Want more sales? Sell paid memberships

If you want your customers to spend more, ask them to pay more in the form of a premium membership.


Why paid memberships lure more sales?

It sounds weird, but here’s how it works: The Ariyh newsletter wrote about a study in which a brand introduced a $50-per-year subscription to its members.

The results? People spent 225% more—an additional $27 per month, on average—when they were subscribed. 

And two-thirds of that increase was attributed to psychological factors, not actual subscription benefits.

The Crew’s take:

When people pay for something, they often feel obligated to use it. 

So as soon as someone buys your brand’s paid membership, your brand is immediately elevated above the rest in their minds.

And when that person wants to buy something in your niche, you’re the first place they go to.

This won’t work for every brand, but it’s absolutely worth testing.

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