Want to hire abroad? Try hiring your team as contractors

Every now and then we like to share some advice from our experiences running a newsletter, hiring a global team, and working remotely. 

So today, let’s talk about hiring talent abroad.

The Crew here at Stacked Marketer is spread across 8 countries and just as many time zones.

We work fully-remote, and hire fully-remote, too.

If you’re hiring abroad, you may be able to hire your team as contractors rather than full-time employees. 

Why hire your remote team as contractors? 

When you hire someone as an employee in a new country, you’re getting yourself into a complicated legal tango. 

Employment laws differ from country to country, and so do employer obligations. 

For most teams, the only real option is to use an Employer-of-Record (EOR) solution, which lets you sidestep establishing your own physical entity in a new country. 

But… EORs often charge at least $500 per month per employee, and onboarding can still take a long time.

So try hiring people as contractors instead. If you’re remote, output-focused, and mostly asynchronous, there’s a good chance your talent abroad can be classified as contractors. 

If so, you can avoid employer obligations, expensive fees, messy solutions, and onboard people in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Time for hiring

It’s what we’ve done at Stacked Marketer—and it’s worked well for us. 

But remember, this stuff can get complicated.

If you’re not sure, talk to someone who’s an expert in compliance and hiring abroad.

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