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It’s a creators’ world, we’re just living in it


Brands create content, but influencers get the clicks.

That might explain why e-commerce platforms are investing big bucks into native creator marketplaces, according to Modern Retail…

Something for everyone: In recent weeks, major players like Shopify, Klarna, and most recently Walmart released native tools that mediate between retailers and creators.

Seems like a good move for two reasons:

  • Content created by influencers drives more clicks and engagement than content made by retailers.
  • Retailers profit from traffic driven by creators, especially during big sales days.

Meanwhile, creators can use these retail tools to find deals, create content, generate links, and get paid.

Why we care: One thing is certain—brands are spending more money on creators than ever before, and e-commerce platforms want in.

If you’re in influencer marketing, taking advantage of these native marketplaces could prove lucrative for your clients.

And if your brand works with influencers, you now have multiple channels to try out.


Yelp’s “$” filters show consumers want deals

Remember when you would ask mom if you could buy food, and she would respond with “We have food at home”?

Wonder how many households are hearing that these days…

What’s going on: Consumers are searching for affordable dining and groceries in nearly every state, according to Yelp’s Q3 report.

And yes, inflation pops up a lot when consumers talk about active life, food, shopping, pets, hotels and travel—more frequently now than it did in Q2 2022.

Anything for a deal: Searches for budget dining and groceries are up 11% from the previous quarter.

Also, the use of inexpensive “$” filters on apps increased by 7% while moderately low “$$” rose by 5%.

Why we care: While Yelp insists that “consumer spending remains strong,” it’s clear that people are hunting for deals.

… Something to keep in mind if you’re running a local business or handling the marketing for one.


Become a pro at native ads with this free course


Diversifying your media mix comes with opportunities like lower acquisition costs.

… But it also brings major challenges, like finding the time and money necessary to learn new channels.

The Outbrain Academy makes the learning part easier. They combined their knowledge and expertise in a world-class, on-demand program to fast-track your native ads skills.

Become a certified Native Ads expert: You get advanced strategies and KPIs, the latest formats, and innovative tools to turn native advertising into a strong driver of business growth. You also get a fantastic resume boost.

Here are some modules from their Unlocking Performance with Native course:

  • Creatives for Success.
  • Advanced native advertising strategies.
  • Thrive in a cookieless world.
  • Drive customer actions and engagement with content.

Care for a holistic approach to making native ads work and creating impactful campaigns?

Enroll now for free.


How to shoot B2B videos that get results on LinkedIn


Making quality B2B videos is hard enough.

But getting organic engagement for your videos on LinkedIn? Yikes.

Unless, of course, you happen to know the right formula…

Luckily, LinkedIn just shared an extensive list of suggestions you can apply to your B2B video strategy.

Here are some of our favorites:

1 – Think outside the box. Sounds cliché, but think about it: talking heads and product walkthrough videos are overused and will likely push viewers away.

But sharing clips of conferences, filming “hacks” that feature your product, and commenting on current events are all more appealing and add a new angle.

2 – Plan for mobile viewing. Here’s a statistic for you: more than 90% of users watch LinkedIn videos on mobile, so use vertical format in your videos whenever possible.

3 – Learn basic video editing. It’s not hard to trim videos, add subtitles, or drop in background music with software, so you might as well learn how!

4 – Don’t be time consuming. The maximum LinkedIn video length is 10 minutes.The question is… should your videos be 10 minutes long?

Unless what you’re saying is important or catchy, it’s highly unlikely that your audience has 10 minutes to spare. So keep things short.

 You have 3–6 seconds to get attention, so make ‘em count. Hook viewers with the first sentence, get straight to the point, and use an eye-catching thumbnail.

6 – Sequence content. Break videos into shorter, focused chapters.

This helps you promote multiple videos and see which ones are working so you can optimize for best results.

Grab your recorder, your tripod, your video editing tool, and start working on your next B2B video campaign. Oh, and don’t forget to read seven other tips we didn’t have space to share!


The surprising—yet simple—way to make more data-based marketing decisions


Here’s a better way to approach marketing than throwing ideas on the wall and seeing what sticks:

Running continuous consumer research. When you talk to consumers, you discover exactly what makes them click, engage, and buy.

Attest’s consumer research platform is so easy to use you can get accurate consumer data every day. You can survey 125M consumers and get insights within hours—all with the help of research experts.

Make more data-based marketing decisions today.


Why so many conversion tests fail


Here’s a common scenario:

  1. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) marketer has a theory they want to test.
  2. CRO marketer runs an A/B test to figure things out.
  3. The A/B test returns a result different from what the CRO marketer predicted.
  4. CRO marketer comes up with an excuse like, “Oh, we don’t have enough data,” and reverts back to the lower-performing item.

This sort of thing happens all the time. It’s commonly discussed on e-commerce Twitter. Why?

Well, agencies, freelance copywriters, and even in-house teams love the golden ticket of “conversion rate increase.”

Whether you’re the person hiring CRO marketers—or you’re a CRO marketer yourself—here’s a simple way to avoid this dilemma:

  • Decide on the variables you want to test.
  • Decide, in advance, the margins and amount of data you’ll need to be convinced to change your mind.
  • Then, run the test.

That’s it. Deciding what it’ll take before you run a test eliminates the “cope mechanism” that can follow after the test.

The constant repetition of CRO “best practices” makes it easy to forget that, sometimes, weird stuff works.

… And there’s not always a good explanation for it.

When the weird stuff happens, be ready to accept it with open arms. It’ll make you more money. That’s a win in our book.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: No matter how many tasks or projects you have to juggle, this app is so flexible, that everyone, from marketing to content to social, can all collaborate in the same place. Get your own free workspace.*

GOOGLE: Speakers, headphones, and Google Nest speakers will soon start playing more ads. Audio ads have officially launched globally in Google Ads and Display & Video 360. Good news if you’re trying to reach YouTube “listeners.”

BUSINESS: Looks like businesses are navigating rising shipping costs… again. You might have to tread lightly between giving up on profit or raising prices and annoying your customers. Oof.

TIKTOK: Is on-platform streaming an untapped potential? According to TikTok’s recently released stats, yes it is. TikTok LIVE is more likely to drive shopping and expand trust among consumers, with 62% of users watching it every day.

APPLE: After taking a swing at Facebook, Apple is swinging at… everyone else. The company updated its App Store Review Guideline, saying that boosted social media posts will now count as in-app purchases. Whoa…

GOOGLE: Hello… anyone there? If your call ads acted up yesterday, you were not alone. Luckily it looks like Google resolved the issue so the lines should be hot again.

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Take one out and scratch my head, I am now black but once was red.

What am I?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Snakes on a plane… for real


They say life imitates art…

… Or in this case, the 2006 Hollywood flick starring Samuel L. Jackson.

It all started when a passenger noticed a snake under his feet after he arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Thankfully this story ended much quicker than a movie would have: Local authorities and airport employees dealt with the garden snake promptly and without the help of the legendary actor.

Makes you wonder how things would have gone if the snake were discovered mid-flight, doesn’t it?

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