Have an inside look of the Stacked Marketer business with our 2021 Annual Report


It’s that time of the year for us… The time when we publish our Annual Report detailing the business side of Stacked Marketer.

And we mean it when we say “detail.” The 2021 edition is better than ever. You’ll be able to sink your teeth into juicy bits like:

  • How we made $360,000 in revenue, and almost double what we did in 2020.
  • What our expenses and profit were at the end of the year.
  • Total emails sent and engagement rates for the year.
  • What worked well for growing our readership and what didn’t.
  • What our biggest challenges and failures were in 2021.
  • What our plans are for 2022.
  • What our revenue predictions are for 2022 (and 2023!).

There’s more in our 2021 Annual Report, and the best part is it’s free for everyone to read (no form submission necessary).

Get an inside look into the Stacked Marketer business.

PS: Yes, you can share this report with anyone you want, even if they don’t read our newsletter.


Microsoft Ads has a bunch of updates for January

One billion. According to current stats, that’s how many people Microsoft Ads reaches worldwide.

Microsoft has announced a few updates to its Ads services for January that can be a dealbreaker if you dabble with similar audiences:

  • Customer Match (email match) targeting no longer requires a minimum spend.
  • Similar audiences will soon become available for the UK, AU, IN, NZ, ID, MY, PH, SG, TH, and VN.

In addition, shopping campaigns are getting performance and conversion reporting. With performance reporting you get all the usual goodies (clicks, impressions, average CPC and CPM, etc).

With conversions you’ll get metrics like return on ad spend, all conversions, and revenue. Sweet!


25,000 “edu-preneurs” are making money with their knowledge this year. You can, too.


Creators like Jessica Zweig and Justin Moore drive repeat revenue with their courses.

Imagine hopping on a call to learn exactly how they do it.

And not just their secrets, but the real tactics and strategies of 30+ other top creators.

Amplify is the virtual summit that connects you with professionals who make money with their knowledge so you can learn how to do the same.

The cost? $0 and a few hours of your time.

Register now and you’ll get:

  • Proven ways to turn your knowledge and experience into money this year
  • Strategies for thriving in the competitive knowledge commerce industry
  • Guidance for scaling your revenue and impact over time
  • A look at what’s trending in digital product creation in 2022
  • A network of creators like you

Can’t make all the sessions? No worries, you’ll get the replay!

Learn how to turn your knowledge into revenue.


Get on the Instagram carousel or you will miss out


Is Instagram important for your social media strategy?

Then you should probably read through this article right here and look at the data-driven reasons carousels are a must in 2022.

1. Carousels have a higher than average engagement rate. This is especially true for profiles under 10,000 followers or over 100,000. But carousels stay more engaging than image posts for all profile sizes.

2. You get more engagement per impression when using carousels. And this is for all profile sizes, from under 5,000 followers to over 100,000 followers.

3. Comments! One of the best engagements are comments. Comments on carousels are also above average. Here though, it’s worth mentioning that videos seem to be the most engaging across the board while images lag behind the bigger the profile gets.

4. Users save carousels more often than average. Again, profile size does make a bit of a difference here, where images are saved the most for profiles over 100,000 followers but for anything less than that, carousels are leading the way when it comes to generating saves.

5. Increased reach rate. If you want to reach your followers (which is hard enough already organically), carousels have the highest reach rate across all profile sizes. So, they improve your chances of being in front of your followers.

The Crew’s thoughts: While carousels have positive signs from this data, just posting carousels won’t get you results. Keep in mind that Instagram is doubling-down on video and trying to make Reels a serious TikTok competitor.


The definitive 2022 State of CBD Advertising report is here and it’s free


Seriously, you don’t even have to submit a form. It’s right here thanks to #paid, and it covers:

  1. Why CBD is projected to grow from $3.5B last year to $61.2B in 2027.
  2. What made some CBD brands win and some lose in the last year.
  3. Where to market your CBD products (and how) without getting into compliance issues.
  4. What the main CBD buyer personas are that you should target.

And so much more…

Read the 2022 State of CBD Advertising report here.


Have you ever thought about making money from a mobile game?


Flippa has a mobile game app for iOS and Android listed on its marketplace that simulates cryptocurrency mining.

It has been running for a little over a year, and its profits are starting to grow (reaching $700/month profit with $0 costs) thanks to in-app purchases and in-app ads. See more details here.

The best part?

You might be able to choose this app (or others like this) if you win our USD $25,000 business giveaway.

All you have to do to join the raffle is refer at least one reader to our newsletter using your unique referral link – grab it here.

You have until February 4th, 2022 to get at least one successful referral. Each referral equals one entry.


FACEBOOK ADS: This free white paper will help you level up your ROI, cut CPA, and generally step up your Facebook campaigns saving you countless hours of trial and error. Check out what Genus AI put together for you. Download the free white paper.*

SEO: Does unique content help SEO rankings? “It depends,” Google says.

APPLE: They’ve conceded. Apple promises third-party payment options for Korean users on iOS.

INSTAGRAM: You may soon be able to rearrange your Instagram photos however you like.

GOOGLE: It seems like Google is trying to put Web Stories everywhere. Recently, they’ve appeared in NFL search results.

TIKTOK: The best companies on TikTok don’t act like companies. They act like creators, according to this analysis.

*This is a sponsored post.


Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Do Nothing Rent-a-Man


This is the name of a real job title in Japan.

Meet Shoji, a Japanese man who makes a living by doing “pretty much nothing.”

This 38-years-old man provides a service called “rent-a-man.” In essence, you “rent” him to join you in activities such as having a meal. Or simply listening to (and occasionally responding to) your banter.

Here’s the most interesting part, Shoji’s service is thriving. To date, he has had over 3000 people hire him. “I lend myself out to do nothing, which means I don’t make any special effort. I don’t initiate conversation. I reply to chitchat, but that’s it,” Shoji explained.

Joking aside, loneliness is a real problem in Japan and many people struggle with it. So if this is something that made at least one person happy, then Shoji is doing the right thing.

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