Instagram wants to become like TikTok, and TikTok wants to become like YouTube

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Instagram wants to be more like TikTok. The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, said that the social network is “no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing app”.

Mosseri announced some drastic changes where Instagram will recommend more videos from people you don’t follow on your feed.

The reason: “Let’s be honest, there’s some really serious competition right now,” Mosseri said. “TikTok is huge, YouTube is even bigger, and there’s lots of other upstarts as well,” he added. Well, that pretty much sums it up.

TikTok wants to be more like YouTube. The video social network will expand its maximum video length from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. Just as a reminder, TikTok’s maximum video length was previously 15 seconds before being increased to 60 seconds.

While we’d be surprised if TikTok entirely eliminates the length limit in the near future, it’s possible.

Why we care about all of this: If Instagram shifts from a “follow what your friends post” to “discover new stuff” network, you will have far more opportunities for getting organic reach than before.

For TikTok, this means that you can more easily post your shorter YouTube or Facebook videos to the platform (especially if you’re in a niche where you can’t explain things in 10 seconds).


Pinterest bans all weight loss ads


Pinterest has become the first major platform to ban weight loss ads. The policy will be enforced beginning July 1st, 2021.

The reason for the ban: Body image and mental health. Pinterest said that they don’t want their users to feel “pressured” to look a certain way.

What ads are still allowed: According to Pinterest, “Ads promoting healthy lifestyles and habits or fitness services and products will still be allowed, as long as they don’t focus on weight loss.”

The Crew’s Take: This was a Pinterest decision rather than a user decision. Organic weight loss content may still perform well – or even better than before.


Get $100 right away for trying a time and money saving banking experience


How much does your business banking account cost in monthly fees? What about sending and receiving payments in different currencies? Do you lose money along the way?

It’s about the time for online businesses to drop old school banks, and turn to innovative banking services.

Let us introduce you (for the second time) to Truly Financial, designed for businesses who buy, sell, or hire anywhere in the world.

Truly Financial allows businesses to save expenses and headaches:

  • Accept credit card payments and receive and hold money in 32 currencies.
  • Pay suppliers or service providers using only their email or phone number.
  • Ship Visa cards to your employees in any country for free. And manage your company expenses with built-in spending controls.
  • Cut out wire transfer fees when you pay international teams (or suppliers) in their own currency.

Sign up for a free Truly Financial account here. The first 50 Stacked Marketer readers that sign up get $100 in their new account.

Start saving money!


Email deliverability wizarding


Do you want to become an email deliverability wizard in 10 minutes?

Then read our Stacked Marketer Email Deliverability Guide.

Why should you do it? Cash! The more of your emails that get delivered to the primary inbox, the more people read them. And, as a result, the more sales you make.

In addition, since Apple will allow its users to hide their email addresses and block the tracking of opens with iOS15, you better get your deliverability on point.

And the first step is taking care of the technical stack: :

  • Setup and verify DKIM.
  • Setup SPF and DMARC.
  • BIMI and Gmail avatar.

The how for all of these steps is in the full guide.

Once you follow these steps, you’re already on a good way to increase your deliverability. But that’s not all.

What causes an email to land into the promotional folder rather than the main one?

A lot of stuff! But the main ones to worry about are:

  • Domain reputation: The more engagement your emails receive, the better the reputation. You can check your domain reputation in Google Postmaster.
  • HTML: Gmail, as well as other email services, see heavy-HTML messages as promotional. Plus, a heavy HTML code email might cause your email to be clipped. And Gmail doesn’t like that.
  • The content of the email: Unfortunately, there isn’t a defined line between what is considered promotional and what is not. Email services compare strings of your content to other emails that get sent to understand if your message is bad or not. The only way to understand it is testing.

The two main variables you can control here are your domain reputation and your content.

+ Improving your reputation: This is all about engagement. The more engagement your emails get, the more inboxes you’ll hit. The main signals of engagement in order of importance are: Replies to your emails, whitelisting, clicks, opens.

Note: The more emails stay unopened, the lower your reputation will go. That’s why it’s essential to segment your list and unsubscribe inactive users.

+ Content: Content can make or break your deliverability. And it’s the hardest part. Some days, The Crew spends up to three hours testing the content deliverability of a single email. Talk about wizards…

This is all about avoiding promotional words, sentences, CTAs, and so on. This could require a whole day to explain, but the best answer is to test it.

There are some free tools you can use, which we discuss more in the complete guide (which is free).

Find this stuff helpful? Then you know what to do: Reply to this email and help us boost our engagement!


FACEBOOK: Some good news coming from Facebook: The 7-day click attribution window for ads will now include modeled i.e. estimated conversions.

GOOGLE: No more confusion; Google has updated its documentation to clarify what you need to be eligible for a free product listing.

SEO: Another day, another search update. Google has announced that its July 2021 Core Update is now rolling out.

FACEBOOK: Great news if you want to grow a Facebook group. Facebook now has an option where you can automatically invite Page followers to a group.

TIKTOK: Your TikTok Ads might get more efficient: The company just removed 7 million underage accounts.


I can never be thrown but am easily caught. Ways to lose me are always being sought. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

China lets you listen to sounds from Mars


There’s an update from Mars, and it comes in the form of sound.

China has recently landed its Zhurong rover to Mars successfully. While there, the rover took a selfie, did a few moves, and now it’s letting you hear what Mars sounds like.

The sound isn’t anything revolutionary (for now), it’s the rover’s mechanics at work. The Chinese Space Agency, however, hopes they can use the audio system to capture wind sounds on Mars. Now, that would be cool.

Now that we have an idea of what Mars looks like, sounds like, maybe the next step is getting a feel of how it… Smells?

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