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Facebook wants to help you make better videos


What they say: Video is the most engaging ad format ever…

What they don’t say: … unless your videos are terrible.

Apparently Meta knows making quality video isn’t easy, because they decided to help advertisers by publishing an official Video Planning and Buying guide.

Their 28-page guide covers three areas relevant to marketers and media buyers:

  • How to create a video media plan.
  • How to integrate Meta video into your current media plan.
  • An overview of all video formats and platforms.

Why we care: It’s true, really. Do them right, and video ads can be the best bang for your advertising buck.

So having a detailed guide to making videos work for Facebook specifically—and maximizing the effectiveness of newer formats like Reels ads—could be very useful.


New shopping features just landed

… and they’re so new you can almost smell the plastic.

What’s going on: Pinterest rolled out a whole catalog of fresh updates to make the platform more shopping and selling friendly.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Pinterest API for Shopping: Merchants will now be able to manage and customize product catalog and metadata, which means better product data for their customers.
  • Product tagging on pins: Lifestyle Pins are becoming shoppable. According to Pinterest, shopping intent increases 70% when product pins are tagged in brand or lifestyle images compared to standalone product Pins.
  • Video in Catalog: You’ll now be able to add videos to your product catalog and provide a better, more engaging look for your product.
  • Shop Tab on Business Profile: With a Shop Tab, you’ve got another place to showcase your products. The new tab will act like an on-platform storefront for your brand.

Oh, and Pinterest expanded ads to three more Latin American markets: Argentina, Colombia, and Chile.

Why we care: Pinterest going big on Shopping can be only good news for advertisers.

These new features are focused on improving key metrics while also improving shopping experiences for customers.

So if you’re advertising on Pinterest, you might want to start implementing these new features… They could give you a head start on your competitors.


How would your revenue look if you improved email deliverability… and boosted open rates by as much as 300%?


There are many possible reasons your emails aren’t delivered and opened:

  • Your subscribers aren’t engaged.
  • Your IP reputation.
  • Your sender score.

But the good news isInbox Mailers created a new technology that fixes these problems all at once, so your emails actually get delivered.

Not only that… their unique engagement trigger system makes sure your emails get opened, too.

It has nothing to do with your copy. Or the relationship with your list. Yes, this helps even if it’s a disengaged list.

Their new tech can tell you when your users are actively in their inbox… And uses that data to get them to open your emails.

Imagine what revenue would look like if you improved your open rate by as much as 300%…

Discover how Inbox Mailers can boost your email revenue.


How to encourage more customers to buy right now instead of… never


“Hmmm… to buy or not to buy…” —most of your first-time customers.

Believe it or not, your biggest bane isn’t your biggest competitor… it’s the indecisiveness of your customers.

It turns out that between 40% and 60% of deals fall through because customers with buying intent end up changing their minds.

You’ve probably witnessed this phenomenon yourself.

The good news is, two researchers developed an effective method called JOLT that can help your customers cross the finish line.

Let’s break it down…

(J)udge the level of customer indecision: You need to find out quickly if the customer is able to buy… and more importantly, if they’re able to decide.

If you can tell from early interactions that a customer is waffling or unsure or needs more time to think things over, it might be best to disqualify them.

(O)ffer your recommendation: Too many choices can be paralyzing, so the further your customers are in the marketing process, the fewer choices they should have to make.

Sellers that can offer recommendations based on customer needs have significantly better chances of closing the deal.

(L)imit exploration: Stats show that the more questions you allow, the less likely you are to sell.

The best sellers use their expertise and persuasion to “guide and demonstrate” the product or service, and anticipate or address customer objections.

(T)ake risk off the table: Customers love knowing they have access to a “get out of jail free” card.

Opt-out clauses, money-back warranties, and other assurances of success can soothe uncertainty and swing the customer’s decision in your favor.

There you go… four ways to JOLT customers to buy. Find ways to work this method into your marketing funnel. It may just increase your sales.


Grow your business faster… at 50% of the cost


Did you know that you can buy yourself freedom and enjoy free time for a tiny cost?

Over the last 15 years, John Jonas has helped thousands of entrepreneurs hire talented professionals for 50% of what they would normally pay.

His methods give you more time and freedom to grow your business or enjoy being with friends and family.

And in this free guide, he explains exactly how, no signup required.


Superpowers do exist… at least when you use Facebook Ads


Want to become the Doctor Strange of marketing on Facebook?

Use Facebook’s API.

We recently did a Deep Dive into fresh growth marketing tactics.

As part of that research, we took a look at Facebook Ads.

We noticed something odd: When you use Facebook’s standard interface for targeting, the platform won’t show you all user interest groups.

It’ll show larger ones, yes, but there are hidden interests that Facebook won’t show you.

To find these hidden interests, use Facebook’s API.

When you do, Facebook will show you interests you won’t find in the user interface.

Which brings us to a broader insight… APIs often give you more capabilities than user-friendly interfaces.

Yes, they require some extra digging, but you’ll find gold nuggets that you may not find elsewhere.

And by the way… If you like uncovering fresh growth hacks, you might want to check out our Fresh Growth Hacks Deep Dive, where we uncovered dozens of fresh tactics that are working right now.

You can check out the preview here.


BUSINESS: Sifting through the never-ending parade of clickbait about ‘record inflation’ or ‘inverted yield curves’ could be a full-time job. Cut through the noise with The Daily Upside – a BS-free newsletter written by a team of wall street insiders, bankers, and scholars. Sign up for free today.*

GOOGLE: Finally, you can see how well your free listings perform on Merchant Center. Auto-tagging can now display conversions for all free listings and free local free listing experiences. Hooray for better attribution!

YOUTUBE: Want to hook someone on your content? Just play them the catchy part. It’s the same for artists on YouTube, who are seeing great success by promoting their work with Shorts. A good place to go looking for creators…

SEO: It’s like a news feed… for core updates. Google decided to list all their ranking updates on their official website. Let’s hope this new page is the only SEO update for the time being… If you know what we mean.

MARKETING: Pro tip… If you want to hire top talent, you may want to check who your competitors laid off first. Seems to be a new trend. One company’s loss is another company’s gain!

GOOGLE: Got clients in the healthcare industry? Google Ads just made advertising abortion pills easier. Abortion pill providers can now promote the product even if they don’t dispense them at their own facilities, as long as they’re a certified online pharmacy.

TWITTER: It takes two to tweet. Twitter is testing a new “CoTweets” feature that will let you share Tweet ownership with another user. Could be useful for brand partnerships, joint announcements, and a lot more.

*This is a sponsored post.


What do you buy to eat but never consume?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Who said bridges have to go somewhere?


Some structures reach a point where they no longer serve a purpose.

Surprisingly, that goes for bridges, too.

Because as it turns out… there are lots of bridges to nowhere.

They still look absolutely majestic, though.

Definitely worth visiting these icons if you’re into “nowhere bridge tourism.”

That’s a thing, right?

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