Google completes its July 2021 update rollout

Google doesn’t waste any words when it comes to announcing important updates:

“The July 2021 core update rollout is now effectively complete.” is the title of their latest Tweet announcing the change.

SEOs’ reaction: Shock, horror and alarm. Just like with any other SEO update, really.

SERoundtable published a post wherein they analyzed ranking changes as the update was being rolled out. TLDR: There were spikes. Both in search position changes and emotional outbursts.

Our top picks from the latter are:

In times like these, we’re standing with our SEO pals. But we also have a message for those leaving replies like these: Diversifying your traffic sources might not be such a bad idea.


App marketers: We’re moving to Android. Google: Welcome.



54 percent of app marketers are shifting their focus to Android. And it looks like Google is welcoming them with open arms.

The search company just announced a slew of updates to help marketers grow their app and game businesses.

The updates:

  • Target return on ad spend (tROAS) bidding is now available for “App campaigns for engagement” (ACe) campaigns on Android. Goal: To help you in keeping players and users active.
  • If you use AdMob to monetize your game or app, there is some good news: Google is adding a number of large advertisers to the network, including Snap and InMobi. You will also be able to customize the policy setup for each bidder in order to control how they spend on your inventory.
  • As a marketer, it can be difficult to keep up with regulatory changes. As a result, Google is improving the Privacy & Messaging tab in AdMob so that app marketers can easily understand the regulations that affect their business.

Take that, Apple: Following the announcement of ATT, Apple faced a massive backlash and criticism from app developers and marketers. Google has “come to the rescue,” first with a few ad updates at the end of May and now with this.

Or in other words, “One person’s mistake is another person’s opportunity.”


How this supplement brand comfortably runs Facebook ads that would get you banned in an instant


Did you see our latest Insights deep dive? Let us refresh your memory.

They’ve had partnerships with Ellen and Jennifer Lopez. They run FB Ads that touch on just about all health benefits you can think of. And they reportedly do over $24M in revenue a year. All this by selling one product… Gummies!

Goli, the brand we’re talking about, has plenty of creativity and quality in marketing behind it. They are the topic of our July deep dive for Insights.

Here’s the tip of the iceberg:

  • Facebook Ads are their strongest point, with great creativity, and pushing the envelope when it comes to policy.
  • Their website is far from perfect, with plenty of confusing elements which just goes to show you don’t need to be perfect to succeed.
  • Emails are pretty good, but they make a significant mistake many DTC brands make… Can you guess which?

Have a look at this free preview, which is about 10% of the whole Goli deep dive.

If you want to learn about how to successfully promote supplements, this Goli deep dive is a must-read. To unlock the full version (along with 4 more), all you have to do is subscribe to Insights.

If you don’t find at least one great tip or strategy, you can message us within 24 hours of your sign up and we’ll refund you.

Try it out risk-free for $99/month.

PS: If you already have an Insights subscription, you can see the deep dive here.


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If you love marketing, are a great writer, and would love to refer to yourself in the third person by the name ‘The Crew’, you might be a fit for a new role we’re hiring for.

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How to grow your career the same way you’d grow a company


We talk a lot here about growth marketing.

But today we’re going to talk about growing your career. It won’t be very different, though, because this Reforge post by Elena Verna and Erika Warren shows how to grow your career applying the same strategies you would follow to grow a product.

Start with retention and engagement

  • Retention and progression in a company drive acquisition: Achieving progression in the same company is more valuable than progressing by switching companies. When you get promoted, you show the ability to grow and evolve.
  • Retention drives monetization: Progressing in a company allows you to demand higher compensation.

Brand and positioning

  • Brand: Define your career positioning and narrative, and take control of it. The narrative is not about the roles you covered, but the experiences you had that makes you a unique fit for the next position.

Acquisition loops

When you build your professional brand, you’ll have more opportunities. But you must build a self-reinforcing loop to grow over time. These are the three basics of a loop:

  • Value generation: These are your current and past experiences.
  • Value distribution: Starting a blog, speaking, a Youtube channel. These are some of the ways you can use to distribute your value.
  • Value receiver: You’ll build credibility within the individuals that receive your value. This brings more opportunities and more value.


  • What: What value do you provide? You must know the unique value you add to the company.
  • How: This is how you’re going to monetize your value. It can be contracting, freelancing, advising, consulting, speaking, and more. Once you know your “what”, make sure to have an optimal “how”.
  • When: Focus the monetization strategy on the usage and outcome.
  • Amount: This is the price you charge for your what, how, and when.


YOUTUBE: TikTok wants to do longer videos, while YouTube is trying to do the opposite. Shorts is now available in over a hundred countries.

SEO: Stop being so poor, and we’ll improve your rankings, according to Google. Poor in terms of your page experience rating, that is.

TIKTOK: Farewell, crypto. TikTok has banned influencers from promoting this niche.

APPLE: On the other hand, Apple welcomes the world of cannabis … apps. The first app of this type just landed on the App Store.

CONTENT MARKETING: Being a “Content Fortress” is the new moat, according to Eric Seufert.

EMAIL: In the next weeks, authenticated brand logos will roll out in Gmail. This is a security feature, therefore, authenticating your logo might help with deliverability.


What has a foot on each side and one in the middle?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Disavowing The Disavow Tool


If you’re into SEO, you’re probably aware of Google’s Disavow tool, allowing you to tell the search engine which links it should ignore.

Some SEOs take this further and actually disavow the disavow tool.

Talk about Catch 22.

Why? Because they can. According to Gary, Chief of Sunshine and Happiness at Google (yes, it’s a real role and Gary does lots of things), you’d be surprised how many people do this.

This action has no real effect on anything though. So it’s not likely to get Google confused or put your site in the Sandbox. It’s just likely to raise a few eyebrows among your fellow SEO colleagues.

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