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New video ad options to reach TV audience

Online watchtime over TV screens has been rapidly growing over the last few years. In order to better align this ongoing shift, Google announced some new video ad options for Display & Video 360 advertisers.

A dedicated TV section in the Marketplace: This will let advertisers find the most suitable publishers and inventory and let them reach TV audiences across devices.

You will also find detailed publisher insights about performance, audience and inventory, plus you will have the ability to send requests for proposals to your chosen publishers directly within the platform.

Ready-to-buy options: If you wish to bypass the whole negotiation process, you can directly jump into the ready-to-buy deals. These deals known as Auction Packages are available to all Display & Video 360 users in the Marketplace.

The packages are available by genre, popularity, seasonality, formats or audiences.


An extensive guide on one of the most promising verticals for affiliates: Finance!

Yes, it’s on everyone’s minds. People are looking out for help with loans, insurance and just ways to do well when there’s financial uncertainty.

Advidi, which expanded their portfolio by adding new finance and insurance offers in 2019, shared a very detailed guide on why and how you can also successfully make the most of it.

You might be a beginner or an expert, the guide has got you covered!

Once you go through the guide and are ready to run traffic, you know there is never a shortage of high converting offers with Advidi, from all types of insurance, financial loans and debt.

Here’s what the guide offers:

  • How the finance vertical really works.
  • How finance offers are sold.
  • CPA vs CPL model.
  • How to market these high converting offers.
  • How advertisers determine traffic quality for these offers.
  • Who is mastering this vertical right now.
  • The future of finance.
  • … and more.

So, if you’re looking for the next breakthrough offer, looking for ideas for traffic types and flows, or simply want to explore some new high converting offers, reach out to your AM today.

Advertisers and offer owners are also constantly updating these products and services throughout the year in order to make sure they are what customers need, which is exactly what you need as an affiliate.

Not an Advidi affiliate? Click here to sign up today.


Everything you need to know from Snap’s Partner Summit


The Snap Partner Summit was all the rage on social media yesterday and for a good reason. The production quality was quite good and the new features are certainly quite interesting. Let’s give you a run down!

New Navigation Tools

+ Action Bar: Providing top-level navigation right from the moment users open their app, this new Action Bar changes contextually based on what you’re doing or watching.

+ Places: This is an upgrade for Snap Map that will let users easily find the popular community spots from millions of listings, no matter where they are. The Place Profile includes Snaps from the location, the address, hours of operation and reviews from TripAdvisor and Foursquare.

+ Topics: It’s a new way to share the things users are passionate about. One can simply use a Topic sticker or they can submit their Snaps to Community Topics like “Life Hacks” or “Oddly Satisfying” and browse Topic Pages to explore Snaps based on their interests.

+ Story Replies: This will allow users to easily communicate with the Snap Stars they are following. These creators can then turn their Story Replies into stickers and add them to their stories.

New AR Experiences

Some other things announced during the summit were new Lenses and augmented reality experiences for Snapchat developers, creators, and users in general.

+ Lens Studio and SnapML: There are several new features added to Lens Studio including SnapML. This allows developers to use their own machine learning models to power Lenses.

+ Local Lenses: A “persistent, shared AR world built right on top of your neighborhood”. This will allow users to use Local Lenses to enter a virtual space together and decorate nearby buildings with colorful paint.

There are quite a few other updates, feature releases for developers so we picked what we found to be the most interesting ones. Check out the official announcements here.


Testing the new ABC Lookalike Audiences

A few weeks ago, we mentioned how Cory Dobbin was informed by his rep that Facebook will launch ABC LLA, or Ad Set Based Lookalike Audiences. (We don’t know what the “C” stands for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Since then, Cory got the chance to test this kind of audience before it’s rolled out and he shared the results.

What are ABC Lookalikes? This audience is an LLA created off your best performing ad sets in real-time with data from the API.

The results:

  • The ABC LLA ad sets performed 2 times better than the source ad sets.
  • The ABC LLA does not cannibalize the source ad set. There was less than a 10% overlap. Should be great for horizontal scaling.
  • ABC LLAs ad set performed consistently, as day by day, there were no massive bumps in performances. Surprising for FB, right?

What can we say… Hopefully, Facebook rolls out these LLAs soon…

You can jump into Cory Dobbin’s thread to see some stats about the tests, ROAS CPA, and all those sweet numbers.

But there’s one more piece of news about Facebook…

Learning Limited issues?

It looks like the Learning Phase got some updates. At least that is what Andrew Foxwell’s rep said.. Here’s what the rep revealed on the matter:

  • Faster Learning Limited Diagnosis: Previously, the ad set could become Learning Limited after 7 days. But FB improved the diagnosis to occur as soon as the ad set is predicted to fail the learning phase. So, you can troubleshoot the issue in advance.
  • New Learning Limited guidance: When an ad set gets the Learning Limited status, you can hover to the Delivery column to see if the ad set is limited by cost control, budget or auction overlap.
  • New delivery recommendation: FB began surfacing recommendations in Account Overview. Check if the performance of your ad set generated any of these recommendations, which aim to help the ad set exit the Learning Phase.


  • FACEBOOK: After being away for a year, Chris Cox is returning as Facebook Chief Product Officer.
  • GOOGLE: Google now allows users to report counterfeit goods within the organic search results for removal.
  • AMAZON: Trouble brews in the EU for Amazon over its misuse of third-party merchants’ data.
  • GOOGLE: To avoid any discriminatory usage of its advanced targeting tools, Google announced some restrictions for these sensitive categories.
  • FACEBOOK: Axios reports that Facebook is establishing a venture arm to invest in startups. The goal is to spot the next big social app before it becomes big. *cough* TikTok *cough*.


David’s father has three sons: Snap, Crackle and ____ ?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Where can I travel this summer?


Whether you’re planning for summer holidays or a romantic weekend escape, the real struggle is understanding where you can travel to and where you can’t.

It depends on the country you want to reach. And the country you come from. And tons of other things.

Buuuut…. The Crew found an easy way to keep track of all this!

Can I Travel is an interesting website where you choose your passport, the country you travel from and the country you want to head to.

And it let’s you know if you can go or not.

We couldn’t test if all the results always match the real situation, but hey, it’s quick and it provides links to travel advisory sites for each country!

We suggest checking it in the next few days as many travel restrictions will change in Europe.

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