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Guess the Top 100 searched products on Google…


Users are googling holiday gifts, and… marketers are googling what users are searching for.

If you’re one of those marketers, you’ll appreciate Google’s database of the most searched products in 2022.

Before you start: You can browse the entire catalog based on six different categories…

  • Home and garden.
  • Apparel and accessories.
  • Gaming and electronics.
  • Beauty.
  • Toys and crafts.
  • Health and fitness.

Recently trending: desk treadmills, hydroponic gardens, and human behavior. Besides product listings, the Top 100 includes trends and insights about certain products and interesting changes in product search behavior.

For example, Google says interest in hydroponic gardens increased by 350%, while under desk treadmill searches went up by 60, among others.

Why we care: The guide can help you understand consumer behavior in an unpredictable year. You can also use it as an inspiration for adding new products to your inventory.

And if you’re already selling items from the list, you may want to double down on optimizing or promoting those particular product pages.

Speaking of what’s popular…


Facebook wants your content to be “less problematic”

Want to get your content in front of as many people as possible? Then you better follow the feed.

Meta published its Widely Viewed Content Report for the Q3 2022 for Facebook, which reveals the type of content performing well on the platform.

Don’t take the bait: It appears that high-performing, low-quality content has propelled Meta to “reduce problematic content from reaching the widest audience.”

And by problematic content, Meta doesn’t only mean spam or junk—it also means highly viral engagement bait.

“Unconnected” content preferred: While almost 50% of feed content comes from friends’ posts or reshares, “unconnected content” has risen 15%. So have Group posts.

Facebook recommends marketers optimize for unconnected content. And no, we’re not sure what the point of having followers is either.

The links are not OK: Also, Meta is phasing out posts with links in them to prevent users from leaving Facebook.

In 2022, posts without links accounted for 92.3% of all feed content views. So if you want to promote your blog or share articles, you’ll need to… get creative.

Why we care: Meta’s report confirms the company wants to keep users glued to their platforms by exposing them to recommended content.

Something to keep in mind if organic posts are important to your Facebook strategy.


$33,985 in sales with a list of 672? From just one send?


Gary Vaynerchuk has a site called WineText. Their SMS list of 9,000 customers consistently outperforms Wine Library’s email list of 400,000 by 9x.

Pupnaps, an online pet store, generated $33,985 in sales from sending an SMS campaign to 672 recipients.

Cosy Club, a brand selling blankets, got $45,443 from sending an SMS campaign to 1,147 recipients.

You can find more stories like this inside the SMS Marketing Essentials report by Staked Marketer Pro. It will make you go from “I don’t know anything about SMS” to “I profit from SMS”.

Not only did we analyze case studies and campaigns from other companies getting success with SMS.

We also covered the tricky side of SMS, which scares many businesses:

  • Staying compliant when collecting phone numbers
  • Compliance for sending campaigns
  • SMS deliverability

Check out a free preview of the report!


How to keep marketing momentum in troubling times


Ah, if only we got a dollar every time we heard the word “recession” this year…

Uncertainty has been looming over businesses for some time now. And according to Patrick Campbell, the slowdown is just getting started.

The domino effect caused by B2B markets impacting B2C markets is already in full swing. Patrick says new sales are slowing by 20-30%, and churn rate is increasing by 20%.

So what should you do? You can sit in a dark corner hoping the great recession monster won’t take notice… or, you can face it with recession-proof gear.

Patrick offers a few interesting tips that can help you survive and win during uncertain times. Let’s get into ‘em…

Shore up customers. They’re facing doubts and cutting costs, too. So do things that will make them stay. Try to convert monthly into annual subscriptions to boost lifetime value by as much as 800%.

Also, send reactivation campaigns every 60 days to bring 5% of your churn back. Fix payment failures, too—they account for 20-40% of your churn.

Increase accounts and potential customers. Don’t focus on short-term gains. Whoever has the highest user base after the recession passes will win the long game.

Implement freemium, offer more free stuff, and do everything to get the leads now instead reaching them out cold in a couple of months.

Try to fend off customer anxiety. A business that acts as a beacon of hope will attract people in troubling periods.

Now’s a great time to answer customers’ burning questions and worries.

Publish content, host webinars, plan in-person events, build community. Not only will you attract leads, you will remain in users’ minds when they’re ready to buy.

These are just a few of Patrick’s tips. We recommend reading the entire thread, as you may salvage some golden nuggets that will help you shake off the incoming storm!


Want to see awesome returns on your campaigns? Try Snapchat.


Maybe you’re not on Snapchat, but you know who is?

More than 600M users1, with 100M in North America alone2Snap’s growing, unique audience is hard to reach elsewhere. And no, it’s not just teenagers – more than 50% of Snapchatters in the US are older than 24!3

With Snapchat you can:

  • Build immersive, engaging brand experiences by creating augmented reality (AR) ads where users are actively engaged.
  • Drive Results. How? Mix AR ads with video ads to get the perfect storm. Across CPG, Snap drove an ROI on average 1.78x as much as the total media average!4

Add Snapchat to your campaigns, it’s that simple.


Why professional novelists “forget” about their work—and why you should too


We love a good novel.

We also love studying what makes great novelists so talented at what they do.

Turns out, lots of that advice applies to good marketing work.

While novel-writing and marketing are different skills, they’re both creative in nature.

Here’s one rule almost every novelist follows, from Gaiman to Murakami to King:

Once they’re done writing a novel, they’ll take a break from it—anywhere from a week to months—before looking at it again.

Then, they revise.

Why? Immediate revisions are rarely ideal. You’re stuck in the same logical and creative patterns you were in when you created the work.

By letting your work sit, you’re giving your mind a chance to sit and reset.

You also give yourself time to forget the details of your work so you can review it with fresh eyes.

Of course, marketing timelines are significantly faster-paced than novel-writing timelines. But, this is still a tactic you can use.

For example: If you recently produced great work and feel excited about it, resist the temptation to fire it off your client right away.

Instead, give it a day or two to rest.

Then, come back to it. You’ll often be shocked at what you notice, and what stands out.


CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION: Testing is what takes you from an average conversion rate to a jaw dropping one… which is why AB Tasty gathered 50 experiments conducted by 50 different brands, plus the amazing results they generated. Check them out for free.*

SALES: Guess what? Ringless voicemails are illegal. The practice many businesses use for cold calling falls under the same Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that forbids robocalls without consent. So if you don’t have permission, you’re breaking the law. Ouch.

LINKEDIN: Hi, native post scheduling! The platform finally started rolling out the much requested feature, and it should be available soon on the Android app as well as on the web. Yay!

BUSINESS: Recession? How about “normalization”? This report zooms out of the apparent crisis and claims we’re actually facing a stabilization of the ad market as we move away from the lockdown days. Interesting perspective. Please be true.

GOOGLE: Exciting news for publishers… Google is testing a Rewarded Ad Gate program, allowing you to monetize engaged users by showing them ads every fifth web visit that encourage them to “unlock” gated content. Nice.

*This is a sponsored post


“I have four wings, but cannot fly, I never laugh and never cry;
On the same spot I’m always found, toiling away with little sound.
What am I?”

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

No toad-licking, please


Have you ever felt the urge to lick a toad?

Neither have we, but other people do, apparently. So much so, the National Park Service wrote a Facebook post about the negative consequences of licking the Sonoran Desert toad.

According to rumors, visitors were licking the toads because their toxin is said to cause psychedelic effects, including hallucinations and euphoria.

Sounds like the Frog Prince story, modernized.

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