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No more hidden subscriber data


YouTube is turning a flashlight on subscriber count.

And that could actually make advertisers’ lives easier…

What’s going on: YouTube plans to officially disable hidden subscribers July 29, making numbers of subscribers visible to all users on the platform.

They say it’s to prevent comment spam, but…

Advertisers just got a new metric to track: With clear subscriber data, it could be easier to find relevant influencers, compare and track campaign results, and avoid scammy creator accounts.

And if your competitors’ subscriber base is growing fast, that may give you insight into what’s engaging your audience.

It’s not the only metric, of course… While subscribers aren’t the only metric to consider when looking for influencers and creators, they can help you gauge the health of an account.

For example, you could check an influencer’s account to see if they’re losing or gaining a lot of subscribers within a period of time. If they’re hemorrhaging subscribers, that’s a red flag.

Useful, right?


Customers are getting more careful

… and it seems like the economy is to blame.

No more impulse buys: According to the latest Adobe Commerce research, inflation and high costs could prevent shoppers from spending big during the holidays.

And those who do buy are going to be picky:

  • 76% plan to study online reviews before buying products offline.
  • 61% of shoppers say recommendations and personalized offers make them more likely to buy.
  • Nearly half said that they’re more likely to purchase if the retailer offers a Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) option.

Holiday blues: The upcoming holiday sale could be one of the most challenging in recent years… and trustworthy brands are the ones most likely to thrive.

What you can do: Focus on making product descriptions detailed and credible. Also, go big on testimonials, reviews, and user generated content (UGC).

Finally, consider adding a BNPL feature so your users can split payments.

Your customers may feel more comfortable buying if they know a purchase won’t empty their checking accounts.


Prove your affiliate marketing skills and win a Mercedes AMG GT, plus a trip to the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix


It’s time to separate the amateurs from professionals.

WERACE TO FORMULA 1 2022 is the largest event in the industry hosted by Wewe Media.

Skills, endurance, and competitive spirit are required.

But glory and luxury items wait for you on the other side:

  • Grand Prize: A Mercedes AMG GT 2022*.
  • First on the podium: Hublot Big Bang Unico watch.
  • Second on the podium: Breitling Super Chronomat 44 watch.
  • Third on the podium: Omega Moonwatch professional watch.

All publishers who are awarded with Grand or Podium prizes will receive a bonus prize: A trip to Singapore to watch the F1 Grand Prix Live.

If you don’t make it to the top, complete the pit stops in the Formula 1 Circuit Challenges, to receive a ton of cool gadgets, such as the latest iPhone 13, MacBook Pro, AirPods Max, and so on.

The contest finishes August 31, which means you have about 60 days to prove your skills to the industry.

Start the race!


How to scale your TikTok account to 100k followers using a virtual assistant


If you could use a qualified social media manager, but can’t hire someone now, this will still help you grow your social media accounts.

It’s a simple strategy Tim Duncan shared that lets you outsource some of the growth tasks related to your TikTok account or any other social media.

Hire a virtual assistant (VA), and give them three simple tasks to help you gather useful data and boost engagement:

1) Daily competitor analysis. Make a list of 10-20 of your top competitors. Then create a spreadsheet and let the VA add the following data every day, for the following metrics:

  • Link to the video.
  • Category.
  • Number of views.
  • Number of comments.
  • Number of reposts.
  • The most frequent question in the comments.

Use different colors to categorize the findings:

  • Blue: The video has many comments from users interested in buying.
  • Green: The video generated more than 500k views.
  • Yellow: The video gets 100k to 500k views.
  • Red: The video scored less than 100k views

Then, when you create your weekly content plan:

  • Reshoot videos marked as blue and green or just use them as inspiration.
  • Find out how to improve videos marked as yellow and make them better.

2) Trending hashtags and sounds in the TikTok Creative Center. Have your VA check the daily trending hashtags and sounds in your category. Choose the “New to 100” option to find hashtags that are gaining popularity.

Then have your VA create a daily list of the top 5 hashtags and sounds.

3) Ignite conversations in the comments section to boost your reach. Have your VA reply to comments. This will help you address buying questions instantly and boost the reach of your videos.

There you go!


Did you hit your Q2 revenue goals?


Because if you didn’t, you may just find the growth hacks and strategies that will help you crush your Q3 goals… right inside Insights.

Every month we spend 200+ hours breaking down growth strategies used by successful brands, analyzing ad platforms, and uncovering unsaturated marketing trends.

Then we turn that data into Insights you can apply instantly and increase revenue for your brand or business.

Hit your goals more easily with exclusive analysis and research.


The single trait great creative people have in common


We’ve got a tiny-but-mighty insight for you today…

When you’re working on a project, save the limitations until the very end—don’t start with them.

Too often, great ideas die because people think “it’ll be too hard to build” or “it’s too complicated.”

As a result, the great ideas don’t get generated in the first place.

Most talented creatives do the opposite. When they start a project, they dream as big as possible. Then, as they build, they accept limitations as they arrive.

For example: Let’s say you’re building a website. Instead of telling your designer to stick to the basics for the sake of the developer, let your designer run wild.

Let them create the best thing they can think of.

Then, pass it to your developer and see how far they can take it.

Why this works: It helps you overcome any preconceived worries about a project.

Because if you let those worries squash your creativity to begin with, you’ll never give yourself the freedom to create the big ideas you have in your head.

Try it sometime and see how it goes!


TIKTOK: Testing, testing. The platform is trying out a new Shopping feed, a hub where you can buy relevant products from the platform’s shop. The feature is currently available in just a few countries, with no indications when—or if—it will expand.

APPLE: South Korea 1, Apple 0. The company is now allowing South Korean apps to use third-party payment methods, based on the country’s recent Telecommunications Business Act. A sign of things to come?

INSTAGRAM: Excuse us, but it’s “Reels,” not “videos.” Instagram is automatically turning every video into Reel format—making the platform even more like TikTok.

SEO: Google is removing rich results containing weapons, tobacco and vaping products, recreational drugs, and gambling products. In other words, these results can no longer come with featured snippets, star ratings, prices, and more. Guess it was inevitable.

GOOGLE: Remember the controversial “15 MB thing” from Google’s bot documentation updates? Turns out, it has been there all along, we just haven’t been paying attention. Collective sigh of relief.


What would you find in the middle of Toronto?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Those are some big vitamin pills


You know that sinking feeling you get when you’ve swallowed the wrong pill by accident?

Imagine how this TV presenter felt when, instead of taking her vitamin capsule, she accidentally swallowed her Apple AirPods.

It’s an easy mistake… After all, they are small and white and they kinda look like huge pills.

Luckily the presenter was able to… uh, “eject’ them. And guess what? They still worked! True sign of quality right there.

We can think of two solutions for avoiding situations like this in the future:

One, AirPods come with choking hazard warnings. Two, they come in apple flavor.

Which one would you vote for?

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