram Page.

The kiddo was showing off his dream lifestyle. In his most recent posts he shared some photos of ‘his’ mansion. Unfortunately, that mansion is on sale on Realtor(dot)com… He probably went there for a visit, shot some selfies and then shared them on the Gram.

But BallerBasters came to the rescue!

Now we probably know that you love these stories as much as we do, so we suggest you follow BallerBusters on Instagram and also the Twitter profile.

Time to remove these Chief Clown Officers from the webz! The fun is assured!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Ready your engines


We have a piece of exciting news for all you Super Mario fans!

It’s something that has been long awaited and delayed… but now, finally, it’s almost here.

Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s highly-anticipated game, will finally be released this September 25.

The game will allow players to race in multiple locations modelled on real-world cities, and tours will be rotated every two weeks.

Apart from regular races, where you gotta claim the top spot by using various strategies and items, there will also be bonus challenges to make the gameplay a better experience.

You can pre-order or pre-register for the game on your app stores and get notified as soon as the game hits the app stores.

Pre-order? Not really, the game is free to play! It’s just that it will offer some in-app purchases and lots of advertising too.

Not really surprising if you’ve seen Nintendo’s other apps like Fire Emblem Heroes or Dr. Mario World.

The company is making a big bet on this one, with some analysts thinking it could be the gaming giant’s first “10-figure App.”

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