We have 3 updates from Google Ads

Google has been really busy this week. Yesterday alone there were 3 new Google Ads updates:

That’s a lot of updates in one day. We hope they won’t keep the same pace for the rest of January… Talk about overworking yourself!


The U.S. Government wants to limit “targeted advertising”


Another day, another government trying to limit Big Tech.

This time, several U.S. Senators have proposed a bill that would severely limit how tech companies can serve ads to users.

The restrictions: Platforms will not be able to target based on “protected class information such as race, gender, religion, and personal data purchased from data brokers.” The platforms will still be able to target users based on location (city/state-level) data and contextual ads, aka show ads based on the content a user interacts with.

The Crew’s prediction: Given the massive implications of passing this bill, we expect a big fight (which already started), so we don’t expect it to pass any time soon.


PosiRank will grow your organic traffic by 20% in 6 months or less, or will pay you $1000


Is that a deal or is that a steal? It’s the kind of offer we’ve not seen before and it couldn’t come from anyone else but PosiRank.

PosiRank has ranked over 7k websites on page 1 of Google.

They provide best-in-class white label SEO services and powerful link options for all business verticals.

And we do mean all business verticals! Included are sensitive niches like CBD, nutra, gambling, vape, THC, and crypto.

They’ve already worked with thousands of agencies worldwide and they are so confident in their ability that they are making all Stacked Marketer readers the following offer:

If you work with PosiRank, they will either grow your organic traffic by 20% in 6 months or less, or they will pay you USD $1,000.

Yep, so if you only grew your organic traffic to 15%, you’ll get $1,000.

Hit up PosiRank to see if they’re right for you.


You won’t like how this founder scaled his SaaS company from $1.5k to $15k in MRR


Why wouldn’t you?

Because what he did was not sexy, it’s boring and highly time-consuming… Yet it worked.

In 2013, Nathan Barry started an email marketing software with the goal of hitting $6k in MRR (monthly recurring revenue). But in December 2015, the MRR was just $1.5k.

Six months later, his sales increased 10x more (Sorry for the mention, Grant Cardone), and hit the $15k MRR mark.

How did he do it? He started looking for clients one by one.

Here’s the story:

  • He niched his audience and identified his target customers, like “professional paleo recipe bloggers who are women,” or “men’s fashion bloggers in NYC.”
  • Laser-targeting allowed him to use Twitter, Google, and industry blogs to compile a list of potential clients.
  • He took all the names on the list and subscribed to their newsletters, followed them on Twitter, and started interacting with them.
  • After that he started to reach out to them, asking about the frustrations they were having with their current email marketing platforms. This led to a conversation on how Nathan Barry was trying to solve these problems with his product.
  • The conversations led to a call where Nathan showed how they could fix their issue with their current tools or with his own software. He had hundreds of Skype calls.
  • During the calls, the main sale objection was switching to a new email provider. So Nathan offered to manage the shift himself for free.
  • The first initial clients acquired in this way started to build word-of-mouth, bringing in their friends and business partners.
  • Once a customer was set up, Nathan Barry would ask for a referral. As he’s stated, “the warm intros worked better than cold emails.”

This brought the MRR to $15k in six months. After hitting the mark, Nathan started to fly from city to city to meet bloggers in real life and he got even more sales.

This dude gave a new meaning to the word “hustle”.


Earn 15% in ETH or 30% in $LUCA token as an affiliate


Of what, you ask? Of how many $LUCA tokens your referral buys. Let’s just take a step back and explain what this token is…

Lucrosus Capital, with their $LUCA token allows individual investors to participate directly and indirectly in every investment they make in the cryptocurrency space.

In short, it’s a decentralized-VC fund where its shares have been tokenized.

Check out how you can invest and earn more through the referral program!*

*Cryptocurrency markets are decentralized and non-regulated. Your capital is at risk. Fees may apply.


How to get press for your e-commerce brand


We dug into interviews with 181 e-commerce entrepreneurs and found out that getting press is second place in the most common channels to get customers for e-commerce brands.

So of course, we also distilled the tips to increase your chances of getting press, since this is not a channel where you can just make an account and run ads, like paid social.

Here are some key lessons:

  • Prepare content for the journalist so they have to do as little work as possible to publish a piece about your brand.
  • You don’t need to be a huge established brand. You need an appealing story or a product that catches people’s attention. Give the press what their readers want.
  • Getting writers and journalists to respond to you can be hard, but being persistent pays off. The founder of Clever Travel Companion spent hours reaching out to hundreds of writers and bloggers to get press coverage. It was a lot of hard work, but 75% of their $50k monthly revenue comes from press reviews.
  • Going local helps: The founder of Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce got success by promoting his entrepreneurial journey to local news networks in Northeast Ohio.

In addition to what we saw, Snow, an oral care brand leverages giveaways and celebrity endorsements to get press coverage.

This gives publications two reasons to write about you: Your brand and the celebrity. Or your brand and the free products readers could get.


INFLUENCER MARKETING: Don’t gamble on influencers… The right creator gives you the right audience that is already in line with your brand’s value. Upfluence helped OMEGA, Mapiful, KEEN, and 1600+ brands find the perfect creators to match their brands’ characteristics…and drive sales! Find your match here.*

E-COMMERCE: Banks. Which banks? Shopify just released “Shopify Balance,” a money-management and card account that allows US-based merchants to manage their finances without a bank.

INSTAGRAM: If you start to see a lot of “Subscribe” buttons on Instagram profiles, this is the reason for it. Instagram has just released “Subscriptions,” a way for creators to earn money with recurring monthly subscriptions.

GOOGLE: No more free Gmail accounts for businesses. Google will discontinue its free G Suite legacy edition on May 1, 2022.

ADVERTISING: TV > Video. These survey results suggest advertisers are finding TV more effective than video.

SEO: Site migrations are hard. Here’s how to make them easier, according to Google’s John Mueller.

BROWSERS: Is this the beginning of the Web 3.0 browser wars? Opera has just launched a crypto browser.

TWITTER: What’s currently trending on Twitter in various industries? The social network published a series of reports to answer this question.

*This is a sponsored post.


What’s a question you can ask all day, get different answers each time and they would still be correct?

You can find the solution here.


Use part of the giveaway prize to hire growth services

By now, you’re probably aware of our USD $25,000 business giveaway.

However, you might not know that you don’t have to spend the whole USD $25,000 on a business.

Here’s the thing, Flippa our partner who’s offering the giveaway prize, is also a marketplace for ancillary services. So, let’s say you need help with SEO for your new business. You’ll find it at Flippa.

Or maybe you need help with Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Flippa’s got that covered! Copywriting, design, social media. They have it all. So think about this when sorting your options.

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Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Waiting 7 hours for a popcorn bucket


Apparently, many Disney fans don’t mind this.

Disney World’s Epcot International Festival began on January 14th. The festival brings together visual, culinary, and performing artists from all over the world. However, one item dominated the festival’s first day… commemorative popcorn buckets.

The “Figment Popcorn Bucket” is modeled after a character from Epcot’s various iterations of the “Journey into Imagination” ride.

It costs $25 and has caused Disney fans to queue for up to 7 hours in order to get their hands on one.

Many of the Figment Popcorn Buckets even ended up on eBay, where they sold for well over $200, some even reached $1000.

One (probably not so big) Disney fan tweeted, “I love Disney but come on!”

Well, you know what they say, “it’s either your money or your time.”

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