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Google announces Ads Creative Studio


Google has just announced Ads Creative Studio, a tool to create a “unified workflow” across teams.

The problem Google is trying to solve: Headaches with advertising. There’s one issue when you create many ads: So many things and places to keep track of those things.

This is especially true when you’re working with a team: The pictures are in one place, the videos in another, the video-edits somewhere else, and the copy… Well, your writer had too many Moscow Mules the night before and dropped them in an unrelated folder.

Plus, many teams use different Google tools which don’t sync well with each other. And that creates even more problems and confusion.

How Google is tackling this: By streaming the work across teams. Essentially, Google has identified how teams struggle to communicate and work with each other and released Ads Creative Studio with four main features:

  • Director Mix, a tool to help you customize your creative for different audiences. Dynamic Display and HTML 5, tools to help you generate interactive and customized creatives. Works with Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360.
  • Works with YouTube video ads.
  • Audio Mixer, a tool to help you create tailored audio ads. Works with Display & Video 360.

Your copywriter might still be drunkenly misplacing copy and your design team might still need more feedback… But at least it’s organized now, right?


Facebook Live Audio Rooms are here

Live audio is about to get on a whole new level.

Facebook has announced they’ll be rolling out live audio rooms (and podcasts) to its platform. Here are some of the more interesting features we’ve noticed:

  • Only iOS users will be able to create rooms for now. Both Android and iOS users will be able to discover and listen to the rooms though.
  • Only select groups and public figures will be able to create live rooms for now.
  • In Facebook Groups, admins will have control whether moderators, group members or other admins can create live audio rooms.
  • Listeners can support the hosts by sending them “stars”. This will bump the listeners to the “front row”, which will be a special section which will highlight all the people who sent stars. That way, hosts can regularly look at the section and show appreciation to those fans.

The Crew’s take: With Facebook getting into the live audio space, you finally won’t have to waste time explaining what audio rooms are to your mom and dad. If this takes off, we expect live audio rooms to get on the popularity level of Stories.


How to build an influencer army that will make you eat up your competitors’ market share


Are your influencers conquering new land, with plenty of customers?

If they aren’t, Upfluence is the platform to find your next warriors.

They helped over 1600 brands among which are Kayak, Asics, and Zappos. And what’s unique about them is that they let you identify organic influencers who are already engaging with your brand or purchasing your products.

But there’s more about Upfluence:

  • They give you access to a huge database of curated influencer profiles across all social media platforms. And you can filter results with over 20 advanced search criteria to find the right influencers.
  • Gain insights into an influencer’s performance by analyzing audience size, engagement rates, posting habits, and more.
  • AI-powered tools including influencer recommendations and price suggestions.
  • Create campaign briefs, analyze results, contact influencers at scale, and negotiate payment terms all within the same platform.

Upfluence can help you save a massive amount of time, and avoid headaches when searching and dealing with creators.

Book a demo here.

And download their massive free guide on how to build successful influencer campaigns.


The art and science of getting on top of the creators market


Did you know that you just need 21 podcasts episodes to be in the top 1% of all podcasts?

There are 2 million podcasts. 90% of podcasts don’t get past episode 3.

Of the 200,000 left, 90% will quit after 20 episodes. So if you’re starting a podcast, your competition is not the 2 million podcasts. But just the 20,000 that don’t quit.

This is the main plotline of this post shared on Reddit by RebelMusoSociety. And if you’re thinking about starting a venture in a crowded space, such as a YouTube channel, a blog, or a newsletter, this post will show you why you shouldn’t care about the competition.

But well, you should have already understood the first point: People quit too easily.

Let’s check out the whole post.

Creative success is about lag and lead metrics: What does that mean?

  • Lag metric: Brian Koppelman wanted to be a Hollywood screenwriter.
  • Lead metric: He wrote for 2 hours with his writing partner every day before going to work.

Once you have established your lag metric, figure out what it takes to be in the top 10-12% of your niche. And reverse engineer the process to understand your lead metric.

How do you make sure to not quit?

Figure out the obstacles you’ll get along the way to success.

It’s important to visualize your goals and the outcome. But positive thinking is far from reality. Life isn’t as sweet as it looks in your head. And this is why positive thinking alone makes it easier to quit.

Gabriele Oettingen, Ph.D., is a scientist and Professor of Psychology at the New York University. She has dedicated over 20 years of research to goals and positive thinking. And she created a model to actually fight positive fantasizing.

  • Wish: Which goal do you want to achieve?
  • Outcome: How will you feel when you achieve the goal?
  • Obstacle: What are your main obstacles?
  • Plan: How are you going to overcome the obstacles?

Will not quitting guarantee you success? Unfortunately not, but it’s the starting point to achieve it.


TIKTOK: New politicians, new rules for TikTok. The U.S Commerce Department rescinds a prohibited transaction list with WeChat and TikTok.

ADVERTISING: This article goes into more depth on how Apple’s ATT changes are giving Facebook and Google creativity in how they measure your conversions.

GOOGLE: After this, we can safely say that Google is no longer a search engine, but an ad engine. The company is testing a huge ad combo for Shopping ads.

FACEBOOK: The social media company wants to give group admins more power. Admins can now control which post types are allowed within their group.

YOUTUBE: “Small biz day”. That’s the name of YouTube’s first-ever event for small businesses, happening in 2 days on June 24th.

CLUBHOUSE: Oops. Clubhouse accidentally leaked that it has a private messaging function.

SHOPIFY: Starting 30th June, events that are sent via Shopify’s native Pixel integration (View Content, Search, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info, and Purchase) will be available with Facebook Conversions API.


I have one letter but my name is spelled with eight. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

“The intern did it…”


There’s a pretty high chance you actually received this email from HBO Max. If you didn’t, it’s one of those mistake emails where an empty template was sent out.

It happens to the best of us, ourselves included… In these past three years, we’ve probably sent at least one “wrong” email a year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whenever this happens for a big brand, people joke about how it must be some intern. Turns out, HBO Max confirmed this was actually an intern.

Don’t worry, the intern is not in any trouble. As we said, it happens to the best… Like, can someone actually call themselves a marketer if they haven’t had at least one mistakenly sent email blast, a wrong start or end date for paid ads, wrong budget, wrong bid or something like that?

We think not…

And HBO Max intern, if you are reading this, it’s time to put this mistake in your social media bios.

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