Three-phase Google & FB strategy to take away theshare from your competitors: 3.5x ROAS. Zoom shareholder calls out Zoom over privacy issues. The thriving niche with 2.17x increase in ad spend: Pivoting in a Pandemic Whitepaper.



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Going from a $43k breakeven-point to $200k/month at 2x ROAS

Is it possible to grow a business in non-essential niches despite the outbreak? Hell yeah! Here’s Cem Verghese sharing how he scaled a face products’ store from $43k/month at breakeven to $200k/month.

Not many media buying skills here. Rather, it’s about following principles to drive growth.

+ Creatives quality and testing: They tested over 100 creatives, trying different angles, different UGC pieces, different models using the products, etc. Improving creatives had the most impact on revenues.

+ Product bundling to increase AOV: They encouraged the brand to create bundles in order to increase the AOV. And it worked: returns went up by 20%.

+ Removing conversion bottlenecks: This is about improving site speed and usability.

+ Setting ROAS targets: Previously, the account-wide ROAS was 1.6x. They decided to divide the goals into prospecting and retargeting campaigns. This because FB last touch attribution model will be skewed towards retargeting since it doesn’t take into account the spend needed in prospecting to drive retargeting conversions.

So, the target was: 1.4x for prospecting campaigns and 2x for retargeting.

Retargeting: This is where there’s been a big shift. At first, the brand was only allocating 8% on retargeting, and the retargeting campaign just lumped all the site visitors together. They changed this by segmenting the audiences into warm and hot ones and tailored their messages accordingly.

That’s all. If you want to see the details shared by Cem Verghese on every point, check out the case study on Facebook.


📗 This whitepaper uncovers the biggest opportunities to pivot your performance marketing in a pandemic


Please, don’t tell us you’re pulling your ad spend. Why? The research from past crises shows brands that continue their marketing efforts throughout a recession also do better in the recovery!

Smart ad spend now can help brands survive this historic downturn, but can also put them in a stronger position when life gets back to normality.

However, you can’t just spend without considering the consequences, right? You need proper information to make low-risk decisions. And if you crave more data, Perform released a white paper to help businesses adapt and thrive.

Who’s Perform? They are the performance marketplace born when Clickbooth, Adperio & Ignite OPM joined forces, leveraging over 20 years of experience, proprietary technology and some of the best talent in the industry!

What’s in their report?

  • The niche that got a 217% increase in ad spend.
  • How Shopping brands can keep the sales flowing without resorting to discounts.
  • The Health & Wellness sub-category seeing double-digit growth.
  • The vertical that was in decline, but the pandemic caused it to boom.
  • Marketers are strategically increasing spend in targeted geos in this vertical, with double digit increases.

Get the right information to adapt and thrive.


Pinterest: The social network for e-commerce

Pinterest is expanding the shopping functionalities on its platform by introducing new ways to shop using Pins, Pin Boards and its search results.

Shop from Boards: Users will now find a ‘Shop’ tab on their own boards. For example, they can visit their fashion Board, click on the Shop tab and browse through a selection of products featured on the board.


Shop from Search Results: A new ‘Shop’ tab in Pinterest’s search results makes it easier for users to browse for in-stock products when searching for generic terms such as spring outfits, office decor and kitchen remodeling.

Shop from Pins: Pinterest’s visual search allows users to find products by uploading an image or taking a picture and searching the platform for Pins that include those products.

These features delivered some sweet results to stores such as 2.3 more visitors and more engagement. Check the whole post to check them out.


Three-phase strategy for 3.5x return during off-season

We bring you a case study courtesy of Vincent Beima, who managed to scale a six figure B2C store during this pandemic.

Before we begin this expedition, here’s a little background:

  • It’s a German six figure B2C business.
  • The products are custom window blinds and shutters.
  • The AOV is around €203.
  • 3.53x ROAS (five-month average).

The three strategies he used and shared in his post are:

+ Phase 1: Parallel Placement Messaging

  • The goal here is to align your messaging with your customer’s journey by preempting your communication. Vincent structures his search campaigns for each step of the funnel and themes ad-groups based on intent.
  • He recommends three text ads and a responsive one for each adgroup, because Google’s machine learning tests them based on how they resonate with different audience persona in the background.

+ Phase 2: Circular Retargeting on YouTube, FB, IG & GDN

  • Google Display Network: Responsive Display formats focusing on the product lines your audience has already viewed.
  • YouTube: Videos explaining how the products work and retargeting the visitors of each landing page they visited.
  • Facebook & Instagram: Video Views campaign retargeting audiences of VC, ATC and IC of the last 180 days, showing them different videos focused around overcoming objections and testimonials to help keep the creatives fresh.
  • Retargeting on Google Search: Ensuring your business displays in the top spot when users are searching for your target keywords and have engaged previously.

+ Phase 3: Inverted Prospecting

  • During off-season, or during unforeseen events (such as this pandemic), many businesses completely cut their budgets. Vincent recommends a different approach to managing situations by creating a “Mini-prospecting-page” using FB’s Collection formats.
  • Upload a Custom Audience list of past buyers and create LLAs of 1 to 6% and then cut everything below a CTR of 1.5%.

This three-stage combination helped Vincent generate more revenue in the off-season than during the entirety of last year’s high-season.


  • GOOGLE: These are the updated benchmarks to measure the industry-wide impact of COVID-19.
  • FACEBOOK: If you’re not into 3rd-party tools , Andrei Lunev shared a set of automated rules to manually control your campaigns.
  • SEO: A short and simple process to optimize your internal links based on your competitors’ already optimized pages.
  • BUSINESS: Previously, we reported on Zoom’s lack of clarity on its privacy practices. Now, the company is being called out by a Zoom investor.
  • BROWSER: SameSite Cookie Labelling will be rolled back to avoid confusion during the pandemic. SameSite is one of Google’s steps towards no-cookie browsers.


I make two people out of one.

What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

This is the first step towards the M… Shhh

If you’re worried about how we are going to attend conferences this summer and, more importantly, conference parties, these Japanese students just gave us a great idea.

How? Spring graduation ceremonies in Japan have been cancelled because of you-know-what, but these students didn’t give up. After all, this is a unique life event, so they found a creative way to attend the ceremony without breaking social distancing rules.



Yeah, with avatars!

They attended the event remotely by controlling avatar robots from their home.

The robots were fully kitted out in graduation caps and gowns, while the faces were made up of tablets that displayed the faces of the students.

Can you see the robot uprising gathering steam? We’re stuck at home, and the avatars are out there living our life!

It’s coming… No, it’s already here.

It’s the Matrix taking over.

Neo, Morpheus, Trinity… where the heck are you?

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