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Amazon is allowing you to email your customers

One of the reasons that many people prefer Shopify over Amazon is that they can directly email customers after they make a purchase. Someone buys a product, you’ve got their email, you’re golden.

However, it appears that Amazon is starting to implement this as well.

According to CNBC, the e-commerce platform has recently begun testing a tool that will allow sellers to email their customers.

The tool is called “Manage Your Customer Engagement” (here’s a 1-minute Amazon video about it), and it will allow sellers to send out new product launch announcements, offer promotions, and encourage repeat purchases.

However, there are a few caveats:

  • You have to be based in the USA and be part of the Brand Registry program.
  • Amazon is still keeping customers’ emails private. However, sellers will see some performance metrics for the email campaigns they send.
  • Customers must follow the seller to receive their messages.


Snapchat now has 280M daily users


Snapchat has just released its Q1 earnings report. It’s chock-full of fascinating statistics and figures. Here are the top three statistics that marketers should be aware of:

  • DAUs: The app now has 280M daily active users. That’s an increase of 51M, or 22%, year-over-year.
  • User growth: Most new user growth came from the “Rest of World” segment (outside of North America and Europe)
  • Platform distribution: Snapchat now has more users on Android than iOS, for the first time ever.

The Crew’s Take: A growing audience, novel ad formats and resources for advertisers – there’s plenty to like about Snapchat as a marketer.


What’s been going on and what’s next with Insights


It’s almost been two months since we launched Insights, on 1st March 2021. Let’s walk you through some of the main events since then.

+ 1st March: Launch day with a deep dive on Snow, a $100M teeth whitening brand. It’s over 150 pages of lessons from an actual brand right now. Check out the preview for it here!

+ 15th March: Over 50 members in just 2 weeks after launch.

+ 1st April: Published our second deep dive, a focus on Morning Brew, a newsletter business with over 3M readers. You can also check the preview for it here.

+ 23rd April: The CEO and founder of Snow, Josh Elizetxe, joined us for a live Zoom hangout session. Turns out, Josh and his team took some of our suggestions and added them to their pipeline.

What’s next? Deep dive #3 to be published on 1st May. Keep your eye on this page for the free preview.

Do you want to get your hands on all three deep dives? Subscribe to Insights for $99/month. You will get instant access to:

  • Snow and Morning Brew deep dives. In total, they are over 250 pages of insights on marketing strategy and tactics from two very successful companies.
  • The new deep dive on Peel on 1st May 2021. Learn how this phone case company stands out in a low-barrier to entry, highly competitive market and how you can navigate such a space too.
  • Weekly live community calls.

Try it out risk-free for $99/month. If it’s not for you, just message us within 24 hours of your sign up and we’ll refund you.


This is a familiar name… Congrats, Hassan!


Let’s just paint the picture of what we witnessed. We get about 50 new referrals per day during this giveaway from Monday until Thursday… and then all of a sudden, we see a total of over 400 new referrals on Friday.

Instead of being happy, we’re worried… worried something might have gone wrong and there’s some fraud going on.

Well, we breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the referrals were mostly from Hassan Aanbar, our top referrer!

We saw Hassan’s actual shoutout on Instagram Stories, we saw the referrals were all legit and could now safely draw the winner of the giveaway.

The winner was not a surprise… Every new referral is one chance to win and Hassan gathered over half the total referrals for this period. Which means he had an over 50% chance to win.

That’s quite different from the last giveaway we did in February, where the winner had a single referral.

So, congratulations Hassan, you’ve bagged yourself a brand new MacBook Air. And you’re less than 150 referrals from the 1k mark and a trip to Vienna. How about we give you the prize in person, right here in Vienna?

With this giveaway wrapped up, we want to thank everyone who shared the newsletter. We’ll definitely do more of this in the future and you’ll always have a chance to win, even if you have a single referral!


Zero to Twitter hero


Sean Anthony spent $716 on seven Twitter growth and monetization courses. From each one of the courses, he took at least one golden nugget. And here are the lessons:

1) Turn your profile into a landing page. The keys areas to focus on are:

  • Bio: This should tell people who you are, why they should follow you, and where they can get more.
  • Pinned tweet: The goal is to get them sucked into your account for hours. The way to go is to create a master thread your readers can jam out with.
  • Profile photo: You can show your face or go for a niche-specific photo. The first option is better for sales and building solutions. The second works for targeted niche topics.
  • Cover photo: If your goal is to build your audience, use a photo that shows people who you are as a person. If your goal is to sell a product, use the cover photo to tell people what you do and what to do next.

2) Choose three main topics to tweet about regularly. They can change over time, but this will guide you when you start out.

3) Create a swipe file of tweets that catch your attention. And check them whenever you need inspiration.

4) Start tweeting: Two to, four tweets per day is a good start. But if you have less than 1k followers, focus on commenting on bigger accounts.

5) Creating engaging tweets is a skill you’ll develop with time. But the way to go is to identify a problem your audience is experiencing and tweet about that.

6) Create an offer that solves a specific pain point. This can be in the form of an NFT, a SaaS company, coaching, consulting, a course.

7) Sell your offer: Before creating any offer, run a pre-sale promo and set a deadline for early-bird pricing. Create the promo around how to use the product, results from you and customers, the transformation your product generates in their lives. Run the promo. And if you don’t get sales, it means you must tweak your offer.

8) Consistency wins on Twitter, be it writing, engaging, creating, or selling offers.

Now get out there and start tweeting!


TIKTOK: The social network wrote a blog post about the impact of Apple’s IDFA update on TikTok’s ad campaigns.

TWITTER: It appears that Twitter is working on a “Tip Jar” button where creators can be tipped for their tweets.

FACEBOOK: As a result of Apple’s upcoming iOS update, more people are reporting rising ad costs as advertisers shift more of their spending from iOS to Android.

GOOGLE: John Mueller clarified that the Core Web Vitals metrics are generated by actual Chrome usage rather than Googlebot.

SPOTIFY: The music service is planning to launch a subscription service similar to Apple Podcasts, but it will not take a cut of the revenue.

ADVERTISING: Here are two video ad creative trends to try in your campaigns.


Guess the next three letters in the series GTNTL.

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

A random Argentinian dude purchases for $5


Talk about a bargain.

On Wednesday, someone let the Argentinian version of Google ( expire. A few hours later, Nicolas Kuroña, a normal guy in Argentina, tweeted that he saw the domain available to register and just went ahead and bought it.

“It is all legal,” Kuroña tweeted.

As to be expected, Google recovered the domain minutes after the tweet and now everyone’s happy… Well, except for the guy or gal at Google who forgot to renew the domain.

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