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Year end looks promising


Not everyone in big tech is feeling economy blues.

Pinterest reported better-than-expected revenues in Q3, unlike larger counterparts such as Meta and Alphabet.

Still growing: Pinterest hit revenues of $684.5M, $18M more than initially forecasted.

Of course, their 8% growth rate is much lower than the 43% they reported in last year’s Q3 report. But small growth is better than none, right?

Winning with Gen Z: Pinterest added 18M new active users, bringing them back to the 445M monthly active users they had this time last year.

They also doubled the number of Gen Z users—a trend that they hope will continue.

… And with videos: Like other platforms, Pinterest has videos to thank for rising user growth and engagement.

Video content increased three times this quarter, with Idea Pins playing an important role.

Why we care: Pinterest’s ad revenue growth could indicate that advertisers are diversifying their channels in the build up to Q4.

And Pinterest successfully integrated video content and acquired younger users, which speaks well of the platform’s future relevance.

That’s all good news for marketers using the channel. Not a bad way to start the week,


TikTok wants to help you lift campaign performance

If you want marketers to spend on ads, help them out.

… At least, that seems to be TikTok’s motto as they publish not one, but two guides to assist your campaign planning.

Cashiers cha-ching, are you listening: TikTok’s new 17-page holiday marketing guide provides some insights into which times are most engaging, events you shouldn’t miss, and more.

It also showcases TikTok’s ever-growing ads palette, and helps you decide when to use in-app creative tools. Sweet.

TikTok is changing: Also, as their “Shoppertainment” guide explains, TikTok is shifting from social media app to entertainment platform.

The guide talks about the buyers’ journey—how users switch apps, buy on different days, and lose trust in branded content—as well as customers’ “functional and emotional” needs. An interesting read for sure.

And now we’re hungry: According to a recent study, half of surveyed millennials visited or ordered from a restaurant they saw on TikTok.

Out of those, 72% went because the food looked appetizing, 45% because it had a unique menu.

Why we care: If you’re running TikTok Ads, you may want to skim through the holiday guide just to make sure you’re covering everything.

And you might combine that with the insights about “Shoppertainment” for even better performance.

Oh, and if you’re advertising a local place, promoting it on TikTok could help you fill some chairs.

And if you need help finding influencers…


Want to scare your competitors this Halloween? Just work with these influencers


No tricks, just treats!

Upfluence creators are knocking on your door, bringing captivating brand stories to their audiences and sales to you.

So many sales, in fact, that your competitors will shudder in fear of losing market share.

Upfluence is based on simple features:

  1. Discovery. It’s easy to connect with pre-vetted influencers that match your brand values and style.
  2. Relationship management. Manage all your influencers and follow each stage of the collaboration in one place.
  3. Automation. Upfluence automates your campaign workflows so you spend less time filling spreadsheets.
  4. Simplified payment. Invoice, tax documents, and payment status… you can take care of it all through Upfluence.
  5. Tracking. Advanced analytics help you track sales, calculate ROI, measure impressions and reach, and view a summary of all your media engagements.

Netflix, Asics, Verizon, and 1600+ other brands are stuffing their baskets with sales thanks to Upfluence.

Drive more sales with creators.


How to design high-converting ad creatives


When user tracking gets complicated and targeting becomes faulty, what can you rely on? Ad creatives, of course.

Ash Melwani’s Twitter thread provides some inspiring examples that could help you boost your upcoming holiday campaigns.

Let’s check them out:

Example #1: GIFs. They’re eye-catching and can help potential customers focus on the right elements of your product.

When you make a GIF, be sure to include a strong headline, outline all the benefits, and if there’s a particularly outstanding attribute, make it the primary focus of the ad. Like this example.

Example #2: TikTok style user-generated content (UGC). TikTok videos work when they contain a strong hook—one that is both textual and visual.

And they work really well when they show potential customers how to solve a problem by using a product.

Adding a personal story and frequently changing frames in your video can also boost your engagement rate. Ash shares this example.

Example #3: Static images. Making static images work can be a bit more tricky because they aren’t as attention-grabbing as “content in motion.”

If you want effective static images, you need strong, highly visible copy that can hook the viewer immediately. Show the product clearly, and include a good offer—like a money back guarantee, for example.

Also, if one image works, it’s much easier to make similar variations of the same image and essentially “upgrade” it.

As a bonus, you can also try these tips on your top performing creatives:

  • Take your top-performing static images and turn them into GIFs.
  • Take UGC-style creatives from TikTok and upload them to Facebook and Instagram Reels.
  • Keep doubling down on winners.

There you go. Start working on upgrading your creatives now, and you’ll have time to experiment with ad creative and get more results for your holiday campaigns…


A spooky Halloween deal: Unlimited copywriting for only $49


Their copywriting skills are sharper than Freddy Krueger’s metal-clawed glove.

They can deliver quality work faster than a wolf man morphs under a full moon.

And for an eerily short amount of time, you can get killer copywriting for only $49 for 7 days.

But hurry. Panda Copy’s offer won’t last forever… Put your content creation on autopilot for just $49 for one week!

Make your offers stand out with great copy for just $49 for 7 days!


How Athletic Greens makes millions… without using product pages!


Creating product pages is a prerequisite for selling millions of dollars of product online, right?

Wrong… at least where Athletic Greens is concerned.

When we broke down their marketing tactics for Stacked Marketer Pro last year, we realized something: Athletic Greens’ homepage doubles as their product page.

The Athletic Greens purchase flow goes straight from homepage to checkout, which we think is brilliant—especially for a company selling just a handful of products.

The Athletic Greens homepage structure looks something like this:

  1. Above-the-fold section with headline and subheader.
  2. Below-the-fold section with value propositions.
  3. CTA for the product, which begins the purchase process when clicked.
  4. More value propositions.
  5. Reviews from customers.
  6. Social proof.

Once you click the product CTA on the homepage, you make a couple quick clicks to determine which product you want.

And just like that, you’re making a purchase.

Why we love this: Redirecting your customers to product pages can increase friction.

So instead, Athletic Greens focuses entirely on optimizing their homepage for conversions, which makes it easier for customers to go straight to buying the product instead of having to navigate to a new page and absorb additional information.

If you only sell a couple of products, this might be worth trying.

If you sell a bunch of products, a format like this might be worth trying for some of your most important products.

And if you want to discover more strategies used by successful DTC brands, join Stacked Marketer Pro.


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PAYMENTS: Mind your language. PayPal brought back their objectionable terms policy, allowing them to swipe $2,500 from your account if they believe you promoted messages they disagree with. Nobody is happy, of course – including Elon Musk.

INSTAGRAM: If you’re looking for some inspiration before holiday sales kick in, now’s your chance. Instagram announced a live event series called Live Holiday Market, where e-commerce retailers will share tricks of the trade. Might be worth checking out.

TWITTER: Left, right, and center. Elon Musk announced that he intends to create a content moderation council “with widely diverse viewpoints” to help regulate Twitter. Will be interesting to see how that works out…

SEO: Think twice… or even thrice before changing your URLs. Google’s John Mueller says tweaking individual URLs leads to temporary drops and technical difficulties. And you’d be lucky if the changed links return to the same ranking spot quickly. Urgh…

ADVERTISING: Apparently misinformation can be profitable. There are reports that show Google Ads let businesses advertise false claims for months before taking the ads down. Not nice, Google…

*This is a sponsored post


What word in the English language does the following: the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four letters signify a great man, while the entire word signifies a great woman.

What is the word?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Too popular for the popularity contest


Ever heard of Sirocco? He’s a kākāpō, a flightless “owl parrot” from New Zealand.

And like DJ Khaled, Sirocco is suffering from success.

Apparently this poor avian has been removed from New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition for the weirdest possible reason: he’s just too darn popular.

And the organizers want “to give other birds a chance to win.”

Guess being famous doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want…

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