When should you use statistics on your landing page?

Affirm’s ‘For Businesses’ landing page does a lot of things right, especially below-the-fold.

Why? Immediately below-the-fold, you’re not met with paragraphs of generic copy. You’re met with three simple statistics:

  • +85% AOV
  • 20% repeat purchase rate
  • 12.7M+ shoppers

For context, Affirm is a buy-now-pay-later business. The three statistics above are some of the core statistics their customers care about.

These three stats are better than any line of copy.

So should you use stats in your copy?

OK, so statistics are great. But how should you decide if you need to replace your fancy copywriting with a bunch of numbers? Consider the below:

Only feature statistics if they’re truly relevant

Affirm’s +85% AOV statistic is enough to get most marketers drooling. If it’d been “used by 100K companies”, we doubt anyone would care quite as much.

Only feature statistics if yours are great.

Let’s face it: Your business—or the ones you’re marketing for—might have some problems. They might not have great numbers. If they don’t, it’s better to leave statistics out. For example, if Affirm wrote “+3% AOV”, it’d leave most of us wondering why the number was so low.


Only feature as many statistics as you need to.

There’s a good chance that Affirm’s page would be just as powerful if the AOV statistic was the only one they featured. Don’t feel pressure to fill out a template—feature only the numbers that are genuinely groundbreaking.

There ‘ya go.

Have great stats? Try slapping them as high up on your page as you can. Trust us: your copywriter will understand. 


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