Unexpected FB Ads Manager updates rolling out tomorrow: Prepare your Ad Accounts. Add an extra $10k to your ecom revenues in the next 15 days – without spending a dime. Instagram bans organic posts in these popular niches.



Even the Kardashians suffer from Instagram’s policy

As per some studies conducted in the past year, it was determined that Instagram is the most detrimental social media platform for mental health among the younger generation.

Around 37% of teenagers feel pressured to post content on Instagram with the thought of boosting their like and comment counts.

Instagram has acted quickly to try and combat this by testing out hidden like counts. Now, the social platform has taken another step forward as they try to battle the slim-down culture promoted by many Ivy league influencers, including the Kardashians.

These changes will be applicable not only for ads, but for organic posts too:

As per the new policies:

  • Instagram will remove and restrict promotional posts about quick slim-down and similar other products.
  • It will also be restricting posts for users under 18 years old that promote the use of such products or procedures and have an incentive to buy or include a price.
  • Posts making unsustainable claims and being linked to an offer, such as a discount code, will be removed from the platform.
  • A few functionalities will be added which will allow users to report posts that don’t follow the new guidelines.

These changes could prove to be a huge blow to the booming culture of lifestyle gurus and influencers churning out such food, drink and supplement promotions.

Although, it must be said that the potential negatives are far outweighed by the positives.

These policies and additional reporting functionalities will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Influencers are going to have to adapt or run the risk of getting banned for promoting these slimming products…



$10k in sales via Organic Traffic in 15 days

In the past, we have discussed many different strategies for growing ecomm stores using paid ad campaigns.

But for those of you who are a little short on the buck and would prefer to invest your time in boosting organic sales, here are some tips that you might appreciate.

These tips helped Rahul hit $10k in sales in 15 days, all without spending a dime on advertising:

  • Add a keyword optimized blog to your store with at least 10 to 15 quality articles. Keep adding 3-5 pieces of new content every month.
  • Continue monitoring and improving your top 10 performing articles in terms of traffic and keyword rankings. You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics and Search Console to help with this.
  • Optimize your Meta Title, Meta Description, H1/H2 tags based on your keyword targeting.
  • Go after low competition, long-tail keywords first, then gradually move on to higher competition ones. You can easily target 10-25 low competition keywords per article.
  • Optimize your images by using long-tail keywords as alt tags. This will help you drive significant traffic via Google Images.
  • Focus on your URL slugs (the exact address of a specific page). Keep them short and specific based on the target keyword for the page.
  • Leverage Q&A websites such as Quora by answering the most popular questions in your niche. Quora answers rank quick in Google’s top 10 slots most of the time.
  • Improve your website load times. The faster it loads, the better it will perform in the search. You can use GTmetrix to optimize this.
  • Track your rankings and reverse engineer your competitors in the top 10 rankings. You can do competitor analysis using Ahrefs and Semrush.
  • Improve the UI and design of your web pages and add conversion elements and CTAs to boost overall conversion rate.
  • Make your content Reddit worthy and promote it on Reddit. It’s a tough crowd, but if your content is good enough and doesn’t get downvoted, Google will reward you.
  • Use guest posts to build quality backlinks from other relevant blogs and websites.

BONUS HACK: Use coupon submission websites to your advantage. Add your discount codes to as many relevant coupon websites as you can. This will not only get you sales, but also give you an SEO boost due to the high domain authority of many of these sites.


✅ Top 5 reasons you should be at Affiliate Summit APAC 2019

Affiliate Summit APAC 2019 is in two weeks time and we don’t want you to miss out!

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Here are the top five reasons why you should be at #ASAPAC19.

  1. In addition to being a keynote speaker, Steve Tan will be answering your questions in his Q&A session in the VIP Lounge on Day 1.
  2. This year there will be specialty tracks for different experience levels so whether you are new or an industry expert, you can walk away with plenty of new business and shared ideas you can convert into actions. View the full agenda here!
  3. There will be content in different formats such as the Affiliate University, session tracks, and country roundtables. Everything you need to know will be covered, from app integration to building good partnerships – we’re certain you will pick up new strategies and tactics.
  4. There’s more for you! The agenda has just been updated and some fantastic new speakers have been added to the line-up (which means more content for you).
  • Kyle Morgan, Partner Manager, eBay.
  • Rizal Wisnu Prasetya, Regional Associate Manager, Affiliate, Zalora.
  • James Zheng, VP of Commercials, iPrice.
  • Fred Schebesta, Co-Founder, Finder.
  • Venchito Tampon, Co-Founder & Managing Director, SharpRocket.
  • Alix Simpson, VP Customer Success APAC, Partnerize.
  • Valeria Bondar, Senior Affiliates & Partnerships Executive, Farfetch.
  • Gerald Young, Chief Revenue Officer, Involve Asia Technologies.
  • Shinichiro Kawabata, CEO, Interspace Co.

View the full list of speakers here.

You will meet 600 digital marketers within the SEA region, all in one place. So far, 75% of attendees are either an affiliate of advertisers such as ASOS, Shopee, Sephora, Klook Travel, Hotels.com, HSBC, FOREO, Airbnb, Uber, Skyscanner, Saleduck, Dealmoon, and many, many more. View the full list of attending companies here.

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Campaigns for multiple products stores. Alert for tomorrow’s Ads Manager updates.

How to structure your camps while selling more than one product. Some updates rolling out tomorrow to keep an eye on. Finally, CBO is becoming mandatory anyway.

Campaign structure for a multiple products store

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to structure campaigns for an e-commerce store with multiple products?

If so, here’s Depesh Mandalia’s take on it, split into Top of the funnel (TOF), middle of the funnel (MOF) and bottom of the funnel (BOF).

  • The elements of a TOF (Top of the funnel) campaign will be: Angles, offers, audiences.
  • For MOF and BOF, the elements will be: Products, offers, testimonials, social proof, FOMO.

TOF campaigns are about demand generation. Therefore, campaigns should be focused on bringing attention to the problem and highlighting your product as a solution.

Whereas for MOF and BOF campaigns, you can use Dynamic Product Ads to nab those users that are ready to buy and use Dynamic Creative Optimization to keep your creatives fresh.

For testing audiences in the TOF, Depesh suggests launching a new CBO campaign for every different LLA and Interest based audience. Then, for every ad set, use a different angle and audience.

For MOF and BOF, where the audiences don’t change much:

  • MOF: Here you should target video viewers, page engagers and email list.
  • BOF: Target on-site events such as: AddToCarts, Initiate Checkouts, product pages visitors etc. All split by different time windows.

Finally, a quick word on budgets: It’s recommended to spend 70% of the budget on your TOF campaigns for prospecting, running both Video Ads and direct response ads.

Updates about your Ads Manager and CBO

More updates are on the way, and yet again they are coming in from Depesh Mandalia.

+ Tomorrow September 20, Facebook will make some upgrades to the Ads Manager.

Some of the things to keep an eye on are:

  • All unpublished work will be deleted.
  • Don’t plan to work on your account editing tomorrow.
  • You can still plan campaigns for tomorrow, but double-check if ads are going live.

+ Ad accounts forced to use CBO despite the use of ABO camps in the last 56 days.

  • Despite what Facebook has previously stated, it turns out that CBO will become mandatory for some ad accounts in October rather than the official deadline of February 2020.
  • If you’re among them, your old ad set budget campaigns will keep running, but you won’t be able to launch any more campaigns with ad set level budget optimization.

Not exactly mouth watering news, but still necessary to know. The anticipated mandatory CBO is probably due to reps, product managers and engineers not yet being fully aligned for the roll out.


  • ADVERTISING: Washington Post has decided to wage a war against Google’s gigantic ad network. Starting next year, it will launch its own ad network called Zeus. PS: WP is owned by Amazon.
  • MICROSOFT: Microsoft announces two new audience targeting solutions: Product Audiences and Similar Audiences to more advertisers in U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia, India, France and Germany.
  • SNAPCHAT: As the U.S prepares for 2020 elections, Snapchat joined the ranks of Google and FB by launching its own Political Ads Library for increased transparency.
  • SEO: Google has reduced the title character count by 4-5 characters in search results. Though, this won’t affect website rankings in any way.
  • FACEBOOK: SocialBaker’s latest social media trends report reveals that FB newsfeed ads outperform all other placements and receive 60% of the total ad spend on Facebook and Instagram.
  • GOOGLE: Google expands auction-bidding from Google Search to all advertisers on its Search Ads 360 platform.


This thing runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks. Lacks arms, has hands; lacks a head but has a face. What is it?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.Opulence for scuba divers

How to make your friends jealous, 2025 style!

What’s on your bucket list?

Mexico? Tokyo? Mauritius?

You’re so 2019!

These days, if you really want to keep your Instagram game strong, you gotta share selfies from Space. Yes!

Follow The Crew and book a stay in this space hotel that Gateway Foundation is building.

It’s to be a rotating space station that will produce different levels of artificial gravity, accommodating up to 100 tourists a week when it opens in 2025.

Now that is a true getaway 😉 ;).


The hotel will also be equipped with low-gravity basketball fields, gyms, restaurants, a climbing park and everything else you would normally want from a vacation.

Does the Wi-Fi work up there?… The Crew has made the bookings anyway.

And we will surely include this trip as a gift in our referral program as soon as the hotel opens for business… But for now you’ll have to make it with an all-expenses paid trip to Vienna to visit us.

We don’t have a low-gravity basketball pitch, but we’ll surely have a high quota of fun!


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