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Google Analytics just got a major upgrade

What do ad campaign managers, e-commerce store owners, SEO specialists, freelance writers, and pretty much every other marketing-related job have in common?

No, the answer isn’t long nights spent working behind a laptop or way too many hours spent in coffee shops (though those may also be true). It’s Google Analytics.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running – if you’ve got a website, you’re probably using GA. Ready to see what Google added yesterday? Let’s go:

  • You’ll get smarter insights based on machine learning. The new Analytics, as Google is calling it, will use advanced machine learning models to find trends in your user data. For example, it’ll create metrics like churn probability based on behavior!
  • Customer-centric data measurements are on the way. You’ll be able to get a better view of how your customers are interacting with your business, and get more insights on the traffic flow from ads to apps to your site.
  • The new GA also includes better integration with Google Ads. You’ll get more granular data controls for ads personalization, and you’re able to create customized audiences to better reach customers.

There’s a little bit more to unpack in Google’s full announcement, which you can check out here.

We’re excited for the new changes in Google Analytics. In an age where tracking is becoming more difficult, machine learning insights, trends, and additional customization capabilities are welcome additions for data-hungry marketers.


No, Q4 isn’t going to be normal


But does that come as a surprise to really, well, anyone?

It’s been a weird year, and Q4 isn’t going to be any different – and last month, we asked our readers (that’s you!) to fill out a survey about how their ad spend would be changing in Q4.

We got an encouraging number of responses, and we just got finished putting together an entire report on how advertisers are approaching Q4 this year. Here are a couple snippets:

  • Q4 2020 might be the biggest one yet. The data we received suggests that many advertisers are planning to spend more this year during Q4 than they did last year. There’s a bit of survivorship bias there, but it’s still a strong signal that businesses are ready to spend.
  • New year, (mostly) the same challenges. As usual, advertisers are most worried about high CMPs and CPCs this holiday season – though there’s an added worry about lack of demand due to the pandemic.
  • It’s not sunshine and rainbows for every business. Can you guess which businesses might not be spending as much this quarter? Check out the full report for an analysis.

You can check out our full report – free for everyone – on our site here to learn more about how ad spend is changing this Q4.

Ready for a wild end to 2020?


Email, SMS, Chatbots, and call center all in a single tool…


Oh, we actually aren’t done with the list in the headline… Visitor tracking, customer relationship management, live chat, push notifications. You get the idea, right?

Trying to integrate everything into a business can make a marketer go crazy!

And the worst part is that all this granularity also means you lose data! A lot of stats that become hard to integrate and thus analyze.

But User.com is here to stop this nightmare. And at a lower price than its competitors.

User.com is a full-stack marketing machine that helps you integrate under one umbrella all those vital marketing and customer support activities:

  • Email marketing
  • SMS campaigns
  • Web and mobile push notifications
  • Call center activities
  • Chatbot and live chat
  • Visitor tracking
  • Visual sales pipeline
  • Customer relationship management

And obviously automation. Think about an automated sequence that engages and converts your leads via email, drives upsells with SMS campaigns and provides customer support via telephone.

All built and tracked with only one tool, User.com.

It also integrates with all the tools you and your team love to use like Slack, Zoom, Google Analytics and WordPress to name a few.

How much time would you save? And how much more sales could you generate?

Discover the answer with User.com. Mention “Stacked Marketer” in chat after you create your account to get 20% off either Business or Premium plans for 3 months! 


Are press releases worth it for SEO?


Press releases can be a useful strategy to work your way up in the SERPs, but not in the way you might think.

If you’re firing out press releases like a machine gunner just to gain some backlinks here and there, you’re doing it wrong. Spammy backlinks gained through low-quality news won’t bring you any traffic.

What will, instead?

“You get featured on a news site and you attract people’s interest. They flock to your site, boosting your traffic. If they love your site, they’ll stay and click through to different pages.

If your content is amazing, they’ll link to it on their own sites, gaining you (you guessed it!) quality links.”

This is the stuff that works. So, let’s dive into this Search Engine Journal article explaining how to write press releases that will actually improve your rankings.

How to make and share press releases

1) Do something newsworthy: Newsworthy doesn’t necessarily mean huge. You can simply do a case study on something your audience cares about. Or, you can tweak a product or service to make it better.

2) Create a catchy press release. Here are some rules of thumb:

  • Have an attention-grabbing title.
  • Make it short (400-500 words) and make sure it reads like a newspaper article.
  • Write in third person.
  • Get straight to the points.
  • Add screenshots and other interesting media.

3) Share it with the right journalists: Instead of sending your piece to any random writer, do research on the journalists that write in your niche.

Examples of successful press releases

So, the lesson is: press releases can work for SEO. Yet only if done with the right intentions, and in the right way.

If you do it just to gain some backlinks here and there… It probably won’t work!


YOUTUBE: A new study conducted by Moz identified that YouTube videos own the top video slots on Google Search 94% of the time.

SEO: The ‘Request Indexing’ feature in Google Search Console has been disabled for now, though it’s likely to come back at some point in the near future. As John Mueller points out, though, you probably don’t need to be using it anyway.

TWITTER: The real emotions behind lockdown tweeting have been revealed, as Twitter has released some data on how emoji use and conversations have changed during the pandemic.

TIKTOK: As part of its push for brand safety, TikTok has announced a partnership with OpenSlate that’s designed to ‘encourage a positive and safe environment’ for brands on TikTok.


When is it bad luck to see a black cat?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Well, this is awkward


A man in Northern Ireland yesterday pulled another man over, claiming he was driving too fast. The man who got pulled over asked to see the police officer’s ID. Quickly realizing it was a fake, he got out of the car and challenged the man who pulled him over.

*Got the meme up there?*

The guy who pulled him over quickly got back in his car and sped away.

Turns out, the man in the car was right – because he was an off-duty police officer. The guy who pulled him over, though? Not a police officer in the slightest, and he was using both a fake ID and fake flashing blue lights to pull people over.

And yes, he got arrested a couple of hours later, according to Chief Inspector Barney O’Connor.

Some advice: If you’re going to go around pulling people over (and you’re not a police officer), make sure to double-check the car you’re pulling over doesn’t have an actual police officer inside…

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