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Broadcasting with Paid Messaging

Ciao! As Facebook prepares to transition away from subscription permissions, ManyChat is working hard to allow its users to create Paid Messaging as easily as possible.

How? Instead of having to navigate to Ads, they’ve developed a new process to mimic the regular old broadcasts.

This might be a small yet helpful update for us marketers as Paid Messaging is now the only compliant way of reaching out to your audience beyond the 24+1 window.

The other ways you can leverage Paid Messaging for customer re-engagement activities are:

  • Customer reactivation by sending relevant offers, deals announcing new arrivals or product launches to name a few.
  • Promote a product or an event similar to the one your subscriber already expressed interest in.
  • Continue conversations from the point where subscribers left off.

Check out the official announcement here for complete details.


Reddit & Snapchat shake hands

Reddit and Snapchat have struck a new deal which will allow Reddit users to share their content on Snapchat.

This shared content from Reddit will be accompanied by a new sticker which showcases the Reddit logo.

It will then drive Snapchat users to the Reddit app or, if they don’t have the app installed, the app store to download Reddit.


Reddit has always been great for discovering new trends and memes, but the platform isn’t as widely used as some. This allows people to essentially steal and repost Reddit content without the fear of it being exposed as unoriginal.

But now, at least on one front, Reddit’s looking to do something about it.

Well, the Reddit user base is definitely much larger than Snapchat’s, so it’ll be interesting to keep a track of the developments to see which platform gains more from this new deal.


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Performance never drops if you look at the right data

What do you do when your FB Ads performances start to drop? If you know the reason, then it’s not a problem. Just find the issue and adjust, right?

But how do we find the issue? As always, it comes down to data!

On the subject of this, Andrew Foxwell started an interesting Twitter thread on what you should look at when your performances are declining.

Shall we move to it?

The first step is going into the Delivery Insights at the ad set level and looking for the following metrics:

+ First Time Impression Ratio (FTIR): The first metric to look out for. This is the percentage of your daily impressions that comes from people seeing your ad set for the first time. If it’s low, it means you’re showing your ads to the same audience over and over again.

+ Audience Reached Ratio (ARR): This is the percentage of the potential audience you’ve reached so far.

What can you do with this data?

  • In combination with the FTIR, the ARR tells you the bid type and why the CPA may be rising. If it’s low, you can try a different bid type or try increasing it by 30% of your CPA. That should tell Facebook to show your ad to new people.
  • Launch new ad sets: This will help you to reach a new audience pocket, increasing the ARR and the FTIR due to your ad reaching more people for the very first time.
  • Introduce new ads: This, as with the previous solution, will help you reach a new and untouched section of your audience.

+ Auction competition: This is the rate at which auction competition changed on a given day relative to the competitiveness of your own Paced Auction Bid.

Looking at this metric, you will notice that some days a bid is 7% less competitive, while on other days the exact same bid is 9% more competitive.

Basically, it tells you how other advertisers are influencing your results, which could stop you tearing your hair out every time you see an unexplained performance drop.

Finito! Thanks to Andrew for sharing this thread. And thanks to data for showing us the truth!


  • SEO: As per SEMrush’s recent case study, these are the 14 most effective link building strategies to work on. Guest posting remains the most popular strategy among most SEOs.
  • GOOGLE: Marketers running Smart Shopping campaigns will now have the ability to hone their targeting options, including the ability to set radius targeting.
  • FACEBOOK: Give your ad creative a holiday twist this season with FB’s 6 simple tips and tricks.
  • BUSINESS: How much are free internet services worth to the economy? Would you give up Google for $17,000 a year? Please let the Feds know.
  • YOUTUBE: Mozilla has come up with 28 user-submitted stories that show all the recommendation algorithm flaws in YouTube. Some of them are horror stories.
  • FACEBOOK: FB seems to roll out native campaign-level budget rules for some advertisers. Check your FB Ad Account to see if it shows up.


I went into the woods and got it. I sat down to seek it. I brought it home with me because I couldn’t find it.

What is it?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

∞ ROAS is now a thing

Campaigns are not only about ads, landing pages, banners or influencers.

Sometimes, the best campaigns revel in simplicity. They take advantage of absolute nothingness. Yep, and it works like crazy.

If you haven’t figured out what we’re talking about yet… It’s Fortnite!

The famous video game marked the end of Season 10 by being hit by an asteroid and replaced with a Black Hole. Users can load the game, but they can’t do anything other than watch a black hole slowly swirl on screen.

At the time of writing this, the servers are still down.


This surprising twist is nothing less than a fantastic marketing strategy. The black hole has got every publisher talking about the game. The Verge, Forbes, The Independent and many others. Even The Crew is here writing about the game!

Fortnite’s black hole has been everywhere. Famous streamers on Twitch even set up events to watch the black hole. The buzz has literally taken over the world.

This is a great example of how to grab infinite media space using zero resources.

We want to hire Fortnite’s CMO!


A splinter.

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