he Triple Threat FB Ads Strategy: 256K in 30 days. Reverse engineer high-revenue content with SEMRush report of top niches and keywords. Beware of hackers breaking into websites & injecting bad backlinks to game Google.



IG launches the world’s biggest Influencer agency


Heading into the last 2 weeks of the new year, and there is big news coming in from Instagram.

IG is rolling out a new dashboard called Brand Collabs Manager, a platform that will allow influencers to find and manage deals as well as automatically share insights with the businesses they work with.

Since the removal of the Like count is in process on IG, this dashboard will undoubtedly be an essential platform for businesses and influencers to work together and share insights and engagement details to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Essentially, this will make IG the biggest influencer marketing agency in the world.

The three biggest game-changers to come out of this:

  • Management agencies, the middlemen between businesses and influencers, will be cut out. This will allow influencers to make more money by eliminating agency costs.
  • Influencers will now be able to share real insights directly with businesses they work with, subsequently reducing influencer fraud and inflated engagement stats.
  • Management agencies will now have to be more creative with their services and strategies, rather than just acting as talent outsourcing agents.

As an influencer, you can join by adding your portfolio detailing your info, interests, and the type of content you produce.

As a business, you can use the tool to search for creators that best match your objectives and partner up with them.


The T-T Strategy: 6 figures in 30 days

Hey, the moment has arrived: Here’s the last case study of 2019. It’s been a long packed-wth-nuggets ride! We could go full-on guru mode just with all the case studies we’ve written about…

Let’s head into the action: It’s from Collin Turner, and he called this the Triple-Threat strategy, and his result of $256k in 30 days seems interesting, right?

Threat 1 – Consistency: This is all about making sure you have enough working audiences to achieve consistency. Here’s how:

1 campaign consisting of 9 different ad sets. Each ad set will hit a different Audience based on LLAs and Interests. Then, each ad set will have the same 4 ads with 4 different creatives: Video, Image, Carousel and Collection Ads.

Set a minimum budget of $100 per day, let it run for 3 days and then kill the ones that underperformed. Breaking even is the goal here.

Threat 2 – Scalability:

MOF campaign: Target all the audiences that engaged with your ads and pages but didn’t visit your website. Here you can use UGC creatives.

BOF campaign: This is where most of your revenue should be made. It’s about retargeting all the hot audiences (ATCs, Initiate Checkout, View Content etc) and pushing discounts to close the sale.

Use a daily budget of $15 per ad set and kill all the ad sets that don’t convert after 2 days.

Threat 3 – Predictability: Let’s use some rules to help us scale smoothly.

Rule # 1: Stop Loss

Set up: action = turn off if spend > breakeven CPA & ROAS < 2.0 & PUR on pixel < 1

Rule # 2: Scaling

Set up: action = increase daily budget by 25 % if spend is > $40.00 & PUR ROAS is > 2.0 & PUR on pixel is > 3

Rule # 3: Safety Net

Set up: action = turn on if ROAS > break even ROAS & PUR is > 0

That’s all folks! We hope to see your case studies when we return in 2020!



👨‍💻 Reverse-engineer your way to moh-ney machines articles using this SEMrush report and tutorial

Ladies and gents, we have the perfect end of the year gift for you from SEMrush.

It’s perfect because it combines clear data and an actionable guide you can use to either start building or enhance your content monetization skills. Because as cool as media buying is, content is still one of the best online businesses out there!

Does the name “AdSense” ring a bell? Well, it should! It’s still the most common (and often best) method to monetize content websites.

Well, SEMrush went all in and uncovered the top paying AdSense keywords and niches from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

That’s already a massive report but what’s data without actions, right? SEMrush included a 4-step guide to reverse-engineer competition and build your own content around those top niches and keywords.

No cheap thrills, no motivational fluff, just pure data-driven actions for you to take right away towards building high-ranking and high-earning content.

Whether your 2020 resolution is to start a website or just pad your bottom line, this is an absolute must read.

Check it out here.

The 4 steps in the guide show you exactly what action to take from this data:

  • How to define which keywords to target in your chosen niche
  • How to find the keywords driving the most revenue to your competitors
  • How to discover topics that will resonate most with readers
  • How to create engaging content with the highest-ranking potential

If you are even slightly curious about how to create and monetize content, this is an absolute must read!



Hey you,

This is the last email of 2019. It’s the first time we’ve ever taken any sort of break, ever since we sent out our first email in April 2018. That means this is our 440th consecutive weekday where we have the pleasure of bringing you what matters in this vast online marketing space.

Before leaving for 2 weeks, we thought we’d share some of the highlights of the year:

+ More than double the amount of people reading this every day

There are now over 9,000 marketers who gave us a special place in their inbox. Thank you!

We know giving someone such a private contact like your email should not be taken for granted, and we promise to continue delivering what you expect from us. We have cool plans for 2020 too. And those of you that switched from your “burner” email to your real one… Extra-special thanks! It means we did something right <3

+ Over 1.7M emails sent this year with 43% average open rate

Before starting this project, the WTAFF Crew had collectively sent a single email newsletter… We’ll let you dwell on that. We’ve learned more than last year and we’re going to share some of our best tips soon after the holidays. Hopefully some of you will find it useful.

+ Still as heartwarming as ever to hear your feedback

We’ve had tons of marketers tell us how much they like getting this newsletter every day… Without them even knowing that they were talking to one of the writers. Those experiences always boost our motivation and confidence and help us push through even when things get tough.

We just want to say that receiving kind feedback from you made it worth it. And we also appreciate the constructive criticism (aka tough love.) We’ve evolved since we first started and that’s thanks to both the praise and the criticism.

We’ll be away until 6th January 2020. We wish you and your loved ones great holidays and an outstanding New Year! If there’s some thoughts you want to send our way, just hit that reply button 😉

PS: If you want to give us a Christmas gift, sharing this with your marketer friends is more than enough!


  • PRIVACY:Data from 267M Facebook users was exposed between 4th and 19th December.
  • SEO: Some SEO habits that you might want to leave behind in 2019 in order to make the most out of your 2020 SEO efforts.
  • SECURITY: Backlinks are invaluable, and some bad actors have been trying to take advantage of their power in nefarious ways by breaking into websites and adding random links to the content.
  • EMAIL: Joshua Chin is back with some great copywriting ideas that you can use this season.
  • PPC: Got an unstable PPC account and have no idea where to find the cause behind the sudden performance drops? Check out these strategies to find the culprit.


When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What the Christmas Spirit is really about

Remember when we told you that we’d send out a video of The Crew singing an adapted version of the famous song All I Want For Christmas Is You?

Well, we thought about it, but instead went for something that’s more in our style: Bringing you a case study of Mariah Carey’s classic… Ah ah!

Chances are you heard this song at least a gazillion times. Indeed, the song recorded 600M views on YouTube and 602M plays on Shopify.

And this year, after 25 years, it finally hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list for the first time!

But let’s move on to the more interesting part: According to a 2016 estimate, the song has totalled around $60M!


Merry Christmas from The Crew!

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