US Post confirms shipping costs bump for small packages starting January 2020: 1.25x to 6x hike predicted. Copy/paste this $500k/month FB Ads remarketing funnel. IAmAttila’s top 9 media buying chrome extensions every affiliate needs.



It’s going to be more expensive to send small packages by post!

On September 6, we talked about how a possible breakdown between the US Postal Service and the United Postal Union could have resulted in a 300% increase in shipping rates.

The juice was: The USPS was going to add in some conditions for remaining in the UPU. If this wasn’t accepted, the USPS would have left the organization, causing cost increases and other logistical problems.

Now, the meeting between the UPU and the USPS is over, and it looks like the UPU accepted the new USPS conditions.

The agreed compromise allows the United States to set its own inbound postage rates and remain within the organization.

The US will be allowed to raise prices for packages arriving from other countries in exchange for a contribution to the Union’s “voluntary fund”. Other countries can also adjust prices on US bound packages from July 2020, and on packages from elsewhere by set amounts each year.

This means higher prices, but for whom?

The changes will apply to internationally dispatched letters and packages under 4.4 lbs.

The consequence? Both US importers and American businesses serving non-US customers could see an increase in costs.

In our language, if you dropship Chinese items to the US market, you will see cost increases.

It’s not just smaller businesses worried about this; the big guns are concerned too: eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Alibaba have raised concerns about the impact, either directly to White House officials or through industry groups.

The White House hasn’t disclosed how much these prices will rise, but predictions range from 125% to 600%.


This, as we previously said, will drive more shipping volume to express carriers like FedEx, UPS and DHL. So, the private shippers are ready to take advantage of this chance.

Again, remember that this change will take effect on January 2020, so Q4 is safe.


This underutilized tactic might be the answer to your long-term growth

Who doesn’t want more website visitors, right? Especially if it’s organic traffic coming from Search. Everyone wants that!

Well, because everyone wants more visitors, it’s a hella’ competitive area. Just ask any SEO expert!

However, with a bit of legwork and some careful planning, you can get a nice boost to your organic traffic by targeting low volume and low competition keywords.

Okay, so you won’t “crush it” right off the bat, but when this is done properly you’ll be able to pick up a constant flow of visitors with super-high buying intent. What’s not to like about that?

We’re not going to leave you hanging: WordStream shared 4 ways you can find these low competition keywords, so you can start including them in your strategy right now!

1. Online communities and public forums

Think of the typical questions you find on Quora, Reddit and public FB groups… Those are queries from real users, specifically about the topic at hand.

So, let’s say you are running a shoes e-commerce store. Well, check these channels to find out what shoe aficionados are talking about.

Find the most commonly asked questions, run them through a keyword planner and select the keyword with the biggest bang-for-buck potential!

2. Check social media for conversational language queries

Picture your grandma Googling something. Chances are, she probably won’t use the shortest, most efficient query.

Instead, she will search Google using the same language as when asking a real person for help. Check Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks for such queries. Again, make sure it’s on your topic!

3. YouTube comments

This is so big that it deserves its own point. You could come up with a big search strategy focused on YouTube only, right?

Let’s not get off topic though… For low competition keywords, search through the comments of popular YouTube videos that deal with your desired topic.

You will likely find follow-up questions from the video which fit in nicely with your strategy.

4. Your customer support team

Yep, maybe this one was already on your mind. Who knows the typical questions your customers have better than your own support team. They are the first people to get these questions thrown at them, so take advantage of this knowledge!

Compile a list of the most common questions and you will likely have a few additions for low-competition keywords!

That’s it! Definitely not going to “skyrocket your traffic”, but it’s certainly a good way for smaller businesses to compete for that perfect audience!

Bonus tip: Don’t forget that once people have visited your website, you can retarget them through paid campaigns, and you can create lookalikes. So, while this is mainly an SEO strategy, it can also serve as a great, high intent, seed for lookalike audiences in your paid traffic efforts!


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No B.S. copy/paste remarketing funnel to generate up to $500k/month

This is what Franzisko Sanchez named his post about his complete retargeting Facebook funnel.

He’s made this to be as ‘Plug n’ Play’ as possible, although remember that every funnel is adapted to different businesses. Let’s jump straight into it:

+ Middle of the funnel – Up:

  • Campaign Objective: Conversion, traffic or reach.
  • Audiences: All Page Engagement, IG engagement, Video Views 50%+.
  • Exclusions: All Website Visitors past 15 days, Purchasers 180 days .
  • Creative/Content: Testimonial, unboxing, lifestyle image, storytelling, influencer ads, user generated content.
  • Offer: 0-20%+ Off, shipping included, address objections (warranty, shipping, results, etc.), Buy one get one, quantity discounts, scarcity.
  • Days/Sequence: 15/30 Days.

+ Middle of the funnel – Down:

  • Campaign Objective: Conversion, traffic, or reach.
  • Audiences: All website visitors, visitors by top 5%, View Content, Add to Cart.
  • Exclusions: Purchasers 180 Days .
  • Creative/Content: Testimonial, unboxing, lifestyle image, storytelling, influencer ads, user generated content, Dynamic Product Ads.
  • Offers: 10-20%+ Off, shipping included, address objections (warranty, shipping, results, etc.), Buy one get one, quantity discounts, scarcity.
  • Days/Sequence: 3/7/14/30 Days.

+ Bottom of the funnel:

  • Campaign Objective: Conversion, traffic, or reach
  • Audiences: Purchasers, Purchasers with Frequency > 2, Purchasers with Value $150+.
  • Exclusions: N/A.
  • Creative/Content: Thank-you ads, video, Lifestyle images.
  • Offers: Get X with purchase, Buy 1 get 1, buy 2 get 1, 50% OFF on next purchase, VIP offers, DPA Cross-sell Ads, DPA Up-sell Ad.
  • Days/Sequence: 1-3/7-15/30-45/45-60+.

+ Creatives: 3-5 different creatives rotated in order to avoid ad fatigue. If you’re going to use the same creatives for your TOF ads, at least change the ad copy.

Moreover, Franzisko suggests testing creatives in the TOF campaigns, therefore nullifying the risk of damaging your brand image with unsuitable creatives.

That’s it!

This really looks like something to copy/paste, and it’s pretty similar to many case studies we’ve already featured.

Make good use of it!


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  • INSTAGRAM: Branded content tags have made their way to IGTV as well. What’s next?
  • TOOLS: IAmAttila shared his 9 most helpful Chrome extensions anyone can use for media buying.


It is flat as a leaf, round as a ring,
Has two eyes, yet cannot see a thing.

What is it ?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.Opulence for scuba divers

Watch this robot play with its balls…

..Its Baoding balls that is, so it’s all safe for work here.

OK, let us explain this in simpler terms, because we didn’t get it at first either. Many tasks that are straight-forward for us humans are extremely challenging for robots to do.

One example of this is writing, and another is rotating 2 balls in one hand. The so-called Baoding balls that you can see in the picture below.


Well, it looks like Google is on top of things again, and recently showed off an AI that could learn how to “juggle” these balls with only a few hours of training. Think of that training like “practice” for people.

You can check out the video of this robot learning right here.

Sure, it’s still a bit clumsy, but the progress is quite fast.

We welcome our robot overlords!*

*we’re just saying that so we don’t tick off any robots



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