There’s a new way to make money on Facebook, plus Instagram gets an update

The Facebook family got a couple of small updates yesterday, including one that could affect some advertisers on Instagram. Let’s get right to it:

  • Instagram users can opt out of third-party data targeting usage. As reported by Social Media Today, you can now opt out of third-party data usage for ad targeting on Instagram. What does this mean for marketers? Probably not much, for now, but the interests of users who turn on this option will likely be harder to pinpoint.
  • Facebook becomes a little bit more like YouTube. A new update to the Rights Manager tool makes it easier to run ads – and claim ad revenue – on content of yours that’s being used elsewhere.

The Crew’s take: Zuck is always up to something (and he’ll be taking a virtual trip to Washington D.C. pretty soon, as we’ll talk about later on), and yesterday’s updates are pretty relevant – at least for those of you in the social media marketing world!


Here’s how to find a product that sells


You’ll see it time and time again on dropshipping forums and Facebook groups: The key to being successful in e-commerce is finding the right product.

Of course, the people who tell you this normally don’t provide great examples or shed much light on how you should actually go about that process.

Stuck in the e-commerce mud? Kick things into 4-wheel drive and let’s get down to business with these tips from Ads Alchemist on finding a winning product:

  • Go to Facebook and search common phrases that are in ads (limited time off, sale, that kind of thing) and then click on the posts + videos tab. Sort through to find products that people have posted.
  • Type in a niche you’re interested in, then sift through the pages until it looks like you’ve found a dropshipper or e-commerce site. Take a look at their products and get inspiration!
  • Google “fitness” or whatever other type of products you’re looking for. The search should return a laundry list of Shopify sites that are selling products in your niche!

There are a couple more smart (and free!) strategies in the full Twitter thread here, so don’t hesitate to check it out.


The ways AI is silently shaping marketers’ jobs every day


AI (aka, artificial intelligence) is shaping our world and many marketers wonder what will change in 5 or 10 years. Will robots take over our jobs?

That’s hard to predict, but Unbounce shared a post that explains how AI will change how you do marketing in 2021 in a big way.

Here’s a sneak peek:

AI can match your products and content with the right customer. For example, Amazon’s product recommendations drives 35% of purchases happening on the retail giant’s platform.

But more significantly, AI can do testing that no marketer can do. Unbounce’s AI-powered landing page feature, Smart Traffic, can help you earn up to 30% more conversions from your campaigns. Now that’s some work you’d be happy for AI to take over, no?

This highly-comprehensive post answers burning questions such as:

  • Will small e-commerce stores have access to a system that has the power of Amazon’s product recommendation system? If yes, when?
  • How will algorithms of advertising platforms shape how agencies are structured?
  • How will data analysis be turbo-charged? (Unbounce, for example, used AI to analyze over 34,000 landing pages to discover how reading ease, word count, and emotional language relate to conversion rates across 16 industries in their latest Conversion Benchmark Report.)
  • Will we be able to distinguish chatbots from real humans? (By 2023, retail chatbots will generate over $112 billion in revenue.)
  • Will AI generated content replace content writers’ talent? And how will businesses use it?

AI is reframing our industry every day. Discover how you can benefit from it.


How do you actually get a video to rank?


You’ll hear a lot about SEO in the marketing community. But, a lot of (read: basically all) what people talk about is how to rank written content.

What about videos? They show at the top of plenty of searches, and ranking at the top of the YouTube SERPs can bring in some serious traffic.

Jeremy Knauff just put together a lengthy guide at Search Engine Journal with advice on how to rank your videos. These are the highlights:

  • Do your keyword research. Fortunately, doing keyword research on YouTube is pretty easy as there are no great KW research tools out there for the platform. Instead, you can do two things: Analyze the common searches in the YouTube search bar, and leverage Google Trends to see what’s hot.
  • Use keywords in your video. This might be slightly controversial for some, but Jeremy recommends including keywords in your actual video – his theory is that YouTube’s algorithm really does look for these things.
  • Link building is actually a thing. If you want your video to rank on Google, a few links (ideally, with exact anchor text match) from some authoritative sites can go a long way. It’s weird, but link building for videos is a real thing.

Jeremy goes over plenty more in his full article here.

But, what if I want my video to go viral? The guide generally goes over how to rank your video with traditional terms – using keywords, getting authoritative links, and bringing in steady traffic. As you know, though, some of the biggest videos on YouTube get there because of the sneaky algorithm.

As Google has mentioned in the past, engagement is a big part of what YouTube decides to recommend, so make sure your video is something that people actually want to watch the whole way through.

Jeremy cautions that using spammy tactics, like hiring virtual assistants to boost your watch time and engagement, can mess with the algorithm and cause your video not to reach the users it should.


SQUARESPACE: It’s now possible to add membership-style paywalled content on Squarespace, a handy feature if you’re a freelancer or marketer.

BIG TECH: Round up the boys, because it’s time for another big tech hearing. And by the boys, we mean just Zuck and Jack this time – Google and Amazon get to skip this one.

SOCIAL MEDIA: As much as we all love social media drama, it does look like the creator rivalry between TikTok and Instagram has cooled off a bit – this Digiday article explains how and why.

GOOGLE: Looking to spice up your campaigns? Google’s dropped an update about Smart Bidding and broad match terms if you want to try something new.

FACEBOOK: Due to new privacy rules in Europe, some messaging campaigns will be paused from early December. Read the announcement for more details.

GOOGLE: According to Brodie Clark, free Shopping tab listings have gone back into testing in some regions. In other words, only sponsored listings are being shown in the Shopping tab results.


Why didn’t the appliance want to cheer for the sports team?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Lil Nas X did a concert on Roblox


Yes, Roblox still exists, and musicians are hosting massive concerts to millions of people.

It’s a real thing: Over the weekend, Lil Nas X held a few virtual concerts on Roblox – and in total, they racked up more than 33M views.

If you’re wondering where the audience is for this, so are we. But, it’s clear that Roblox has found something that works!

If you want to check out what the virtual Lil Nas X character looked like on Roblox, check out this article with more details here.

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